Sick of RGIII

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by landroverking, Sep 2, 2013.

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    This post is hilarious. Because the way Griffin is playing is the way Luck played for the majority of last season (getting down early to no one's fault but his own, then throwing for alot of yards and points in the second half), except Griffin is completing more than 60% of his passes, which Luck didn't. And funny, none of you yahoos were calling Luck out. But your archaic logic about how offenses work really says it all.

    I'm sure if the jerseys were switched the logic would change as well.
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    It was Rodney Harrison.
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    I'm sure you're right. I thought he made sense.
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    They were not getting blown out in most of their games.

    Only once last season did the Colts go into halftime getting beat by 3 scores. 21-3. Second worse was 21-6.

    They were leading at half in 7 of them.

    The average deficit was 9.8 at half. (Washington is at 21.5 so far this season)

    A majority of the Colts games last year were close affairs even into the 4th quarter. 7 games by a an average deficit of 12. (Washington's is 25 going into the 3rd).

    The Colts had 3 games down 3 scores going into the 3rd quarter: 20 - 22 - 21. They put up 7 - 3 - 7 garbage time points respectively.

    Luck had more attempts and yards in the 1st half of games vs the 2nd half last season.

    Luck had similar td/int split between the 1st and 2nd half.

    But other than that almost identical.
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    Comparing Luck's offense versus RG3's dumbed down offense is hilarious... Teams have essentially shut down the read-option after last year and the Redskins 'go-to' play-calling has been shotgun when down and in the 3rd and 4th. People want to attribute it to the knee, but anybody watching the games sees it's not the knee. Morris is getting shut down as well. Their defense is a pleasure to watch, and by pleasure, I mean to opposing fans. Their secondary is just awful.
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    I told yall....been in this area since 95.....I smell a set up coming....RGIII is going to go the way of the great Lavar Arrington.....
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    Well after two game skins fans calling for cousins.
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    ESPN Radio (yeah, first mistake) here yesterday was talking about a few pieces of what he said out of context and were discussing it, characterizing it as him basically saying ""I did what I need to do, if my team needs me to be a leader for them so they can step up then I will be" but now that I've actually looked up the full quote and read what he said, I agree with you.
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    Trust me, I've thought about this. Considering what the Nats did this year...I firmly believe DC sports are utterly cursed.

    The huge difference between this year and last is we are no where near being competitive in either game. By the time we start moving the ball, we've been down a combined 64-7. I don't blame Griffin 100%--he's made some poor decisions, but he is just not being put in a position to succeed. Our offensive line, other than Williams, is just getting dominated. Kyle Shanahan is not getting Robert moving to alleviate that. He had 2 balls batted b/c 2 GB DLs were 5 feet from him. No playaction at all, no rollouts, nothing. The term "adjustment" is a foreign concept right now.

    Haslett is freaking clueless. As soon as Rogers started taking 3 step drops all hell broke loose because we can't freaking tackle. There is a major, fundamental problem with this team, and it is not going to be a quick fix. I'll be shocked if we beat Detroit.
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    Morris isn't being shut down. He's just not going nuts like he did last year.

    As I wrote many times on this forum, teams will figure out how to stop the Read Option from a schematic standpoint. Even the Niners and Seahawks have tapered off their use of the Read-Option because it only seems to work if the QB keeps the ball and runs, but then you risk the QB getting injured.

    The big thing I saw last year is that the play action worked wonderfully for RG3. It would suck in the linebackers and then he could throw over the top. He has a real problem with seeing over the O-Line's head and isn't very effective in the pocket. Rob Ryan saw this in the last game of the regular season. The problem was we were obliterated in the middle of the defense and couldn't get people to tackle Morris. But, RG3 had a rough time throwing the ball that game. Other teams picked up on it and now understand what they need to do in order to contain the read option.

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    This is really what it boils down to. Watching this guy try to sit back and pick apart a defense from the pocket is cringe worthy. His arm just isn't there. Bad passes. Bad decisions. He hesitates. Lots of Redskins fans are going to end up very disappointed by the end of this season.

    Not only that, but the rumblings of a QB controversy are getting closer and closer in Washington. Let RG3 look this bad next week and we'll start hearing Cousins name mentioned a lot more...
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  12. BoysFan4ever

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    So is it a sophomore slump or just a bad wheel that may never be right?
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    RGIII is gun shy and afraid to get hurt. I didn't think he was going to have a great career anyways. Makes me happy that Washington paid a steep price for him.
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    I would never say Luck is a bust if he were a Redskin. I'd instead be crying for at least the next 10 years.

    RG3 is what he is. He's laughably bad as a pocket passer.
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    Except on Thanksgiving right?

    Burying anyone after 2 games is what gets you the 2007 Giants.
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    This ....
  17. SkinsHokieFan

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    Luck was atrocious last season. Had double the INT's of Wilson+RG3 combined and racked up yards late against poor competition after his team went down big.

    He has tons of potential but I don't think the is the next John Elway that I was hoping the Redskins would tank for in 2011
  18. BAZ

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    Bitter slur fans trashing Luck on a Cowboys message board. What has the world come to?
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    Luck attempted more passes in 2012 than either Wilson or RG3. He was also in a downfield passing offense.

    Colts biggest halftime deficit? 18 points. What was that deficit by the end of the 3rd quarter (before we get late in the game in the 4th)? 2 points.

    As far as your claim he "racked up yards late against poor competition after his team went down big".. well...

    Colts biggest deficits at the start of the 4th quarter? CHI: 20 - NYJ: 22 - NE: 21. Colts scoring in the 4th quarter those games? 7 - 3 - 7.

    Luck attempted 17 passes for 111 yards in the 4th quarter in Chicago. Chicago ranked 8th in passing yards per game. 2nd in defensive passer rating. Yeah, pretty damn poor.

    Luck attempted 13 passes for 104 yards in the 4th quarter in New York. The Jets ranked 2nd in passing yards per game. 9th in defensive passer rating. Man, just ripping up poor defenses.

    Luck attempted 13 passes for 93 yards in the 4th quarter in NE. Here is the only time you can claim you were right about poor competition late in games. NE ranked 29th in passing yards per game. 19th in defensive passer rating. The only problem you have is that only 28% of his yards came in the 4th. They were only down 7 at halftime so I wouldn't call that big. Still, 52% of his yardage came in the 2nd half. Not sure you can claim that he racked up yards late in this game.
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    I don't think anyone should hope for RGIII to continue to be down like this. I mean I hope he never does well for Washington again, I do, but I don't see that happening. Right now they're not playing his game because they know he's not ready for that. I don't think the kid is ready to test that knee enough to be running it like he was and that's a big part of their problem offensively.

    Washington's bigger problem, IMO, is that their defense was VASTLY over-rated and this year looks extremely old and extremely slow. They're just getting beaten to death. RGIII will likely recover fully physically, and mentally, at some point and start being a lot more dangerous again.

    But what I do feel that this does show is that without the threat of the read option, and his running, that RGIII isn't really all that scary a QB from the pocket. He'll put up the flashy numbers by games in because he's having to come from so far behind but he won't really scare you without that run threat that he had.

    I can only hope he never gets that running threat ability back but I'm not likely to be that lucky.

    And just as a point of reference I liked Luck better in college and I still like Luck better now and I'd take Lucky any day of the week and twice on Sunday's over RGIII.

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