Sizing Up the Size-Speed Receivers: Wes Bunting

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Mar 31, 2012.

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    Cowboys Nation: The Cowboys like tall receivers. That's their template. They want 6'2'' guys with some speed. They got a gift with Laurent Robinson last year. Here was a tall guy who could get over the top. When they go three wide, they want to put Miles Austin in the slot.

    Looking at your list, who are some size-speed guys, starting around the 3rd round or so, who could perhaps fill that Robinson role early in their careers?

    Wes Bunting: You're looking size-speed guys, starting in the 3rd?

    CN: Let's open the window in the 2nd. Let's say 2nd to 4th. We've talked about the smallish slot guys, the Joe Adams types, but not about the bigger guys.

    WB: Stephen Hill, who we talked about before, is a 1st round guy now. You can kiss him good-bye.

    I think Rueben Randle from LSU ran well at his pro day. He ran in the high 4.3 range. Granted, at the Combine he ran a low 4.5. He can run. There are some people who think he gets into the 1st round. I think he could, but if he's there in the 2nd, he's a guy who fits what you're talking about.

    Mohamed Sanu from Rutgers ran 4.41 his pro day. I don't think he plays that fast, but I think he could be there in the 2nd round.

    Now, instead of 1st-2nd round guys, we're talking 2nd-3rd round guys. Brian Quick from Appalachian State is a vertical route runner. He ran high 4.4s. He's 6'2''. He can go get the football. I think he's a really intriguing player.

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