Should we have signed Peyton?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. pastordug

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    This coming from someone who has been blaming the "O" line for the last 6 years I assume? You might be the one who needs to "turn out the lights the parties over." Talk to you in 3 years...
  2. dallasdave

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    Yes we should have signed him.
  3. Cowboy Brian

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    How did this troll post get 6 pages without being locked.

    I think about 28 teams wish they were the ones that signed Peyton Manning, he chose Denver and if he delivers a Lombardi this year he propels himself into GOAT discussion.
  4. arglebargle

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    You, who talk about professional NFL management when it suits your purpose, are quite happy to ignore it, when it suits your purpose. IF it was an open and shut decision, then they all should've been after him right??

    I guess we could have gone for your suggestion of one of those very expensive guards in free agency a year or so back. As I recall, one of them has been IR'd twice now?
  5. Pessimist_cowboy

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    cmon 60k yards ? he is already the goat . Peyton , favre , elway are the 3 greatest ive seen play.
  6. Risen Star

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    Oh wow. A guy got injured. I should have seen that coming.

    BTW, he wasn't the G I wanted. Ben Grubbs was.

    I need better vision. Ya know, the type that couldn't see Peyton Manning can play.
  7. Risen Star

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    But It won't be Manning for 2. It'll be Manning for like 5 years.
  8. arglebargle

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    NO one here is arguing that Manning can't play. Just that he had significant risks and costs. Which you apparantly can't bear to acknowledge. You know, like all those professional NFL GMs that didn't move heaven and earth to get him.

    Oh, and now good Olinemen are not enough, it must be only the ones you've annointed? Big contracts always carry risks. Nicks has a contract that's about as big as Manning's, and he's played in 7 of 18 games iirc. And I'm especially nervous about players with bad backs. Hopefully, you will never experiance a disc or vertebrae issue, because they can be quite debilitating. Ask Aikmann, who can't even sit for the 3 hours of a telecast.
  9. Risen Star

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    Well who was right? The Broncos or those that didn't "risk" it?

    The Cowboys weren't right because other teams were wrong. They were wrong with those other teams.

    Yes, when you bring up the OL I would have signed instead of wasting money on Carr, it would be nice if you actually had the right player. I'm a stickler for detail like that.
  10. Ring Leader

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  11. Blackspider214

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    Peyton is like Drew Bledsoe. Not that Bledsoe is on the same level but both of them are statues and require time in the pocket. Something this line has not did since 2007. Peyton on that team would have been great.

    And no way would he flourish under Carrot Top's generic offensive scheme. Not even Manning could have saved us last year.

    And he has choked in the playoffs with the best of them. Many times they have had one of the best teams in the AFC and lose to inferior teams right off the bat. Like the Chargers. His numbers go down quite a bit when he enters the playoffs.

    Funny thing is, he got no flack for that pick 6 that lost the Super Bowl. It was Wayne's fault or whoever that was that ran the wrong route.

    So yeah, bringing him in here would not equal automatic Super Bowls. There are still some very good QBs here in the NFC to have to try and get through as well.

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