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Since everybody else is doing a mock...

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JIMMYBUFFETT, Jan 9, 2009.


    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

    1,597 Messages
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    2nd) Jonathan Luigs C/G - Arkansas
    3rd) From Cleveland Michael Hamlin SS - Clemson
    4th) From Detroit Cody Brown OLB/DE - Connecticut
    4th) Augusts Parrish OT - Kent State
    5th) Joe Burnett CB/Return - University of Central Florida
    5th) From Tennessee Josh Maguna MLB - Nevada
    5th) Comp pick Nathan Brown QB - Central Arkansas
    6th) From Miami NT Sammie Lee Hill - Stillman
    6th) Comp pick FB Marquez Branson - Central Arkansas
    7th) John Faletoese DE - Cal poly
    7th) Comp pick Deon Butler WR - Penn state

    Not sure all my copm picks are correct .
  2. silverbear

    silverbear Semi-Official Loose Cannon

    24,188 Messages
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    If you know about Branson, you are indeed a dedicated draftaholic... very good call...

    So, we're both draftaholics, and we're both apparently parrotheads... :D

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

    1,597 Messages
    769 Likes Received
    Yeah , draftaholic would be a fitting word . I enjoy college football a lot and will watch anything from a Northern Illinois vs. Eastern Michigan to the National Championship game with equal enthsuiasm . Every time I watch , I'll have my little list of players that I follow throughout the game . I then work on my draft board for the majority of the year only to get zero predictions correct :-( .

    I'm always looking for a FB in the draft , and have been disappointed in what Dallas has had for the last several years . I want more of a hybrid back , and really wanted Jacob Hester last season . I like Branson because he's a TE with great hands and good blocking skills . I figure that due to his height , he'll probably be asked to play FB or H-back in the NFL . Seems like a better weapon and check down option for Romo than what Anderson has been , and I believe his blocking skills will be equal .
  4. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano Benched

    57,073 Messages
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    and move him to OG?

    really, really like this mock, except for Magua, always injured

    JIMMYBUFFETT Skinwalker

    1,597 Messages
    769 Likes Received
    No , I like him to play tackle . Obviously I haven't caught a lot of Kent State games this year , but from what I've heard he has the best feet of any tackle in the draft with the exception of Jason Smith / Baylor . Like Flo or not , he'll be back at LT next season . I like Parrish to transition in slowly behind Flo .

    I like what Dallas has at OG (if healthy) with Davis , Kosier , and Holland . I took Luigs in the second not only because I think he'd be an excelent backup to Gurode , but also because I think he is versatile enough to play guard . He'd be a real good guy to have active on game day .

    Max Unger / Oregon is the guy I'd really love , but I doubt he makes it anywhere near Dallas . I've actually got him rated as the #1 OL prospect in this draft . Rarely do you notice lineman , but I notice Unger everytime I watch Oregon . He's such a versatile guy that he actually started at LT for Oregon 05 & 06 then moved to C for 07 & 08 . Those are the kind of guys I'm looking for .

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