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Discussion in 'CZ Support Zone' started by proline, Apr 28, 2010.

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    I've sent an e-mail about this already ....

    In IE 8, whether you choose "Quote" or "Quick-reply", the post still gets quoted automatically in your reply unless you intentionally delete it. This is pretty annoying, and probably the reason why so many posts now are quoting entire posts when the reply really doesn't address anything in the original post. People are clicking "Quick-reply" and then just not deleting the automatically quoted material.

    I don't have this problem in Opera, Firefox, or IE 6.
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    If you click the Quick Reply button, it means you are replying to a specific post. The quick-reply option is not fully supported in IE8 so instead of quick reply, it sends you to the normal "reply to post" page.

    If you want to reply to a thread, click the REPLY button at the top or bottom the page. When you click a reply button inside a post, the forum assumes you are specifically replying to that post which is why it is quoted.

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    So there really is no functional difference between "quote" or "quick reply"?

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