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Discussion in 'CZ Announcement Zone' started by Reality, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. Skins_girl

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    I just had to register to echo what so many other Redskins fans have said... what an amazing amount of class you guys have. We may all be rivals on gameday, but we are football fans, and we are human beings. This senseless act of violence took a great man far too soon. It doesn't matter what team he played for, what matters is that the world lost a young star today. I have been so impressed by the outpouring of support witnessed on this board. Just when I thought I could cry no more tears, I clicked on this link. Today we are all members of the same team, and for the first time in my life, I'll be pulling for the Cowboys this week, I will be honored to do so.
  2. demdcowboys#1

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    This is a very very sad day for me. I have never met the guy, but i am extremely upset. This guy is gone from us forever. God bless a special man

    Sean Taylor
  3. halter91

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    Very classy of you guys to do that. On behalf of Redskin- Roadtrips, I thank you.

    God Bless you all.

    RIP #21, God has a taken a hell of saftey!!
  4. Tommy-the-Greek

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    To the mods and members of this community,

    I would like to thank you all for your actions and kind words. This site and it's members are a class act.
  5. PCS

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    From a new mod over at ES to those here on The Zone. Thank you. As you can tell, it has touched many over there. Thanks again for the support and Bless you.

    HAWGZHEAD New Member

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    Very classy guys, very classy. Your condolences are very much appreciated from me and many others at, some of which have already joined to post in this thread.
  7. Daudr

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    Thank you. I was happy to see this when I logged in tonight.
  8. lane

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    i can't tell you how shocked and at the sametime the anger that filled me when i found out sean had passed away. the last news i had heard before going to bed was that he had squeezed the doctor's hand and made facial expressions.

    i get up to go to work and find out he is gone..

    sean taylor was fun to watch out there on that football field.

    exceptional talent this young man had.

    he seemed to glide like an eagle on the field.

    would leave his feet like a leopard attacking his prey.

    i'm very pissed off that this has happened and even more pissed off that i won't get to see him play anymore.

    my heart breaks for his family and the redskin sean taylor
  9. diehard2294

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    great tribute,terrible loss I wish his family and friends the best RIP
  10. Bang

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    Very nice gesture, and it is appreciated. My partner and I record our Bang Cartoon Radio Hour podcast on Tuesday evenings, and I made sure to give CZ a heartfelt shout out for this. If you want to hear it, the show will be posted on Friday. The shout is near the end, we're a comedy show, and didn't want to talk about Sean til the end, it's hard to be funny after talking about that, but like I said, I made sure to specifically mention this gesture you guys made.
    Thanks fellas.

  11. Hostile

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    Very nice of you.
  12. Jake

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    Hey everybody, Redskins fan here.

    All I have to say is: Wow.. this is one of the classiest things I have ever seen.

    Thank you to the admin and the staff of this board.

    This is amazing.

    RIP Sean.
  13. Skinsfan47

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    I personally want to thank you guys for all the support youve shown through this tragedy.It really means alot to see,that being rivals for so long,can be set aside in times like this.All the threads expressing your condolences and sympathy.And changing your message board colors,wow.My hats off to you guys.Classiest fans out you are.

    And although i've always considered the cowboys a bitter,almost hated rival,it'll never be bitter or hateful again.Still a rival,but a respected one.
    I look forward to week 17.Still gonna pull for my skins,but with a different attitude toward yall.Even though you'll be resting your starters and we'll be out of the playoff hunt.

    Thanks again guys.
    Good luck in the post season.Love to play yall for the NFC championship.
  14. ka0tik

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    the way cowboys and redskins have ''bonded'' is amazing. i know cowboy fans are not the only ones showing luv..but man..its the least we can do...

    this momment ...this ''bond'' will live on..and always remembered in a very special way....maybe it wont make it media-wise...but between us fans..we know wuts up....

    Stand Strong skins'....
  15. HardHittin'Witten

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    I read the news that Taylor had passed today, but have been so busy at work that I just now got to come to CZ. This is amazing. My prayers are with Taylor's family and friends. He was a hell of a football that was taken from us way too early. Much respect to the Admins and Mods for doing this tribute. It shows a ton of class.

    RIP Sean Taylor
  16. AmishCowboy

    AmishCowboy if you ain't first, you're last

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    I don't know if we Bonded, it's kinda like in WW1, when on christmas Eve both sides had a cease fire and sang Christmas Carols until the next morning.
  17. Rackat

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    I have been trying to find a recap of the Snyder/Gibbs press conference, but can't seem to find it. Does anyone have a link to a youtube review or just a written recap?
  18. Skins_girl

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    Go to has the full conference from this afternoon...
    It's on the front page (4th down on the playlist of featured videos)
  19. Bob Sacamano

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    I propose one of the photoshop wizzes create a Sean Taylor avatar for everyone to wear, but that's just me
  20. wormer

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    I am known in my office as the big Redskins fan. I wear my old school Monte Coleman jersey nearly every Friday for casual day.

    Not that I am due them, or even expected them, but the ONLY person in an office of about 200 to wish me condolences today was a Cowboy fan.

    You star is shining bright today Cowboy fans.

    This is hitting Skins fans and the DC area hard today. For many of us it harkens back to Len Bias. Another local DC guy. A young man with so much promise, seemingly on the brink of something magical, whose life is suddenly snuffed out, never afforded the opportunity to reach his potential.

    Thank you for your touching tribute.

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