Should Jerry be getting all the blame?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by maxdallasfan, Nov 25, 2012.

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    This is all true. However, it is highly unlikely that Jerry will see the light now, or ever. Although I don't blame JG for being inexperienced and ill equipped to handle the coaching reins, has to go nonetheless. For now, the best move that we can hope for is for Jerry to hire a real HC. He picked Jimmy, he picked Parcells, he can do the right thing one more time...
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    that is our only hope.

    This team is most likley finishing 5-11 or 6-10.

    the final three home games will probably be losses with the steelers and saints fans all over the stadium.

    They already have to hide garrett and the jones's from the crowd now, by the end of the season it will be obvious to the jones family as it is to everyone else.

    With three home games like this to finish the final five there is no hiding for jerry. National exposure and alot of egg on his face is coming up.

    they have to change or at least appear to and hire a real head coach.
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    That's what happens when you use the #9 pick in the draft to take a college RT and try and make him a LT.

    Another mistake on the FO. Draft football players and not projects. It's 50/50 that Smith will make a good LT. Not good odds for the #9 pick in the draft.

    Jones is terrible as a GM, but until he is gone that's what we are stuck with. At the best 8-8 seasons.

    I don't go to games or buy merchandise so I can honestly say I don't contribute to this mess. If fans would stop, JJ would get the message. Booing his picture does nothing.
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    I agree with you but somehow I doubt JJ goes againgst his self imposed 4 year tryout at HC like he did with Wade and Bill. He's always said that he regrets having fired Chan after only 2 seasons. Even the Poodle Campo had 3 years to prove he was worthless. So yes we can see a change needs to be made but I doubt the man in charge sees it that way.
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    one can hope
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    With his physical potential and known work ethic, and hsi shown ability during college games, it was not much of a gamble at all to pick smith.
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    I dont think he wants to at all.

    When Jerry hired garrett babe laufenberg said it would be his easiest working relationship he has ever had. I assumed he meant because Garrett could take care of all the football stuff while still allowing The jones family to be the menace that they are with there promoting, marketing and constant media face time.

    I guess he thought Jason would be able to take charge and handle the team while jerry did the usual, you know like a few weeks ago when jerry had a big corporate bbq event on the side of the field during an important wednesday practice.

    Instead we see Jerry knows he can walk all over garrett whenever he wants and does and its not working.

    the only time it has worked is when jerry got no credit under jimmy and when jerry was walking on eggshells under parcells.

    So here is to the media ignoring the jones family and Jerry hiring someone that will put him back on eggshells.

    THUMPER Papa

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    I agree, I do not remember anyone here at the time who was "psyched" about that trade. There were some who liked the player but NO ONE liked what we had to give up to get him.

    Jerry still does not get that football is won in the trenches not by WRs & DBs. Look at his big moves (post Jimmy) and they were almost all for WRs or DBs.
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    And you are right. he does toss around money.


    Jerry Jones listens to all the input about every player to be drafted or signed in FA and then he makes the decision.

    This has been said by so many that have worked for him it is a laundry list of the Cowboy's who's who in coaching and scouting.

    It is argued here by some. But they cannot get away from the words of the people who were there. Even the ones who soft soap it and try and paint this as Jerry gathering the group together and like a father of the family listening to all his sons and then guiding them to the right call.

    Jerry makes the decisions. The final decisions.

    Just one decision that goes against everything productive in a company was to hire Garrett as the OC, then when other teams came around sniffing after him, Jerry paid him a ton of money to stay and ignore them.

    He had a head coach at the time. We can all grouse about Wade, but what signal did that send to the freakin players.

    There are posters here that discount this. But a ship can have but one captain, and this ship has Jerry, which castrates the coaches.

    He publicly castrated Wade, then had no competition for the head coaching job with Garrett.

    Yes, Jerry is where the fault lies.
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    Again with the word "potential". You don't draft #9 on "potential" you draft it on proven ability at the college level. He was not a college LT, why take the chance that he can play LT in the NFL?

    Hope it works out, but won't be surprised at all if it doesn't.
  12. CyberB0b

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    General Manager.

    Yeah, he deserves all of the blame.

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    Ultimately, yes. While Jerry spends money for players and coaches, he also makes the final decision on players and coaches, or so we are told.

    If the coaching isn't working and the players aren't producing, then it's on him to fix that problem. Either fire the coaching staff and replace them with a staff that can do the job or continue to live with the kind of issues we have had for 20 years. Can we honestly say that it's the fault of the coaches or the players for 20 years? We all know that Coaches and Players have changed over that period of time. What's the constant? What's the one thing that has been consistent the entire time?

    Well, there's your answer. Ultimately, yes. It is Jerry. If he is the guy making decisions, then he is the guy who is responsible. That's how it works.
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    No, Jerry should not be blamed for this season. The last 16 years maybe but this season no.

    Blame JG for not having HIS offense ready to play at home and in the 1st half. Blame Ryan for allowing a rookie QB to put up 28 points in one quarter at home. Blame Jerry for not addressing the o and d lines.

    All three have contributed to a disappointing November. Instead of getting better this team is going backwards. In the end, though, there are several flaws in the business model and it starts with Jerry.

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