SI: What to Know About Ezekiel Elliott's Suspension, His Appeal and a Potential Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fgoodwin, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:48 PM.

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    "Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime."

    -- Lavrentiy Beria NKVD
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    This quote is laughable.

    The Giants signed Brown to an extension knowing full well that at the Pro Bowl following the 2015 season that Brown went after his wife at the hotel, and she was moved to another room for safety. Even then, he still tried to find her and had to be led away by NFL security.

    The Giant organization tolerated the likes of Tito Wooten as well, and extended his contract despite being a domestic abuser.

    The Giants only cut Brown once the public outcry became too much, and both Reese and Mara hid from the media rather than face the music. They left McAdoo to answer for their decisions.

    Higher standard my rearend.
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    Everyone = the people that hold the power to Suspend Zeke and the local prosecutors. Public opinion of a rabid fan base means nothing.
  4. JBond

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    It took place before the minimum sentencing rules went into effect.
  5. PhillyCowboysFan

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    Thank you for the knowledge. With that said, you are expecting a reduced suspension?
  6. Screw The Hall

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    My issue is two-fold and it comes down to basic competence and equality.

    • The NFL has started to field it's own investigative force independent of law enforcement to determine the guilt and innocence of a player based on it's own rules. At what point has the league demonstrated any expertise, or more to the point, competence in this area? Never? Can anyone remember any of these sorts of cases they haven't been handled at a galactically inept level? You couldn't have a worse track record than the NFL does in this area. It's been comedic how awful they are at it. But yet people are just supposed to accept their findings at face value? Why?
    • Where are any of the standards of fair play in place at all? As a player what exactly are the rules you don't cross and accidentally violate the conduct code? Certainly we can expect equality in the way the league decides who to investigate and for how long the punishment should be for any particular violation right? Shouldn't we at least have a committee to sort out these types of league issues instead of one man whose decision making is questioned by so many?

    In short, if you don't have faith in the competence or the equality the league has demonstrated when dealing with these sorts of issues, doesn't that speak to the very heart of being able to ensure that every team is on a level playing field?
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    I'm not even sure what his actions are if any. That's the sad part.
  8. coogrfan

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    Maybe he does, but I'm damned if I'm going to accept the league's word on this without seeing the evidence first.
  9. diefree666

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    When you have a person that lies - why should you believe anything she says?

    some here refuse to face that since it completely destroys their desperate need to convict Zeke.

    The investigators agreed that there was too much conflicting evidence to go to court. THAT is where it should end.

    The NFL has labeled Zeke as a woman beater and it has NO RIGHT TO DO THIS. They could have said he violated our policy and got in trouble and that is why we suspended him. INSTEAD they FALSELY label him and slander him. Those that cannot figure out what is wrong with that need to go to a place like North Korea or Iran. They would feel right at home there.
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  10. fgoodwin

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    But the NFL isn't the state, and they don't have to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt".
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  11. fgoodwin

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    Fine. What exactly are you going to do about it? What exactly are your options?
  12. fgoodwin

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    For the umpteenth time, the NFL is not "determining guilt or innocence". As an employer, it is only deciding if an employee violated a company work policy. It's like the difference between civil liability and criminal guilt, only it doesn't even rise to the level of civil liability because there is no court of law to try the facts and reach a decision.
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    The NFL needs to explain to the public why the large disparity in punishment between what Elliot and Josh Brown received. They can't come up with an explanation that makes any sense. If I'm Jerry I'm crying foul....loudly.
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  14. diefree666

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    They just publicly branded Zeke as a woman beater. How is that not determining guilt or innocence?
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  15. Screw The Hall

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    You should pay attention better,. I said determining guilt or innocence of a player based on it's own rules, which the NFL definitely did.
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    unless Zeke comes up with new evidence at his hearing he will still be suspended six games I don't know whether he did it our not but in the court of public opinion he has been found guilty not in a court of law but huge business like the nfl has the right make there own rules and make no mistake thanks to jerry the nfl is not about football its about the bottom line its a true business
  17. Screw The Hall

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    The NFL is a business built on competitive balance.When decisions are made that call in to question the level playing field that competitive balance is built upon, everyone who is a part of that business model including the consumers, have a right to question those decisions.
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    I think the argument would be that this 6 game minimum was never collectively bargained so it is not enforceable.
  19. Section444

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    But Goodell has the ultimate authority, that's not right.
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    You should be banned for the stupidity of your last paragraph.

    The Giants only cut him because they were forced to after all the details came out in the press.

    For you to try to float the notion that the Giants acted appropriately here is the most laughable thing I've seen on this board.

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