Since it's quiet-Kipers take on our new signings

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by texastwister, Mar 21, 2006.


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    Nothing about us signing Akin Ayodele? I thought he was the best FA we have signed so far. He has size, is young, and is a solid player, he should fit very well inside next to James.

    Fabini is a sto-gap player who is over 30 and was injured for much of last season. He is an upgrade over Petitti & Tucker but is not THE answer at RT for the future.

    Most should already know my feelings on the Owens signing but in case you don't I believe it was a HUGE mistake.

    We still need a kicker and a FS as well as a stud opposite Ware at OLB but I think we will address that spot in the first round of the draft.
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    I think that your observation on Greenway is right on. I have watched the guy for 4 years and he has been a consistant playmaker. I don't think he would be good in a 3-4 though. Every year someone slips in the draft because of their workout numbers and vice versa -- that is why there are steals and busts in the draft.
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    Way too small IMO to play 3-4 LB...5'11" and 220ish...and probably doesn't have the nads that Dat had to be able to excel at that size.
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    Great analysis DLCassidy.

    Chad Greenway OLB Iowa

    Chad has excellent athleticism for his position. He does a good job when defending against the pass and shows good enough speed to cover RB’s coming out of the backfield. Chad is a smart player and knows his responsibilities and plays them well.

    Needs to Improve
    Watch my lips…Chad is a lousy tackler! He is a “drag down from behind” tackler that does not like straight on contact. He doesn’t wrap up and he drops his head.

    Bottom Line
    I don’t care how good a linebacker is at all his other responsibilities if he doesn’t like contact and won’t tackle. If he doesn’t do these two things well, then I don’t want him on my team. I am sick and tired of hearing about LB’s that are athletic, have excellent speed and how impactful they are and when I go to watch them and the most fundamental skill that is needed to play their position (like tackling) is lacking. How does this happen? Especially with a team that prides itself on their tackling! Tackling is mental. You have to want to do it. You have to like the contact. If you teach a kid over and over how to tackle and he still refuses to do it, that should send a signal that he doesn’t like contact! Now I ask you, why would you draft a LB that doesn’t want, or like, contact? Why…because he’s a great athlete? Chad will be drafted in the first day no doubt and if you use him as a situational LB, he could make some big impact plays for you; however, if you’re looking for an every down LB, then you would be making a mistake drafting Chad unless he discovers the light and all of a sudden decides he likes contact. I have a rule: If you are a poor tackler in college, then you’ll be a poor tackler in the pros. Head up, wrap up, squeeze and drive -- it’s that simple.

    - Drew Boylhart (
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    I really like Sims, hes only at about 231 or so, but you can't deny his ability
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    Greenway was one of those really productive college players that people always say is too small or too slow. He didn't wow anybody at the combine so people are gonna forget he's a good football player. He'll be a big help to somebody, a la Lofa Tatupu.
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    I watch all the Terps games. Dqwell was dominant in his junior year. This past year he made a lot of tackles, but there did not seem to be as many in the backfield for losses. I think he missed having Merriman taking a lot of attention away from him. It enabled him t roam. He will make, in my opinion, an average to good but certainly not great linebacker in the pros.
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    I agree. Sims was an outstanding player at FSU, he's just too light and plays like a small, fast LB.
    I think the consensus around here is Lawson, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. Carpenter will be a great player too and big-time leader. I'm not as familiar with Wimbley but I am convinced that he's a second rounder and not a value pick in the first.
    And no way are we taking the punka** Jimmy Williams.
    Seriously doubt we take a DB in the first round.
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    I'm all for Dallas drafting a guy like Jimmy Williams because he plays both FS and CB, talk about an added bonus!!!!!
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    Agreed on Greenway. Way overrated. Good coverage backer. Good leader. If you saw him on NFL Network, you wouldn't have thought him an NFL player. HS players have more definition and strength.

    He'd be OK as a 4-3 weakside guy. He'd struggle locking up with TEs on a regular basis.

    And yes, I have seen Greenway person and on TV.
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    Jackson is a stud always comes to play. I seen him at Chapel Hill in November and he stood out the guy is a straight up baller
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    they will take Marcus Vick...just watch somehow they will get that kid, you heard it here

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