Should The Cowboys Draft A Troubled Star Running Back?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NeonDeion21, Apr 22, 2014.

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    Under Jason Garrett, the Dallas Cowboys have taken a “safe” approach to the NFL Draft. They have tended to stay away from “risk-adverse” players and in turn, have drafted more senior, team captain types. Jason Garrett continually says that he is trying to find “The Right Kind of Guys” for this football team. And I have no problem with that. They will often remove players completely off their board if they have any character concerns.

    But the problem is that often some of the most talented players are being removed from your draft board. So how risky should they be in this draft? Should they take more chances in the later rounds on supreme talented, even if it does come with some risk? I say yes and I have a perfect example of a player they should use this strategy on.

    If you ask any NFL Draft pundit, they will all tell you that this is a weak running back class. And for the most part, I agree with them. There are a ton of part time players who if in the right system, can be productive NFL backs. But their likely isn’t going to be a first round running back in the draft in back to back years.

    But I believe there is one running back in this class who has star power written all over him and you likely have never heard his name. I am talking about Isaiah Crowell from Alabama State. The reason as to why you have never heard of Crowell (other than the fact he went to Alabama State) is because he was booted from the Georgia Football team after a failed drug test and a gun charge that was eventually dismissed. Athletically, Crowell is a special player considering his weight. Today, I am going to introduce you to the explosion score. This formula (weight + broad jump + vertical jump) helps show how explosive a player is, given his size.


    Crowell is one the most explosive athletes in this entire class, including running backs. Take a look at how higher rated backs such as Hyde and Hill possess similar explosion scores, but are nearly a tenth of a second slower. Crowell certainly as the physical tools to be a dominant running back in the NFL. Now that you have seen the stats, let’s check out some film.

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  2. Alexander

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    So, you draft a troubled player at a position that is almost an afterthought in the mind of the head coach. Sounds like a winner.
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    Would rather spend late round picks on a much faster back. Speed I would take a flyer on.
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    Or a player that has the ability of a 1st or 2nd round pick who has some character issues?
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    I have taken him in many many cases with one of the seventh round picks. There is no question he has the talent. I just don't know if he has stayed out of trouble since his charges or not. Not just legal trouble but any kind don't of trouble.

    However Alexander makes a valid point. We just seem to under use the RB anyway. What I do think is if we want a RB for this system, he better be a RB who is very good catching the ball out of the backfield and is good now willing to put in the time in pass blocking.
  6. Alexander

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    That RB also better be used to being far from the focal point. It has to be frustrating for a back in this offense, knowing you could help your team win but you do not and will not get the opportunities.
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    I'd take a troubled back if he were a low enough pick that you could cut him and not look back at the first sign of real trouble. That's the nice think about a position group where you can find legitimate starters in the third round and below.
  8. Gaede

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    Me too.

    One guy I looked at the other day and liked a lot was Tim Flanders. Small, but great vision/shiftiness/production. Could be had way later in the draft.
  9. visionary

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    interesting prospect, certainly seems to have all the traits of a good RB (power, speed, vision, balance)
    i remember hearing about him earlier last year
    would definitely take a chance on him in rd 7 as long as he checks out from a mental/trouble standpoint. people 'grow up', cant hold that against them forever and he would be low risk
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  11. Denim Chicken

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    I'd take him for a 7th. You said the charges were dismissed, so I wouldn't even hold that against him.
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    There are points where you gamble on talent trumping trouble and we seem to have won that battle with Dez Bryant.
    BUT, RB isn't a position to gamble at. We won't play the guy if he isn't trustworthy in blocking for Romo anyway.

    We have a top 10 back now that is by all accounts a good guy. No need to take risks on knuckleheads at that position.

    Throwing a 7th at him wouldn't be the end of the world but you also have zero leverage then.
    He'd probably just as soon be cut so he could find a team where he feels he could earn a starting job or at least heavy rookie minutes.

    College RBs have real value yet he couldn't survive there. Not likely to last on an NFL team where RBs are role players expected to toe the line at all times.
  13. Fredd

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    I see Archer on this list...I have seen him listed as a WR and a RB....which is he and where does he project to in the NFL?
  14. Macnalty

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    This kid has the talent but do you need the drama associated with his gun charges and maturity issues, for those of you old enough think of Lawrence Philips from Nebraska.

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