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Discussion in 'New Members Zone' started by Reality, Sep 2, 2016.

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    We forget sometimes that we have newer members and even many not so new members here who never learn the little tricks and features on the site, so I figured I would start a thread for everyone to share the ones they use regularly with everyone else.

    Tip #1 - Read the Forum Rules before you post to learn what is not allowed here!

    Tip #2 - At the top of the page below the blue menu bar, you will see a New Posts link. That link will show you the new threads and threads that have new posts since the last time you visited the site.

    Tip #3 - You can tag users in your posts using the @ symbol and then typing their username. For example, if you type @Reality, I will be tagged in your post and receive an alert for it. Please do not abuse this as we can take it away from any user who does so!

    Tip #4 - You can modify which things you receive alerts for on the Alert Preferences page.

    Tip #5 - Some older tablets and phones may have issues with the editor when posting or replying to threads. To use the older text editor, go to Preferences page and uncheck "Use Rich Text Editor .." and click the "Save Changes" button.

    Tip #6 - You can enable or disable email alerts for threads you are watching as well as whether or not you automatically watch threads you post in by going to the Preferences page.

    Tip #7 - You can quickly access the Fan Zone, Newsfeed Zone and Off-topic Zone forums using the links in the blue menu bar at the top.

    Tip #8 - We have a Chat area that is quite popular during games if you prefer a chatroom over the game day thread.

    Tip #9 - You can see all players the Cowboys have signed by clicking on the Signed Players link in the blue menu bar.

    Tip #10 - You can mark threads in all forums or a specific forum as read by clicking on the Mark Forums Read link at the top of the page below the blue menu bar.

    Tip #11 - You can change the background and foreground colors of the site by going to the Preferences page.

    Tip #12 - You can become a Zone Supporter by sending in a donation by clicking on the gold donate button at the top right of the page.

    Tip #13 - @jazzcat22 - You can ignore users by clicking on their username or avatar, then clicking the "ignore" link.

    Tip #14 - @bkight13 - You can greatly improve the speed and performance of the site by disabling user signatures. This can greatly help reduce your mobile bandwidth usage and also reduce browser crashes in older browsers on mobile devices. To disable signatures, go to the Preferences page and uncheck "Show people's signatures with their messages" and click the "Save Changes" button.

    I am sure there are plenty of other great tips to be shared, so share any you have learned over the years!
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  2. Londonboy

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    Thank You Reality, Your efforts to welcome Newbies and help Them acclimate are greatly appreciated.
  3. jazzcat22

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    There is a handy ignore option too.......:muttley:....
    oh, yeah, some cool favorite....:igglestrophy:.....
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    @Reality First off: Huge fan, love the site, love the members, love the "community", love the job you've done with it

    Question: Are there any plans for a dedicated mobile App interface for the site?
  5. percyhoward

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    This is a cool feature.

    Click on the post number in the bottom right of each post to get the link to that post only, so that whoever opens the link doesn't have to scroll through the entire thread to find the post.
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  6. bkight13

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    Hide the of the settings on your profile page
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  7. Reality

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    I can't believe I didn't remember to add that one :D

    That's my favorite feature on the site!
  8. bkight13

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    Once you've seen it once, that is all you need....... loads and scrolls so much better after
  9. Reality

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    Pleas remember this thread is for sharing tips and existing features found on this site, not making requests or asking general questions!

    Please use the CZ Support Zone forum for those kinds of posts.
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    Mods and admin need to be able to see sigs to enforce family friendly and size requirements.

    So you're stuck looking at my super cool sigs!
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  11. Reality

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    Added two more user submitted tips to the first post.
  12. skinsscalper

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    I like that you can highlight a certain part of the text of a post and reply specifically to that body of text rather than the entire post. Awesome feature!
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    Once one gets a like button, send the first LIKE to Reality and the second to Risen.
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    Got a like but.............SuperCool can be Super Something Else with my secret but advanced Super Admin Stealth Mode Powers! :D
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    Hello from Calexico calif

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