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    1 Marvin Austin, DT NC 6-3 #310 - He responded with a dominant week of practice, answering all questions scouts had about his ability on the field. Austin was virtually unstoppable from day one as he beat opponents off the snap or powerfully overran them when they tried to stop him. Blockers were reduced to double teaming and often holding Austin in an attempt to slow him down. He arrived in shape and ready to perform and leaves Orlando back in the conversation as a potential first-round pick.

    2 Joseph Barksdale OT LSU 6-5 #335 - The senior displayed outstanding technique, strength and wherewithal from the first day of practice. He was never beaten in drills and kept his signal caller upright during full scrimmage.

    3 Corey Lindsey CB, So ILL, 5-10 #185 - Lindsey accomplished what a small school cornerback must display against better competition -- a willingness to challenge opponents without intimidation. He showed a few flaws in his game the final day of full pads practice but overall it was a productive week for the SIU prospect

    4 Ryan Whalen WR Stan 6-1 #205 - at every practice with the ability to make the acrobatic reception looked ordinary. He possesses hands of glue and fights hard to come away with the ball. Whalen's concentration is very impressive as he never gave up on plays and worked hard, even during the drills.

    5 David Carter DT UCLA 6-5 #300 Carter responded with an all-star type performance every practice. He's looked incredibly athletic, beating blockers off the snap then quickly changing direction to sack quarterbacks or catch ball carriers in backside pursuit. Opponents were forced to double team the Bruin lineman in an effort to stop him.

    6 Justin Rogers CB 5-11 #185 - His footwork and hip movement was NFL-caliber as were Rogers' ball skills. He fought hard to break up passes all week, which he did with regularity in practice. Rogers is also a game impacting return specialist, which is something to look for once the contest kicks off.

    7 Patrick DiMarco FB 6-1 #240 - His blocking skills were compared to many of the offensive linemen in attendance as DiMarco devastated opponents, opening large holes for the running game or protecting his quarterback on passing downs.

    would like to see this kid – Craig Cooper RB 5-10 #205 - He was incredibly elusive and made defenders miss with his ability to quickly sidestep them. Cooper also showed a nice burst of speed, and dashed away from opponents if there was any open space on the field. Medical exams at the combine on his surgically repaired knee loom large but at Shrine practices Cooper displayed many of the skills that made him so highly regarded.

    could add these two in the mix

    Will Rackley, G, Lehigh 6-4 #310
    Terrell McClain DT 6-2 #305
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    Terrell McClain will be a solid pickup for a team in the mid-rounds
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    Has anyone seen this Rackley kid play? Mayock has him as the 5th rated guard I believe.
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    Saw nearly every one of his home games for 3 years -- the guy is a brawler.
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    thanks for the info - have to check him out more

    Standing 6-4, 310 pounds, Rackley is the strongest player on the Mountain Hawks roster. He can bench press 440 pounds nd he uses the strength wisely on the field. He's active on the line and understands how to play the left tackle position
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    Caleb Schlauderaff had a solid day on a disastrous line.

    The West offensive line struggled to even slow the East pass rush, but none of that was on Schlauderaff. From my initial analysis, Schlauderaff held up remarkably well in pass protection. The vast majority of the East's pressure came from the right side of the line, specifically targeting right tackle Matt O'Donnell from Queens, Calgary. Schlauderaff, playing left guard for most of the game, held up well in pass protection. In the run game, though, Schlauderaff seemed to be a non-factor. He didn't get pushed back, but he didn't provide much push either.

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