SI: What to Know About Ezekiel Elliott's Suspension, His Appeal and a Potential Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by fgoodwin, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:48 PM.

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    That's the biggest thing. Suspensions aren't dished out fairly. And the Public has a right to question the decisions of his majesty. He wants to clean up the league well he isn't doing it. All he's doing is making a mockery of the situation.
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    Like I said, where is your evidence that everyone in the state prosecution's office felt Zeke was guilty? The fact of the matter is, they determined that there was at minimum conflicting evidence, and at the most that the accuser was a liar. You're speaking like you've personally talked to all members of this particular area of the government who were involved in the case, and they all thought that Zeke was guilty over and above the evidence at hand.
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    I think it was fairly clear that I meant "before I form an opinion on Zeke's guilt or innocence".
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    He can still sue. Bring it to court. Sure he might lose and most likely will. But it will turn this into a PR nightmare for the NFL and might expose things that the NFL would want to keep hidden.
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    It doesn't mean the internal investigation or the enforcement was done fairly or competently however.
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    Whatever. Believe what you want.
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    The NFL does not have to be correct or even competent. All it has to do is abide by the CBA in how its final ruling was derived.

    If this investigation is ruled by the courts as outside the CBA, then Zeke has something. The fairness aspect is likely his only chance. My guess, however, is that the ruling was within the confines of the CBA.

    All I'm hoping for is that his appeal reduces the suspension to 2 or 3 games.

    The NFL investigation may be the most incompetent is sports history. But if it abides the rules of the CBA, the courts will not step in. The bottom line is that if you want to make changes, you have to change the CBA.
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    I believe the NFL found Zeke guilty of violating the NFL conduct code. I don't see how that can possibly be argued to the contrary by anyone.
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    You act like I'm making it up. The prosecution believed he got violent with her.
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    No, it says he believed there were some interactions where "violence occurred". There is nothing in his words that say he thought Zeke initiated the violence, or was physically abusive with her. Such words could simply mean that she attacked him and got violent and he defended himself and used physical force to restrain her. In fact, he declined to even comment on whether Zeke committed any violence.
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    I agree about the fairness angle being Zeke's best chance in this particular instance in an outside court. I also agree with the best case scenario being a reduction in the suspension at this point.

    The notion that the NFL doesn't have to be competent as long as they abide by the CBA is true for the time being though shortsided. No one, the owners least of all, want to look like fools for very long, it's bad for business.

    The NFL has looked horrible in how they've handled these issues for a long time now. My guess is that when Zeke's team is finished giving their side of the story as well as the Cowboy's brass state their displeasure on how this investigation was conducted, they won't look any better this time around either. At the very least you would think at some point the owners would stumble upon the realization that they are giving away a lot of negotiating power to the players come next CBA.
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    I agree.

    How discipline is handled is going to be a big issue during the next CBA negotiations. Something has to change. Goodell can no longer be allowed to be judge, jury and executioner.
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    taught you everything you know
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    Pretty sure the owners had to approve it and the NFLPA polled the Player's reps as well

    If it was unilaterally added without consent it would be a slam dunk for Zeke
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    I really like what Witten and Emmitt had to say about all this. Beyond the details of what happened--or didn't's obvious Zeke has some things to address.

    Zeke has made decisions that have hurt himself and the team, endangered others... and need to change.
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    This is the primary point.

    There's no rhyme or reason to the suspension length or burden of proof.
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    BK, you are correct, according to this article the penalty did not have to be bargained and was agreed to by all owners.

    To be counted as an "offense," a player would not necessarily have to be convicted in a court of law, but each incident will be judged on its own merits. The updated personal conduct policy had the approval of all 32 owners, Dominik's source said. The source told Brandt that Goodell had discussions with NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith and that lawyers for the league and union also talked, although it was unclear if an agreement was reached between the two sides.The increased penalties for domestic violence did not have to be collectively bargained because they fall under the personal conduct policy.
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    I think we're headed foe a strike one this CBA is over. That will be Goodell's legacy. There is absolutely no reason for what is going on in the NFL, and not just this latest Zeke ruling.
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    You're forgetting that the Courts are where citizens are to be protected against malfeasance.

    In this case, damages and societal impact/defamation from a negotiated bargaining agreement of which Zeke wasn't a party and gives an unprecedented amount of power to a trust's 'Commissioner", could be actionable in the Courts.

    Especially if the findings explicitly contradict what's on the public record from SOP judicial process.

    Judges really don't like like that.
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