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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by bbgun, Sep 8, 2009.

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    ... why not enjoy some clips from a historic blowout? I'm guessing that 38 points is the highest margin of victory in any Cowboy playoff game (yes, worse than 52-17). A week later, we'd be burned by "The Catch." In any event, this was probably Landry's last "great" team.


    Mike Hegman sack


    Dennis Thurman pick #1


    Too Tall brings pressure


    Dennis Thurman pick #2


    Tony Hill TD


    Michael Downs interception


    Tony Dorsett TD


    Two big plays from Tony D


    Consecutive plays from Too Tall & Dorsett


    Harvey Martin sack preserves shutout


    "Doomsday" post-game interview


    Landry and Danny White post-game interview


  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Great stuff...Thanks!:bow:
  3. goliadmike

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    Thanks bbgun!!!
  4. Chief

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    Good stuff, but I had trouble even enjoying it because of knowing what loomed the next week.

    Man, that brings back memories.
  5. LeonDixson

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    You are a real treasure trove of pictures and videos, bbgun. Much appreciated.
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    Ahh, Doug Williams. First black QB to play/win a Superbowl. He ended up getting cut by the Bucs and playing for the Outlaws before being signed as a backup for the Redskins. He would end up winning the Superbowl (XXII) and being Superbowl MVP and named to the 70 greatest Redskins of all time.

    Funny how things can change. Anyone ever read Playing for Pizza by John Grisham? Sounds like that book. (I'm reading it now, not quite finished with it)
  7. Alexander

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    Thank you, bbgun.

    Your trips down memory lane are always great.

    Seeing the Thurman and Downs interceptions really make me miss the defense of that time period. It wasn't crushing like the true mid-seventies Doomsday incarnation, but few defenses in team history were that opportunistic. It kept us alive into the early part of the 1980s.

    If only we could be that turnover driven now. It would be a huge help.
  8. Daudr

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    That was awesome. It brings back a lot of memories. Thanks for posting that!
  9. adbutcher

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    You're welcome. We miss you in the Poli Zone. ;)

    I had to make up for those depressing clips from the '79 playoff loss to the Rams.

    I was thinking the exact same thing as I reviewed the game. Just one Dennis Thurman "type" would help our cause immensely.
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    I miss the hitch in our O-line, it set us apart. The team looks well preped and the team spped on D was fast even then.

    I really miss a HC who spoke, looked and dressed the part. Such class Landry had, he was the type of person you could look up to. A real leader.

    See those clips makes me sad how far this team has fallen. We go from a guy like Landry to a Bills retread in Wade who shows he has zero self control/respect.
  12. BraveHeartFan

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    That's awesome BB. Especially for a guy like me who wasn't old enough to actually remember watching that game. I think i was 2 years old then. So any trips like that, to big games back then, are a thrill for me cause I missed them when they happened.

    Man what a defensive front this team had back then. Ed 'Too Tall' Jones, Harvey Martin, and Randy White. Man oh man what a nightmare that must have been for offenses to have to game plan for.
  13. Fmart322

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    Even when Ed "Too Tall" Jones was nowhere near the QB he was still in position to make a play. If a QB threw to his right, "Too Tall" was there to bat the ball in some way. Not everytime, but enough. That interview with the front 4, they were my hero's as a kids.
  14. lurkercowboy

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    What a great game that was. I remember watching it at a friend's house and we were both Cowboys fans. We started to watch the second game that day (a playoff game with the Chargers and Dolphins) and my friend's sister wanted to watch something else so I ended up watching the second game at home. What a day of football, a Dallas playoff rout and then one of the best games of all time.

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