News: SI King: Dallas: Brandon Carr knows he'll be judged on how he plays Eli Manning.

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    "Finally it's almost here,'' Carr said, smiling, waiting to board a team bus after practice at the Chargers' practice facility. "The moment I've been waiting for all offseason.''

    Cowboys at Giants, Sept. 5. Last year, the Cowboys had their season ruined by Manning, and it's not the first time. In two December meetings, Dallas gave up 68 points to the Giants and 746 yards passing by Manning. The Cowboys went out and got two new cornerbacks -- Carr and first-round pick Morris Claiborne from LSU, the consensus best corner in the draft. All they have to do is walk into the Meadowlands on opening night and beat the Super Bowl champs and the Super Bowl MVP quarterback.

    "Every defense needs two like that, and nobody's got 'em,'' said Rob Ryan, the defensive coordinator. "The Giants did an unbelievable job against us last year. They had their way with us. It's a new year now. We'll see how it goes."

    Ryan knows he has no business drawing a line in the sand against the Giants. His D just hasn't played well enough against New York, and he knows it. It's not time to talk -- which he loves to do -- until his players can back it up. Which is where Carr comes in.

    Carr wanted to come to Dallas because of the money (five years, $50 million), and who wouldn't? He also wanted to come because he's watched what the Ryan defense does with corners. He's seen Rex Ryan put Darrelle Revis by himself on the opposition's best receiver often, and that's what he wanted. "I'm comfortable with it,'' Carr said. "I knew when I came in I'd be the one to check the number one receiver, and that's something you have to love doing. Watching Revis do it is something a cornerback would love. Against Eli, it's going to be a huge challenge. There's no throw he can't make, and he's not afraid to make the difficult throws in a big spot. I'm going to have a sense of urgency that night. It's why they brought me in.''

    Playing in Kansas City, Carr played in some big games; you play in big games no matter where you play in the NFL. But this is a hotter spotlight, obviously. This will be the third straight Cowboys-Giants game on NBC primetime. Carr will be on an island against these five quarterbacks on nationally televised games this year: Manning, Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Mike Vick and Robert Griffin III.

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    I hope they send him on a corner blitz and he breaks Eli's collarbone. :cool:
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    I'll more satisfied with 2 picks from him.
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    This here.

    The Giants coaches just won't let Eli get punked like Romo was in 2010. No Gronkowski's protecting Eli. They have real football players in New York.
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    If our CBs just look back for the ball, they'll get opportunities for picks. Eli tosses the ball up for grabs a fair amount.
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    That's OScan's specialty. Leave Carr back in coverage to snag the wounded duck flying through the air. :laugh2:
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    His swagger and physicality makes it easy to forget Newman.
  8. Frozen700

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    The guy who used to be in your username. :p:
  10. mldardy

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    Man I really want this game badly. I'm tired of losing to the Giants, tired of losing on national TV in the spotlight and having the media tear us apart. It's time for the Cowboys to send a message next Wednesday.
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    You know what, as classless as that sounds I wouldn't be bothered one bit by it. That team has danced in our endzones, mocked us, threw footballs at our playclocks, injured our QB, scribbled names in our locker room and we sit back and take it. It's time we do something back.
  12. jday

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    As much as I hate to admit it, I do think I would enjoy watching dumbface be carted of the field following a hit from Adrian Hamilton, for instance. I mean, seriously, out of all the guys I've seen put a hit on someone, Hamilton is the most violent.
  13. Aven8

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    I agree. The Silva guy seems violent as well. I want Spenc, Ware, Hamilton, and Butler on the field at once.
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    I'm saying! I'm tired of being that team's little *****! I wish Vickers was here last year. He would have smashed jacobs when he did the humpty hump on our star.
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    We are expected to lose. On the road, against the defending champs - what chance do you think America gives the Cowboys of winning? 1 in 5? Now imagine we win not by a bad call or a fluke play, but by being the better team on the field. THAT is what I want to see. That is what this team needs to start hot out of the blocks. Losing a close game would be bad, but we have a lot to gain by winning, even by a point. They say every game is a big game. I know this one is...

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