Sick feeling re: not drafting Manziel

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Carharris2, May 9, 2014.

  1. Carharris2

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    I know the "smart" thing was to pick Zack. Planning for our future, which is what most of you say we don't do, would IMO be drafting JM.
    We will see but I have the same feeling as when we passed on Moss. I really honestly hope I'm wrong. But...
  2. AmberBeer

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    The key to Manziels success is his mobility. That doesn't translate well to the NFL, can you say RGIII. JM was banged up badly at the end of last year and that's playing against college players not all of whom are NFL class. The schedule is less as well. I don't see him lasting a full year in the NFL without injury. Smart move to pass on him, although I like JM. He was a freak in college.
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  3. Turf Toe

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    Stop crying and pop a Xanax.. Cowboys did well...
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  4. theSHOW

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  5. theSHOW

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    we have a quarterback. Manzeil will do fine in armpit city. Maybe we sign him in 2019
  6. MonsterD

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    Woe is you, Woe is you.
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  7. CowboyStar88

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    I understand the frustration and I wanted JM as well, however I did not want to pigeon hole myself into one player as a let down. Martin is a solid pick and there are some good talented QBs in this draft. I do believe the QB they covet is Aaron Murray as I think his game is very similar to TR. So don't worry about it. Just be thankful he isn't a Texan or an Eagle or something. I'm still a Johnny fan and will follow what he does, but I'm a Cowboys fan first and foremost.
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  8. Red Dragon

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    The difference is, Manziel would have been of far less benefit to the Cowboys than Moss would have.

    Drafting Ellis over Moss in 1998 was a mistake.

    Drafting Martin over Manziel not only resulted in Dallas acquiring a good offensive lineman, but also avoided a big blunder in drafting Manziel.
  9. CyberB0b

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    Manziel will be a bum in the NFL.
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  10. jnday

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    I think the Browns is kinda like a graveyard for QBs, but I hope Manziel can change that. He was compared to Steve Young by some people and I hope it works out that way. Three years from now when Romo's injuries make him retire, Jerry can think about his poor planning.
  11. thunderpimp91

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    Its a completely different situation from passing on Moss. You have no way to get Johnny Manziel on the field. Manziel could go on to win multiple super bowls and I will still stand by the decision to pass on him. If he came out in two years? Then I may not feel the same way.
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  12. Hoofbite

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    Guys a dousche. If he wasn't a Texas product he'd likely only have a fraction of the support he does on this board.

    QBs come and go every year.

    Dallas should start looking for a future QB but they don't need to waste resources to bring aboard a circus that won't contribute for a few years.
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  13. Dhragon

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    I can't lie, I wanted them to draft JF last night. I figure if the Boys can't be great as a team anymore they can at least be entertaining, and I think JF definitely entertains.

    But with the Martin pick, I'm starting to get some hope that maybe, just maybe, Jerry is getting a little tired of being Al Davis II ( all the criticism finally getting to him a little bit? ) and might be changing his spots, making sound football decisions that actually might let the Boys become a contender down the road once again.

    The Martin pick signifies hope that Jerry is finally "getting it". Let us hope it continues.
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  14. Wood

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    This is how I would look at it. If Dallas tanks (6-10 or below) there will be big changes anyway. Then next year you go QB even if Romo is sitting on the books for another year. Dallas really has no choice but to make a run (if you want to call it that) now with Romo locked in for atleast 2 more years. Plus offensive lineman play long time so they could be reaching their prime as new QB, HC come into Dallas.
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  15. vlad

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    I was really torn - one on hand I'm a big fan of Romo's, and I think the organization has been a utter mess wasting his, Ware's, Witten's, etc.. careers. On the other hand I saw every snap JF ever played and never seen such a determined I think all the heat he was getting for enjoying life was a bit juvenile. I think he'll do well in the NFL, I hope he does...I also think coming to Dallas (or Houston) would have screwed the guy. I do think if it was not for Romo's contract he would have been picked. Timing is a crazy thing!
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  16. Crown Royal

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    Moss won as many superbowls as greg ellis. I for one am ready to stop worrying about that history.

    before it's brought up, yes, I know he went to more than Ellis. I'm just pointing out that looking at an individuals accomplishments as a way of rating the draft misses the point of the draft, which is to build a great team.
  17. casmith07

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  18. CowboyStar88

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    You think it will take 3 years? We will see I think that's being generous
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  19. Reality

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    The issue of whether Manziel will be a star is really pointless. With a first round pick, you want and need an immediate starter. We have a starting quarterback despite some fans dislike of him, so drafting a quarterback with that first pick would be a wasted pick this year.

    You can tell that the Cowboys really wanted defense with the first pick, but when the top players on their board were taken, they went with the next best player which was on offense. It's not as exciting or newsworthy as drafting Manziel, but it helps the team better to go with the smart pick that can help the team right now.
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  20. Toruk_Makto

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    If you aren't thrilled with our pick right now I don't know what you're doing with your life. I really don't.


    Oh Lawd.
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