News: SI Burke: Tony Romo saves Dallas’ day

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    For one game … well, make that one quarter, Tony Romo showed why, despite all the turnovers and late-game flops, he’s still capable of being an elite quarterback in this league.

    Romo struggled through the first two quarters at San Francisco, then cracked a rib just before halftime. When the Cowboys came out for the second half, trailing 14-7, Jon Kitna was at the helm with Romo relegated to the sideline.

    Kitna actually tied things up, tossing a 15-yard touchdown to Miles Austin. But he also threw a pair of interceptions, and late in the third quarter, the 0-1 Cowboys found themselves staring at a 21-14 deficit. And that’s when Romo started lobbying to get back in the game.

    He won his argument, too. After his first possession back ended in a punt that led to a San Francisco field goal and 24-14 lead, Romo took over.

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