's Tony Pauline's Draft Risers and Sliders

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Big Dakota, Mar 16, 2007.

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    copy and paste for the lazy?
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    Many of the nation's top prospects have performed for NFL decision-makers at their college pro days and draft boards have shifted dramatically.


    Calvin Johnson/WR/Georgia Tech: It's tough to rise any higher when you are at the top of the podium, yet Johnson continues to impress. He had a vertical jump of 42 inches and a broad jump of 11-feet-7-inches on Thursday. Both of those marks bettered anything turned in at the combine last month. He also looked outstanding catching the ball, as expected. One must wonder how the Oakland Raiders, who own the draft's first selection, could think twice about not using the pick on Johnson.

    Joe Staley/OT/Central Michigan: Staley turned in a tremendous workout on Thursday, running 4.79 seconds in the 40 after weighing in at 304 pounds. One coach at the workout claimed Staley "made millions of dollars" based on his performance. The tackle is likely to be taken in the late part of Round 1.

    Joe Anoai/DL/Georgia Tech: After being snubbed by the combine, Anoai gave scouts a taste of what he had to offer. Weighing 303 pounds, he ran his 40s in the mid-4.9 second range while also producing a terrific 33.5-inch vertical jump. Defensive linemen are always a priority on draft weekend and Anoai will now get consideration in the middle rounds.

    Dwayne Bowe/WR/LSU: He bettered just about every one of his combine marks. His 40 times averaged 4.45 seconds, his vertical jump was 37.5 inches and his broad jump was 10 feet, 5 inches. With the status of several junior receivers still to be determined, Bowe has likely solidified himself as a top 25 pick.

    Duane Coleman/CB/Clemson: The running back-turned-cornerback showed a lot of speed at his pro day. Weighing just under 200 pounds, Coleman timed in the low 4.4s and posted a vertical jump of 38.5 inches. A special teams demon last year, Coleman is a lock to be taken in the late rounds.

    Montavis Pitts/CB/Jacksonville State: The one-time Auburn starter returned to his original college and worked out with his former teammates. Always known as a sensational athlete, Pitts ran under 4.4 seconds after measuring in over 6-feet and at 193 pounds. His performance put him back on the radar screen.

    Craig Davis/WR/LSU: After injuring himself at the combine during his initial running of the 40, Davis completed his workout earlier this week to rave reviews. Both times from pro day were under 4.45 seconds. Davis also turned in a vertical jump of 36.5 inches. He now joins a very crowded group of receivers who'll be drafted at the opening of Round 2.

    Chad Nkang/LB/Elon: He bettered his already fast times from the combine, running 4.45 seconds in his 40s. His three-cone time was also much faster. With Nkang weighing under 220 pounds, teams must decide if they'll keep him at linebacker or switch him to strong safety.

    Jermon Bushrod/OT/Towson: One of the better sleeper prospects in this draft, Bushrod ran a pair of 40s under 4.95 seconds after weighing in at 315 pounds. A solid athlete who was a four-year starter in college, Bushrod is being projected as a left tackle.

    Keith Jackson/DT/Arkansas: The run stuffer had times in the mid 4.8s after weighing in at 305 pounds. That's slightly faster than his combine times.


    Reggie Ball/WR-QB/Georgia Tech: He ran slightly faster at his pro day than he did at the combine. Yet his times were still pedestrian at 4.7 seconds. And just like in Indianapolis, his pass-catching was suspect during drills.

    Justin Vincent/RB/LSU: The former LSU standout turned in a poor performance this week. His 40 times were in the high 4.6s and his vertical jump was just 29 ,inches.

    D'Juan Woods/WR/Oklahoma State: Woods barely bettered his combine times in the 40 running in the 4.6 and 4.7 range. His 20-yard shuttle time of 4.33 seconds was also unimpressive.

    Chansi Stuckey/WR/Clemson: The perception coming into the draft season was that Stuckey was a speed receiver capable of running under 4.4 seconds. That theory took a hit when he ran in the 4.6 range at the combine. He barely dipped below 4.5 at his pro day workout.

    Tim Duckworth/G/Auburn: He was slow and not very strong at his pro day. Weighing just over 300 pounds, he ran his 40s in the 5.4 range and completed only 19 repetitions on the bench press.
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    so much for Joe Staley being had in the 2nd :(
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    it would be hard w/ all the pictures they got
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    it looks like the copy and paste put some of those guys in from both categories!

    Ball, Vincent, Woods, Stuckey, and Duckworth were the only sliders on the site
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    He's not. It was messed up somehow in the copy and paste.
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    Craig Davis is a kid that intrigues me in the 2nd round....
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    Thanks for the cuttin and pastin. I didn't go to kindergarden, so I didn't learn everthin I needed to.
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    That's pretty lazy there, Bob.


    j/k :)
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    Reggie Ball can fall?

    I thought he was rock bottom? I'm quite certain it is well known that he is the most god-awful Division 1 quarterback in the last decade.
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    That is absolutely filthy.
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    He really would make a great Cornerback in the NFL. After all, he was the only guy in college who could stop Calvin Johnson.
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    And so much for my "dream mock draft"!

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