SI King: Way Out Of Bounds: Expect the league's punishment to be swift and severe

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    For three years, the NFL says, members of the Saints defense maintained an illicit bounty program, administered by former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, that paid cash rewards for hits that injured opponents. Expect the league's punishment to be swift and severe


    On Saturday nights during the 2009 NFL season, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, the lightning-rod leader of a feisty unit, would stand in front of his men holding white envelopes filled with cash—bonuses for their performances the previous week. As Williams called up player after player, handing them envelopes with amounts ranging from $100 for a special teams tackle inside the opponents' 20-yard line to $1,500 for knocking a foe out of the game, a chant would rise up from the fired-up defenders:
    "Give it back! Give it back! Give it back!"

    Many players would do just that, to beef up the pot and make the stakes bigger as the season went on. The NFL alleges that by the time New Orleans reached the NFC Championship Game against the Vikings on Jan. 24, 2010, the stakes had risen to the point that middle linebacker and defensive captain Jonathan Vilma personally offered a $10,000 bounty to any player who knocked Minnesota quarterback Brett Favre out of the game. (SI's attempts to reach Vilma were unsuccessful.)

    Over four quarters that Sunday at the Superdome, Favre was hit repeatedly and hard. The league later fined Saints defensive linemen Bobby McCray and Anthony Hargrove a total of $25,000 for three separate improper hits, and NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira said the Saints should have been flagged for a brutal high-low mashing by McCray and defensive lineman Remi Ayodele in the third quarter. Favre suffered a badly sprained left ankle on that play and had to be helped off the field. On the New Orleans sideline, Hargrove excitedly slapped hands with teammates, saying, "Favre is out of the game! Favre is done! Favre is done!"

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    Saints to Sinners...

    The bottom line is that it is paying money under the table. ANY type of bonus should be written in to the contract...

    I doubt anything comes of it too much. Payton may be suspended a couple of games...

    The NFL has had a LONGSTANDING policy of not hiding your team under a corporate umbrella. The Niners did just that during their reign in the late eighties/nineties... Debartalo got a 500k fine and nothing else...

    I remember one NFL player that was a FA flew in to Cleveland and got a HUGE offer for the Browns... Eddie Debartolo, Sr asked for a meeting with him (lived in Ohio) and the player then flew to SF and signed for MUCH less to play for the niners...

    The niners are on level with New England for cheating...

    Tagliabue was a skins fan that allowed them to tamper with other players...
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    The whole idea that they were motivated by money always seemed foolish to me.

    I was gonna post this earlier but didn't. Now I'm just late to the party because I saw Woody come out and say that Dallas had a punishment pot of sorts that players from the secondary would pitch in to.

    Granted Woody said it was amongst players and the organization never condoned it so it's not the same but that's not the point I was getting at.

    The money is just an aside.

    It's more so the public praise within the clubhouse and notches in the belt.

    I'd bet you could get the same thing accomplished by having a "Knockout Wall" of sorts. Each week, the biggest hits and the best plays get plastered in the clubhouse so guys can see who's picture or number is up there the most.

    Colleges do it with their little helmet stickers. It's about sporting your personal success

    I've said before I think the money issue of it is not the big deal. It's the implications of responsibility that the league is trying to avoid.

    I full expect their 2nd this year and likely a 1st next year.
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    And here's the other half.

    The NFL needs to step up and take responsibility for their end of the deal.

    3 hits went unflagged?

    If flags come on hits 1 and 2, I think it significantly reduces the chance that those guys are chomping at the bit to get their extras in.

    If you aren't going to flag guys for illegal hits, don't start pointing fingers at other people when they keep hitting people illegally.
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    I agree. For me I see this more as a cap issue than anything else.
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    I think the NFL was more mad there was money to be had and they didnt get a piece of it. Really defensive linemen hitting the qb, and now some say it was blanant, of course its blatant its the MANS job. U cant be to good or to poor in this league, if you dont get to the QB, IE spencer, your not good enuff, if you hit the QB to hard, you're playing a rough sport to rough, HUH?
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    Looking at some of the QB out there like Cam Newton and Mick Vick if you don't go after them hard and aggressively they will make you look like a fool. I have never cared for cheap shot on players but the league tends to go to far in the protection of QB. I know some will say people pay to see them, myself I pay to see a football game.
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    Ok, Goodell...are they paper or brass? We'll find out soon I guess
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    Doesnt look like a "cap issue" to me or Sports Illustrated.

    Headline....."$1000 for a cart-off............$1500 for a knockout"

    Saints are going to get an SMU-like "death penalty" for this. Millions of dollars in fines for the organization, coaches, and players. Suspensions of not just players but of coaches and upper management as well. Finally, to top it all off, they will be stripped of multiple high draft picks.
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