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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cajuncowboy, Apr 11, 2007.

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    I have Sirius radio in my car and I am going to get a home docking kit for it. I just wondered if any of you who have it and listen to the home broadcasts with Sham and the boys can give me some info.

    When you listen to the game on Sirius and turn down the volume on your TV while watching it, is there a lag time between the play and the call on the radio?

    Just wondering because if it's real bad, like 3 or 4 seconds I may not want to do that. It's kinda annoying.
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    There is roughly a 5-6 second delay between the play on TV and hearing it on Sirius

    I start to record the game, then delay watching it by that 5-6 seconds so I can synch up the radio and tv.
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    MOst likely

    I listen to 93.3 the bone here in dfw during the games and mute the tv. THere is like a 3 second delay, and the delay is on the tv's end.

    So i hear brad sham say what is happening and then I see it.

    So you can imagine how I felt when we lost in washington and seatlle.

    It was pure disbelief.
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    I've done this before. Tivo is awesome.

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