Singleton, Coleman, James - Preseason Princes?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by LarryCanadian, Sep 30, 2005.

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    Hey all.

    I was worried about these 3 in particular. They might be OK backups and show a bunch in preseason, but when the regular season starts they seem to get really, really quiet.

    Coleman has 6 tackles to date. He doesn't really make highlight reel plays but is big and a decent rotation guy I guess in his roll in 3-4. Quieter than I hoped after his preseason though. Only 26 still.

    James. I'm really disappointed in this guy, more in the sense of how I thought this higher draft pick would develop. I just don't think he's sharp enough mentally to be the playmaker his size and speed suggest he will be. I'm wondering if its that he doesn't read the play fast enough, or have that quick reaction/instinct needed to get in on the play. Shows one thing then disappears. 8 tackles (6 solo, 2 assists) and 1 pass defended this year to date. Again, only 24 years old, and worst case a decent backup if nothing else in the future?

    Singleton. 7 tackles, one interception (which was a key big play, but not exactly spectacular). Quiet as a mouse again. Veteran guy that doesn't make a ton of mistakes and is in position, but doesn't excite anyone or scare anyone or make the big play again.

    I think Parcells worries about linebacker because of the limits of Singleton and the unproductiveness of a higher draft pick like James that should be hitting his stride. Add to that the talented but "chasing cars" Burnett and Ware and the developmental Shanle/Fowlers and you can understand his concern. With Fujita it's too early to tell I guess.

    Sheesh, I see Dat Nguyen get no love from many quarters on this board (not all, but some for sure) and he's getting 7 tackles a game and a sack or a pick or a tackle for negative yards or a fumble recovery or something about once a game as well.

    I think these guys are decent role players, Kenyon and Singleton in particular. James just has to be more productive or he will be replaced next year. But if I look at 3 starters on defense, other than Free safety, I think these guys are the ones you need to look for upgrades on in future, mainly in the capacity of playmaking. They don't hurt you a ton, but they don't seem to hit that next level either.

    Anyone have thoughts?

  2. Alexander

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    The more I see James, the more I see Godfrey Myles. He belongs on special teams, not starting. That is about his speed. Too bad for him, but he was drafted in the fourth round for a reason and it is not fair that some fans thought we got some super steal when he was picked.

    There is a reason why he keeps starting. He is going to follow his assignments to the letter, always has. He does have some competition from Fujita now and we shall see who comes out on top.

    He will go after LBers hot and heavy after this year. You can take that to the bank.

    I think Dat has proven why we would not trade him for Darren Howard. He needs someone alongside him though.
  3. Teague31

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    spears, burnett and fujita will soon remedy your concerns.
  4. Paniolo22

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    The way James interviews, it's like he's a seasoned, proven vet. I never undrestood that. He hasn't proved a damn thing.
  5. ratpower

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    Coleman is doing well enough to be a back up, and you are correct, unless Bradie starts to meet his potential, burnett and fujita will be starting by the end of the year.

    Dat has been playing really well this year, seems to have bounced back from last year...
  6. JackMagist

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    He is a 3rd year player and a starter; he probably thinks he has proven something...I disagree with him. Going into training camp I said that there were three players that concerned me:

    1) Jacob Rogers - gone
    2) Bruce Thornton - gone
    3) Bradie James - still hasn't proven why he should not be gone

    When Burnett gets his act together I can foresee him stepping into the spot that Bradie is playing. I can also see Shanle taking over there if Bradie starts blowing too many assignments and Burnett isn't ready.

    Coleman doesn't worry me though I had hoped for bigger things from him. He does seem to fill his hole and is not getting run over so he is holding his own. That makes him serviceable and a good rotation guy to spell the likes of Spears and Canty. Canty will have Kenyon's starting job before too long but he will still get plenty of PT...He is a keeper IMO.

    Singleton is likely on his last year here IMO. He is somewhat like Coleman in that he fills his role and doesn't make the big mistakes but he doesn't make the big plays either. Fujita will eventually force him out of the starting role; probably within the next few games.
  7. rathalarge

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    James is playing the inside backer position that requires him to be more of a run stopper. If Parcells hasn't singled him out yet, maybe we are a bit impatient. Dat is doing Great however, and I to can't wait to see more of Burnett, Fujita, Spears and Canty as well. We will be rolling by Halloween.
  8. FLcowboy

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    Parcells is currently using a lot of these players in a rotation, and if you look at each rotation group, they are different with respect to their makeup and approach. I think this is confusing to the offensive linemen, and for that reason, Canty and Spears offer a different problem than Coleman and Ellis. Ferguson hasn't hit his stride yet, and I'm wondering if he ever will. Glover is playing All- Pro again, and that's a bit of a surprise, given his reaction to the 3-4.
  9. Hollywood Henderson

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    Besides Roy, James is the only player on D that you can hear his hits...

    Dat plays every down on D and does next to nothing...Much too slow to make the production his PT warrants...

    He can't blitz unless freed up totally...
    Can't overpower Tiki Barber
    Can't make it to the sidelines to stop plays
    Can't disengage from blockers
    As Moose stated, missed way too many tackles because of his short stature & very short arms...
    The D will get better when he doesn't play so much...
  10. JackMagist

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    I get the feeling that Glover got a real attitude about the 3-4 and decided 'I'll show these bastids'. He has been coming extra hard this year it seems to me. Of course it has resulted in 2 roughing the passer penalties but he is letting his mean streak loose.
  11. JohnsKey19

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    I think we'll add at least 2 LBs this offseason. We're currently playing too many guys there now who simply don't "show up" on game film. That cant be the case when you're running a defense that's designed to feature LB play.

    I'm not worried about Coleman. I'm assuming he's still doing a good job holding the point of attack against the run. That's all he needs to do as a rotational 3-4 DE.
  12. Zman5

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    The problem is only hits he makes is on special team plays.
  13. Dallas4ever

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    Well said.

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