News: SI King: Who is DeMarco Murray?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Oct 24, 2011.

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    A few things about the 71st pick in the 2011 NFL Draft: He had 71 career rushing yards entering the game ... In one day, his 253 yards was more than Reggie Bush and Marshawn Lynch have gained this season ... Murray was the sixth running back taken in the draft, nine spots after the Dolphins took Daniel Thomas (sorry Dolfans; didn't mean to stick the knife in any deeper than it is today) ... In his first college game for Oklahoma in 2007, he ran for 201 yards against North Texas. Two weeks later, he scored on a 92-yard touchdown run against Utah ... His 91-yard TD run Sunday? Untouched by human hands. (That may say more about the Rams' ineptitude that Murray's ability, by the way.) ... After the game, he said Felix Jones (who missed the rout of the Rams with an ankle injury) was still the starter, and whether he's first- second- or third-string, he's just going to prepare to do what the coaches ask him to do ... The 253 yards Murray gained was 16 more than all-time NFL rushing leader Emmitt Smith ever had in a game.

    Dallas may now regret not dealing Tashard Choice for a mid-round pick at the deadline last week, because clearly Murray has forced the coaches into giving him more of a role. Now.

    Fine Fifteen

    15. (tie) Dallas (3-3). America, meet DeMarco Murray. Loved his honesty when asked after the game about the hole he ran through for his 91-yard touchdown run in the first quarter: "A bus could have gone through there.''

    The Award Section

    Offensive Players of the Week
    Dallas RB DeMarco Murray, for having the 10th-best rushing game in the 92-year history of the NFL -- and the best in Dallas history. Think of his 253-yard afternoon against St. Louis this way: He could have been Offensive Players of the Week twice. In the first half, he ran 10 times for 112 yards (11.2-yard average), including a 91-yard touchdown run. In the second half, he ran 15 times for 141 yards (9.4-yard average).

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    This is so silly -- yeah, the Cowboys are only the 15th best team in the league right now. You know it, I know it, Peter King knows it, the rest of America's football watching fans know it, the Cowboys are a top-ten team and quite possibly a top five team right now.
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    Erm. Why am I feeling like bbgun this week? Can we just moderate a bit so that we're an ok team when we lose by 4 on the road in NE and an ok team when we beat a pathetic Rams team by 27 at home the week after? This yo-yo-ing from top 5 to bottom 5 after every game is making me dizzy.
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    We are sooooo bipolar! It is super bowl or complete implode.

    How about screw the rankings and enjoy the development of hungry football loving players who are giving it up on the field.

    No more rueing, no more agendas, and no more bold predictions.

    I am really loving this team. They are playing with heart and passion and they are giving opposing offenses fits. We have found a RB with the reemergence of Holland and as the season progress Romo, Miles, Witten, and Dez will start giving opposing DC nightmares.

    Any time you go 5 to 7 steps drops you are putting your QB at risk. I cannot wait until we play Vick and filthy!

    Anytime you commit to stopping the run with an extra man in the box you will get exploited.
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    Man their record is 3-3, middle of the road. No sugar coating it... Good enough to play with ANY team in the NFL but bad enough to lose to just about any team in the NFL.
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    That doesn't happen every day.

    There were times yesterday that the game had the feel of a preseason game. And yet history was being made.

    Well, good for Murray. He'll be able to tell his grandkids about it ....

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