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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by robert70x7, Jan 4, 2013.

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    With the regular season coming to an end, I decided to go back and look at what could have been with the Cowboys 2012 Draft. It's not fair, and hindsight is always 20/20, but it is interesting to see the players that we could have taken. I'm going to include do this from the perspective of us having our original 14th pick.

    14 - Michael Brockers - DT, LSU

    Brockers started off slow but he ended up with 5 sacks in 13 games. This was a tough choice between Zeitler, Harrison Smith and Coples.

    45 - Casey Hayward - CB, Vanderbilt

    Quarterbacks had a 31.1 rating when they threw Hayward's way. Might be the defensive ROY. The guy is a ballhawk and looks like he's going to be the center-piece of a revamped, young Packers defense.

    81 - Ben Jones - C, Georgia

    Played guard and struggled at times this year for the Texans. Chris Myers was the incumbent. Would have been welcomed at center for the Cowboys.

    113 - Jared Crick - DE, Nebraska

    Didn't get a lot of sacks opposite of JJ Watt, but was able to shake off his injury concerns and was effective, especially against the run when he was on the field.

    135 - Jerron McMillian - S, Maine

    The exact opposite of Matt Johnson. What I mean by that is he was actually productive for the Packers, whereas Johnson couldn't get out of the training room.

    152 - Alfred Morris - RB, Florida Atlantic

    This needs no explanation.

    186 - Alfonzo Dennard - CB, Nebraska

    Patriots struck gold by taking a risk with his character issues. Cowboys would never draft him, but he is a press corner who doesn't back down from anyone.

    222 - Brad Nortman - P, Wisconsin

    My nightmares will be flooded with Brian Moorman shanks from this past season.

    UDFA - Vontaze Burfict - LB, Arizona State

    Again, another guy that the Cowboys wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole. We could have used some depth this season, and once he got on the field he made so many plays for the Bengals.

    It was a weak year for WR, and that is the obvious omission from my picks. I couldn't make one fit that I liked.
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    That was a great choice in the second rd. In my mock I was hoping Hightower would fall to us in the second, and had us grabbing Fletcher Cox in the 1st.
    I never saw the talent in Hayward for the second rd, I do believe that is why valley ranch never consults with me.
    My only hit on our draft was Danny Coale and I had Hanna as a free agent.

    I threw out Burfict because of speed and not the right kind of guy.

    Not sure what I learned from last year, I do agree MO was a good selection, hated the cost but I am looking forward to the coming years. I think we are fine on the WR inventory, give me some OLine and Dline.
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    love Claiborne but this team was never in a position to trade away a number 2.
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    That draft would have been excellent. I guess what it truly boils down to is that 75% of the guys we drafted I had never heard of....and guys I wanted us to take were still on the board. I guess that's the way it goes every draft...but man I wanted us to get barron in the first and then everything else woulda been gravy.
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    Especially when you see that possibly a better CB was found in round 2:eek::
    That was a freebee.
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    I like Claiborne, but I have to think we could have gotten two serviceable players had we stayed put. Oh well, hope he turns out to be worth it in the long run.
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    It was another bad move by JJ and the front office. I have not heard anyone except the Cowboys say he was the best CB coming out since Deion. To give up two starters (Brockers/Konz) for a good CB is dumb. I think Mo will be good, but never great.

    And these moves are why the Cowboys have been worthless for 17 years and counting.
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    I have to disagree. If he really was #2 on their board it was well worth it to take him at #6. He is gonna be q long time great corner for us.
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    If dallas would have stay put

    Michael Brockers- Dallas said this was their guy if they would have stayed.. Brockers had a decent season 31 tackles 4 sacks for a rookie.. honestly a trade down would have been better... picking up a guard or center would have been ideal in the later rounds. 2 prospects that come to mind Peter Konz or David Decastro.

    Bobby Wagner- Since JJ is JJ he cant keep his mouth shut..He let this one slip while running their mouth. 140 tackles 2 sacks.. For a rookie? This guy sounds like an all pro !!!! Well great rookie campaign, and honestly with all of our injuries at the ILB position this pick right here most likely would have save our season down the stretch.

    This is my woulda shoulda coulda draft in regardless to prospects i actually like last year..

    1 st round trade down major trade down..

    1)Whitney Mercilus Kevin or Zeitler
    2)Lavonte David
    2)Peter Konz
    3)Jayron Hosley
    4)Coty Sensabaugh
    5)Kellen Moore
    6)Billy Winn
    7)Alfonzo Dennard

    1)I wanted to trade down for interior players but found there was Zeitler and Mercilus available and i think that is good value there. Zeitler is a starter and Mericlus as a part time rookie has 25 tackles 2 FF and 6 sacks for a rookie and thats real good playing in a Wade Philips style D. As a rookie Spencer recorded 36 tackles, 3 sacks,1 FF.,.... Ware recorded 58 tackles 8 sacks and 3 FF. You have a tag on Spencer so finding his replacement would have been ideal here knowing that you already spent money on 2 OG in free agency.

    2)Lavonte David.. I love this guy approach to the game and you can never have too many ILB... His rookie year 139 tackles 2 sacks.
    The Peter Konz pick is is a no brainer, Peter Konz is 1st round talent but fell in the draft so im taking this guy right here no questions ask.

    3)Jayron Hosley.. I really like this guy in college and he seem to be a perfect slot corner that has some great ball hawking skills.For a rookie the guy wasnt great 40 tackles and 1 int, the guy was also injury some the season. But when you compare him to Morris Caliborne who had 55 tackles and 1 int they are about the same although Hosley played a lot of outside corner.

    4)Coty Sensabaugh.. Coty was a corner going into the draft with good size and speed. He would have made a great outside corner to develop. Coty finish the year off with 31 tackles.

    5)Kellen Moore.. This was the guy i was wishing Dallas will take a flyer on but he went undrafted. Even though everyone knew this guy would fall in the draft and possible would go undrafted i couldn't help myself selecting this guy with the assumption he would be the next Tom Brady. Kellen Moore size (6'0) and throwing motions were huge red flags but the league has show that players like Drew Brees (6'0) and Russell Wilson (5'11) can prosper in this league. I follow this guy in the preseason , he started of cold and made some great progress towards the end of the preseason. I watch one drive in the preseason in which he basically shredded a teams defense. This guys football IQ and route anticipation is off the charts. Moore would have been a great player to develop i can not see how Dallas allow this guy to slip even as a UDFA. If Dallas has any sense they would send a draft pick or a player in a trade for this guy.

    6) Billy Winn.. A great player who played at Boise state with Tyrone Crawford. If im not mistaken this guy had legal issues that cause him to fall but im not sure but anyways in the 6th round who care these picks are crap shoots anyways. Billy Winn finish the season with 26 tackles and 1 sack and Tyrone Crawford finish the season with 20 tackles.

    7)Alfonzo Dennard.. a first rounder who draft stock fell before the draft because Alshon Jeffery destroy him one game that lead to a verbal altercation. Compound that with a arrest before the draft I can see how most teams remove this guy off their draft board. But at the 7 th round who cares if this guy can behave for 2-3 years and give you some good football thats a deal. Basically a low risk high reward bid on this guy. Alfonzo finish the season with 35 tackles, 1 FF, and 3 ints. That is some great production in my eyes.

    This is my would coulda shoulda.. I also find that the best value in the draft is actually in the late first and second rounds. There is where your core guys and foundation builders are located. Like i said i went AFTER GUYS I LIKE DURING THE DRAFT not guys i know played great during the 2012 season. I allow the draft unfold and found so much talent.

    With my draft i took the best player approach.. I didnt get Claiborne but i was able to grab 3 corners that actually got significant playing time for each team they play for. A great pass rusher or OG prospect fell right into my lap in the first round that is showing good play as rookies. I grab a lb that could have really help this team down the stretch that was very productive as a starter and a starting center that would have help our run game dramatically( since we sent a 7 th rounder for cook). I grab a QB that is still being judge but after witnessing what happen last week this pick might turned out to be the best investment ever. I was also able to grab a DE who had more production than Crawford at a lesser cost.

    I did not draft a TE and WR that may actually help this team next year and i did not include any compensatory picks. The point is with sooo much talent in a draft why are dallas trading up in the draft for players especially trading away second rounders. Dont get it wrong Claiborne may be the next HOF but at our state we needed help all the picks we could get our hands. Why is it JJ hates drafting interior players and quarter backs? SMH

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