Since we did Broken Bones how about weird or major injuries

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Kangaroo, Feb 22, 2008.

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    At the age of 5 I jumped off a pickup hung ripping open my armpit requiring some stitches

    The only other serious one was tearing my hamstring last year lucky for me I did not tear any the tendons but I completely tore the whole muscle. It turned black and blue from my lower buttocks all the way just before the back of my knee. I was being thrown in Aikido and i got caught in a hakama and my leg stop mid air as i was falling. It took me well over an hour before I could stand up. I even lhad to learn how to re run after a few months
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    I already mentioned my torn achilies. Another injury I had as a child was when I jumped down off a set of monkey bars and landed on a broken bottle. Split the bottom of my foot wide open. Doctors had to dig glass out of my foot before the stitched me up
  3. Yeagermeister

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    When I was about 4 maybe 5 I somehow got a hold of steak knife. I went outside and was jabbing it in the dirt. The next thing I know I stabbed myself in between my second and third toe. So I go hopping in to the house with blood dripping like crazy and tell my Mom I stabbed myself in the foot. She turns around and almost faints. Long story short trip to the ER and it's all better.

    The worst injury I have ever had was Angus, my 120 pit RIP, dragging me down a flight of stairs. I had gotten in to my head he was going to go out when I was ready.....mistake #1. So finally I got tired of the whinning and took him out. The stairs at my apartments was one of those two tier deals with a landing in the middle. He goes bounding down the first level and down the second before I could reach the landing. He jerks the leash and like a dummy I try to hold on too it....mistake #2. The next thing I know I'm at the bottom of the stairs with a gash in the back of my head. You know it's bad when the Dr looks at it and says I ended up with 7 or 8 stiches and I believe a concussion. It took me several weeks before I felt clear headed. Some would probably say I still haven't recovered. :laugh2:
  4. Kangaroo

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    Lol I forgot I also impaled my foot on rocks in Galveston during high tides in High school we where at a JROTC competition. I was walking along the seawall area tides where up hi from the rain I kind of slip I feel like someone tickled the bottom of my foot all of a sudden I see blood in the water I pick up my foot and I can see blood coming out.

    I had a small hand towel from the hotel I left a blood trial and turn that towel completely red. Of course I come walking up on the side of my foot leaving small pools of blood saying hey guys I need a bandaid. I sat down spread my foot open and I could see fat cells :eek:

    The funny part was the doc was cleaning it in the ER he went dam I could not see I found out later from the instructor that the long wooden q tip broke in half and it was so deep he was having a hard time finding it :laugh2:
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    Aw, that's nothing... when I was that age, I got shot in the tongue with an arrow...

    I swear, I'm not making that up... we were living in Kaiserslautern, Germany, in base housing... there were some fields behind the apartment buildings, then some woods... we were playing in the woods, it was getting to be evening, and I walked out of the woods just as my best friend Alonzo Flores was showing off his new bow and arrow set... he set one arching up into the sky, and I walked right into it... 'bout to scared the life out of poor Alonzo...

    All I know was I was talking to a friend, the next thing I know, there's this shaft in my field of vision... it didn't hurt or anything... so I reached up and grabbed the shaft, and jerked it out of my mouth... my tongue started bleeding quite profusely, which scared the crapola out of me, so I went running for our apartment, so that I could scare the crapola out of my Mom, too... LOL...

    I still have the scar on my tongue, it's really pretty neat... thank God Alonzo was my age, somebody with a bit more pull on that bow might have really messed my mouth up... but y'know, it never really did hurt...
  6. Blake

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    Got hit right above the temple with a Big Bertha driver.

    Mom used to drop me off at golf clinics when I was in Jr. High. Anyway alot of us were hitting balls at the driving range and we were way over crowded. Instructor had me step aside for a sec. to show me something and whack! I was down... It was pretty negligent on the golf pros part if you ask me... felt like we were shoulder to shoulder out there.
  7. Rack Bauer

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    I put a nail through my hand when I was a kid. Fell on a board (nail was sticking out) and it went right through my hand.

    3rd degree sprain of both my ankles (and several other minor ankle sprains before and after that).

    Separated shoulder (same injury Emmitt Smith had) in football. I was running down a punt, through the blocker to the side, squared up to make a tackle and got blind sided by a guy named Mike Maetris (I vowed revenge, but it never happened). Got my bell rung on the play too. It was a good 5 mins before my head cleared, THEN I realized I couldn't lift my arm above my head. Went back in the game but I couldn't swing my arm to run.

    Tore my left knee (MCL and meniscus) playing basketball.

    2 or 3 concussions playing football.

    Tore skin off one of my fingers playing football.
  8. Hostile

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    Okay, this is going to be a little bit painful for you guys to envision. Please brace yourselves.

    There was a rich kid in our neighborhood who was a bit of a snob. He got a new bike so he was dissing everyone else's bike as not as good as his. I got a little pissed about this and said his bike was so slow I could beat him in a race if I was on foot. No way. So we decide to race from the tree in his yard to the chain link fence. I knew that a bike cannot start as fast as a runner and I knew I was fast so it was no contest. I smoked him.

    What I did not count on was how smart the little jerk was. He rightly observed that this is what gave me the edge. I then said I could beat him if he was running and I was on his bike. So we switched. I was not going to lose. No way in hell was I going to eat my words.

    One big problem with our race was that neither one of us had figured out what to do about the bike reaching the chain link fence and how to stop before hitting it. I beat him to the fence all right. The problem was, I couldn't stop the bike. The fence stopped the bike for me. Inertia kept me going forward however and my junk hit the gooseneck of his handlebars at a very high rate of speed.

    Quit laughing you sadistic bastids.

    I lived 2 houses away. I had to crawl home on my hands and knees and no, I am not joking. When I got home I undid my pants to see the damage. My junk was soaked in blood. I couldn't walk right for about 2 weeks.

    Story number 2. Also about hurting my junk unfortunately. I accidentally peed on a low voltage electric fence one time. Some sadistic rancher had run it with his barbed wire fence. I had to go so I went behind a bush and the stream happened to cross that strand of wire. I still hear the screams in my dreams sometimes. I never knew you couldn't stop yourself from peeing if you have an electric current going through the pee to your junk.

    Last one. This one doesn't deal with my junk though. It is one I hope all of you who have kids will remember though. I was in the 4th grade and I saw a movie about Africa on TV. They were hunting with blow guns. I thought that was the coolest thing ever and I decided to make myself a blow gun. The only thing hollow that I could find was an old plastic towel rack. You know the square kind that are hollow and have to ends anchored to the wall. This one was kind of clear opaque looking. I found that I could shoot marbles through it really nice.

    I found that the marbles were a great way to torture my little brother. So I was chasing him through the house with the makeshift blow gun in my mouth and pelting him with marbles. I tripped and fell with that thing in my mouth. I tore the entire roof of my mouth out. They rushed me to a hospital 31 miles away in my Mom's car at about 110 mph. I lost a lot of blood.

    I was in surgery for 6 hours. The roof of my mouth and the epiglottis in the back are made of a plastic by Phillips. There is no cartilage behind my nose and mouth area so dental x-rays look really weird because there's a great big black void there. I have to clear my throat a lot because I have nothing back there. I get bad sinus headaches from time to time and sore throats are really bad news.

    It took 175 stitches to sew my mouth back up. I was out of school for 2 weeks. The first days I had ever missed of school in my life. I had perfect attendance up until then. I could only eat soups or shakes for almost 2 months. Anything basically that I could eat through a straw.

    They were worried that I would never talk again. I haven't shut up since.

    Moral of the story...don't let your kids run with anything in their mouths.
  9. Yeagermeister

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    Ok Hos we now know WAY more about your junk than we ever wanted to know. :laugh2:
  10. Blake

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    What's funny is that most of this stuff happens to us as kids..usually from us being stupid are careless. Almost makes me not want to have any..

    I still remember a kid in our neigborhood riding real fast on his trike and running into an old wood fence only to have a loose nail go through and slice his foot right open.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

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    Many have had the stitches to the chin due to a baseball bat thing.

    I have also had stitches to the head because of...

    A cargo truck door and me not ducking far enough so the corner of the door caught my head.

    Running and tripping and grazing the side of my head on a cinder block corner.

    Falling out of a tree and having a nail on a board pierce and tear my scalp.

    Oh and stitches on my wrist due to busting threw a screen door where the glass was not up.

    Interesting on the time I got stitches after the nail tore my scalp open.

    They gave me a shot to numb the area. Waited some time and started the stitches. I could feel the first stitch so I told them. They gave another numbing shot. Waited a little longer and started. I could still feel it. They said they could give me another but I told them just to go ahead.

    So I could feel every one of the 10-15 stitches.:eek::

    But by and far the worst thing was getting Dysentery while in Korea. I think over 15 people got it because of the MKT and cooks did not sterilize the water, at least that was the theory.

    Took me out for a few days. I tried to tough it out but after a few days of a really bad situation the Sarge ordered me to get treatment.

    I was up in the med tent for 2-3 days. Was so dehydrated that I did not urinate for those 2-3 days.
  12. the kid 05

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    you want weird? i tore my meniscus playing hackysac...yah tell me about it.
  13. Blake

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  14. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    yah well... :D
  15. needforspeed

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    Shot myself with a Paslode air stapler (twice). First time went all the way through my thumb. Second time went through my index finger. Happened about a year apart. Amazingly, no broken bones.

    Friend of mine fell from a hay loft in a barn onto the hood of a tractor. Tore the right corner of his mouth about an inch or so back. Knocked out some teeth. Had a concussion. Scared the bejeesus out of his mom.
  16. StanleySpadowski

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    I've had stitches on 14 different occasions so I've had more than my fair share but here are some of the memorable ones.

    I was around 7 or 8 and at my grandparents' farm with my older brothers picking apples in the orchard when my grandmother called that lunch was ready. I'd been losing "I betchas" (first to fill a bushel basket, climbing the highest) to my brothers all morning so I said let's race back. I had a plan. Instead of climbing the gate and going around the cow barn, I'd slide under the the fence in a swale and take the direct approach past the horse barn. What I didn't realize at the time was that my grandfather had a single strand of barb wire between the barns to keep the horses in....I was watching my brothers, sure I was finally going to win something, instead of where I was going. I took the barb wire right under the chin while sprinting at full speed. An hour drive to the hospital, 11 stitches and a tentanus shot later...

    A few days later during that same "vacation" an my grandparents, my uncle who still lived at home was giving us pony rides in the driveway. We'd begged for one more ride at least ten times successfully. On what was sworn to be my last ride on a little Shetland named Beauty, I was smiling and waving for pictures when the next thing I know I was laying on the ground next to the woodshed with blood pouring from my arm. Turns out there was an extension cord buried under the driveway for lighting the pig pen that must have been frayed that the pony stepped on with metal horse shoes. My grandmother said I must have gone four or five feet up in the air and slammed into the woodshed that had a rusty nail sticking out. Luckily for me:mad: , I just had a tetanus shot so the hour drive and 17 stitches were all I ended up with.

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