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    Wednesday, March 21, 2:33 p.m.
    • The pro day at Baylor is complete and scouts leave Waco, Texas even more impressed with quarterback Robert Griffin than they were at the combine.

    A confident, poised but very loose Griffin looked terrific throwing the ball today. He was smooth and quick dropping into the pocket from underneath center to deliver the ball, something he rarely did at Baylor. Griffin's footwork was dynamic as he easily moved side to side, then fired the ball throwing on the move, staying on balance and in control during each maneuver. His arm was strong as passes quickly got to the intended target, but at the same time Griffin showed the ability to delicately put touch on throws and place the ball into pass-catchers' hands when required. Griffin displayed an explosive release as passes would fire from his hand, and all the throws were delivered with tight spirals. He was also deadly accurate throughout the entire workout, as receivers rarely broke stride or were forced to contort their bodies to grab passes that were behind or above them. Griffin practiced to the 4.41-second 40 time he ran at the combine, showing terrific rhythm and tempo from start to finish.

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    One of the things I always admired about Griffin is how accurately he can throw on the run off his back foot. He's going to be a good fit in Shanny's offense running those naked play action passes off the stretch runs.

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