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since no one checks ff

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by Reed, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Reed

    Reed New Member

    544 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Its a 10 player league. Please tell me what you think of my team I think its pretty well balanced compared to other teams in the league.

    D. Culpepper (Min - QB)
    QB T. Green (KC - QB)
    WR J. Horn (NO - WR)
    WR J. Smith (Jac - WR)
    WR P. Burress (Pit - WR)
    RB F. Taylor (Jac - RB)
    RB T. Henry (Buf - RB)
    TE J. Witten (Dal - TE)
    WR/RB L. Suggs (Cle - RB)
    BN D. Driver
    BN C. Palmer (Cin - QB)
    BN R. Williams (Jac - WR)
    BN J. Gage (Chi - WR)
    BN L. Jordan (NYJ - RB) BN K. Collins (Oak - QB)
    K A. Vinatieri (NE - K)
    DEF Tennessee (Ten - DEF)
    DEFBench : BN Pittsburgh (Pit - DEF)
  2. Yeagermeister

    Yeagermeister Active Member

    47,595 Messages
    18 Likes Received
    Pretty good but I'm not sure about your rb's. Taylor is injury prone, henry is hurt and Suggs is unproven.....IMHO
  3. ghettogandhi

    ghettogandhi Active Member

    1,005 Messages
    7 Likes Received
    not bad at all- where did you pick in the draft?
  4. numnuts23

    numnuts23 Well-Known Member

    2,170 Messages
    136 Likes Received
    Dang good draft.

    Mine looks like this

    RB - QB M. Hasselbeck
    WR T. Owens (Phi - WR)
    WR L. Coles (Was - WR)
    WR J. Smith (Jac - WR)
    RB S. Alexander (Sea - RB)
    RB M. Faulk (StL - RB)
    TE B. Franks (GB - TE)
    RB K. Jones (Det - RB)
    WR K. McCardell (TB - WR)
    QB C. Palmer (Cin - QB)
    WR A. Bryant (Dal - WR)
    RB S. Jackson (StL - RB)
    K R. Longwell (GB - K)
    DEF Miami (Mia - DEF)
    DEF Jacksonville (Jac - DEF)
  5. Danny White

    Danny White Winter is Coming

    12,352 Messages
    4 Likes Received
    That's a solid team, Nuts. Let me guess, are you in a 8-man league?
    If not, then you're a damn good drafter (or you're playing with some blockheads).
  6. numnuts23

    numnuts23 Well-Known Member

    2,170 Messages
    136 Likes Received
    10 teams. I'm guessing I'm playing with some blockheads. :D
  7. Reed

    Reed New Member

    544 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    i picked 7th in the draft. Got dante first, then fred and goes on from there. Im just hoping henry is the starter all season. Watching in preseason and stuff it looks like mcgahee isnt ready. Doesn't look like he has that burst yet. Lee suggs has looked good in preseason i just hope he starts all season.
  8. marsbennett

    marsbennett Mars Man

    1,075 Messages
    4 Likes Received

    Well balanced, but I think that you are weak at the #2 RB slot and bench RB. If Mcgahee is still out there, I'd take him. Maybe ebven consider Emmitt, he is a FA in most all my leagues except to Cowboys homer leagues.

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