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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ChrisFul, Sep 28, 2004.

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    I just HAD to break my promise of never posting here on this particular board again after i saw THIS. Many of you know Art from extremeskins, he of the 3 page long posts consisting of legalese on how the Skins are Oh So Much better than the Cowboys, no matter what the team's records are....

    But apparently now he is an e-thug. There's 3 things that are certain in life.



    Self-Accounts of bad-assery posted on the internet are almost always FALSE.

    from extremeskins:

    In my section there were very few Cowboy fans, but, in my row, there were three and a Redskin fan all together. A big, fat, old black guy the row behind them started laying into one of the Cowboy fans toward the end of the game.

    Surprisingly the Cowboy fan stood his ground yelling back. Friends of the Redskin fan and the Cowboy fan got them calmed, but, the sniping continued for a while. Eventually I tired of his little show and grabbed the Cowboy fan who was shouting up to the Redskin fan.

    I pulled him to me and said, "Time for you to go." He realized he was about to be beaten unto death, and said, "I don't want no problem. He started it." I just calmly said, "Don't care. It's his house. You're surrounded. Leave now."

    And he did.

    As long as I'm at a game, FedEx won't ever be a safe haven for all Cowboy fans. Respectful ones I'm good with. Ballsy ones get to whimper off as this one and his friends did. The benefits of being me.


    Written by Art. This comes on the heels of Art deriding this board as full of Know-nothings and crowing about how extremeskins is the subject of jealousy because they have more users as this board.

    there's a link to the thread.

    I know Om and Buddha and the other mods over there are quite nice and respectful. I say to them, Art is a liability and a discredit to your board. There was once a mod here like that, and he was bounced. Perhaps extremeskins should do the same.

    Feel free to move this to the smack board, BrainPaintt or Hos. But i wanted everyone to get a chance to read this.
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    lmao... :D

    That's one of the funniest things I've EVER read... :D

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    What gave the lie away, CL? The use of the "unto"?
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    I'm sitting here and my sides are literally hurting from laughing at this one... :D I don't know why it strikes me as so funny, but the thought of this John Clayton-looking guy telling everyone how he was regulating at the stadium last night is just too hilarous!

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    The only people I saw leaving early were the Redskins fans.

    There were only a few fights that I saw... and the biggest one was between two Redskin fans. A guy got coldcocked and both were removed by security.
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    What a dork. :eek:
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    That is so great. No Redskin fan is that tough, stupid crossdressing swine.
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    Yeah, when I heard some Skins fan woofing about how they had 20,000 registered members over there, and that proved it was a really great board, I figured that was indeed an indication they had a good thing goin' on...

    But when I see the juvenile chest-thumping wannabe Tarzans over there, talkin' trash, and realize that they ban ANYBODY who dares to utter a discouraging word, I realized it's just a place for homers to jerk each other off...

    I have been to many, many Cowboys boards, and have never seen one as comically juvenile as the threads you guys have treated me to today... here's betting the 19,500 of those registered members signed up strictly for the Bang cartoons...

    I particularly enjoyed the part where moderator Art "Rambo" offered to help some kid with underage drinking... suffice it to say that had big, bad Art tried to get in my face like that, I would have laughed in his face, and told him if he felt froggy, go right ahead and leap, and he'd wake up the next morning in jail...

    More likely he would have seen the scars on me, and figured that this might not be my first rodeo... for some strange reason, nobody ever tries to get macho on me... and I'm really a very mild-mannered sort, honest... up to a point... LOL...

    Bottom line, the boys at extremeskins are quite welcome to their little circle jerk... they can spend the rest of the year assuring each other that they don't really suck...

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