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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Reality, Nov 27, 2007.

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    Much prayers for the Sean Taylor family.

    May the Lord bless you and keep you, may the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you, may the Lord look upon you with favor and give you his peace.

    Furthermore, if the Lord makes Sean Taylor an angel... evil better watch out because Sean Taylor is a mean hitter. KO!
  2. PullMyFinger

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    Nothing but class

    R.I.P Sean Taylor
  3. WV Cowboy

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    As the thought of Sean Taylor not ever playing football any more starts to sink in, it really becomes more and more frustrating to think how senseless and cowardly this act was.

    I hope they find whoever is responsible.

    It also has been nice to read all of the appreciative posts from Redskin fans.

    It is a shame that it took something like this to bring people together.

    The one thing that struck me was the tone of "surprise" that many Skins fans felt with the CowboysZone's response.

    Having been on this particular Cowboys board since early 2004, (came from the old Austion360 board) I must say that it did not surprise me at all. The Mods do a great job of keeping everything/everyone in line here and it all starts with them. We have seen many good Mods come and go over the years. But they keep the rules ever-present and keep all of the posts in line, as to what is allowed and what is not allowed, to keep this a top quality site.

    All you have to do is visit some other sites to see what a great job our Mods do.

    So it was not a surprise to me that the Mods did what they did, nor was it a surprise to me to see so many Cowboy fans on this site respond the way they did.

    To all Skins fans, .. we can't feel your pain, but we sympathize with, and grieve your loss.
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    Once again Brutha, real classy man, real classy; and your absolutely right, its a damn shame it took this for us sports fan to unite! I pray no one has to go through a tragedy like this.
  5. Burgundy&Gold

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    I was so moved by this site changing it's colors that I signed up to become a member. Thank you all for your support. It is so hard for us Redskins fans to deal with this. None of us know how we are going to get through the rest of the season.

    You guys konw more than anybody how tough it is to prepare with the short work week of Thursday games. Our team is going to play an emotional game Sunday, get on a flight to Miami to see their beloved teammate buried on Monday or Tuesday, fly back home and somehow recover emotionally, and then prepare for the Bears two days later.

    I just don't know how we are going to do it. Us fans take great comfort in the thoughts prayers from our "enemies" here.
  6. isle-hawg

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    Thank you guys on behalf of many of us Redskins fans. This is an extremely classy and selfless move on behalf of the mods for this site, and very classy of the Cowboys fans in support of this temporary change to the look of it. Thank you all for the support and the gracious gesture!
  7. Dlyne8r

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    I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the CowboysZone nation for the multitude of condolences and really respectful and kind things you've said about the passing of Sean Taylor. I am a longtime Redskins fan and this loss has saddened us all. As you know how much you care for the Cowboys and practically consider your players and coaches as family, even if you haven't personally met any of them, we too feel the same way about the Redskins. It's been overwhelming to read your responses and evokes great emotion to have the support of a rival. I'm sure I speak for many when I say that we will never forget your sincerity and thoughtfulness. I have several friends that are Dallas fans and we have had great times celebrating our rivalry over the years. We have always respected one another, but today I have even greater respect for Cowboy fans in light of this tragedy. Thanks again and best of luck this coming Thursday.
  8. Mr.davon24

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  9. Gibbsisback

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    Yesterday was definitely a tough day for all Redskin fans. But, the wonderful jesture from the mods of your site made it a little easier for us. I have always said that our rivalry, is a rivalry out of respect. You guys certainly proved that yesterday. Of all three of our rivals, I have always considered the Cowboys the classiest.
  10. The30YardSlant

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    Awesome job by the CZ staff on this one
  11. dcowboysfan76

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    It's good to know that he gave his life to Christ which means that he repented his sins. It's an unfortunate loss for the fans and his family. This board has united people from two teams together like a family and that's how the world should be. We should all be able to come together during good and bad times. I just hate that it had to be under these circumstances.
  12. WV Cowboy

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    This is just a reminder of how short life can be, and that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, .. or even an hour from now for that matter.

    It is always good to know that a person has been born again.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Now is not the time. I agree with those who point this out. If, in time, circumstances come to light that alter the facts of the event, then so be it. As somebody has already pointed out, that doesn't change the fact that a young girl will never know her father and that his family is suffering because of the events.

    I would like to think that whatever comes out, we as a community are big enough to look past that to what is really important. A young man is dead and many are suffering because of it. To me, that deserves our respect regardless but that is only my opinion.
  14. WV Cowboy

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    Time for what? What post are you referring to?

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Any posts that drag Taylors name through the mud. They are now managed but even still, it is in the best traditions to show respect IMO. I am hopeful that we Cowboy fans continue to do this regardless of what may come out.

    I feel bad for his family but mostly, I feel bad for the little girl. Sad to think that she will not know Taylor. Again, that is only my opinion. We are all grown and as such, make our own decisions. I hope that we continue to make good ones as a fan base where Taylor is concerned.
  16. WV Cowboy

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    Oh, OK, .. I'm with ya.
  17. yeppers

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    Again, this is beautiful.

    What a gesture to Sean and the Redskins nation. You don't know how much we all appreicate it. Thanks for being there in this tragedy.

    RIP Sean. We love you!
  18. gayleh001

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    This is an awesome tribute to Sean from the staff of this site, Thank you for a great job. Times like this makes everyone proud to be a Cowboyszone fan. Sean still stays on so many across America's mind and in there hearts. Also proud to be a Fan of America's Team. May god bless the family of Sean Taylor.
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    Great job by the mods & all the zoners who have responded in such a classy way. Yeah, we all love the Cowboys & the rivalries, but this is a reminder that in the end there are so many more important things than this little game that entertains us.

    It just made me think of this year's Dallas/Washington game. On a couple of TO's touchdowns I thought to myself "Taylor might have stopped him." Honestly, it made me happy then, but it makes me a little sad now.

    Condolences to the entire Redskins family and the family of Sean Taylor. He will be missed.
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    I haven't posted in a long time. Just been lurking. Had to reply to this thread.

    I've been working late past few days and was shocked last night to see on the news that Sean had passed. Especially since it was reported that he was responsive on Monday. I am late to this thread and read through all 14 pages. Don't know which is more touching -- the respect and tributes paid to Sean from Zoners or the overflowing gratitude returned by Skins fans. I choked up reading these posts.

    It will be difficult for me to root against the Skins for a while. When we play against a team, I always want to beat their best on the field. Personally, Sean Taylor was the one Skins defensive player that I always feel we have to watch out for. He was the playmaker. It's sad to not see him on the field anymore.

    As a football fan and a Cowboys fan, I am very sad today. At the same time I'm also proud to see how fans of both teams have come together. This is why I think we have the best rivalry in sports.

    R.I.P Sean.

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