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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Oct 10, 2005.

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    They have strength at WR/TE that may be an issue - especially Shockey in Red Zone. Tiki is Tiki and Shanle will neutralize him out of backfield.

    D can be exposed. We will be able to run on edges and abuse secondary. This may yet be Drews biggest game as a Cowboy.

    I don't see this even close and see a 40 spot on the board for us....
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    You really need to stop drinking!
  3. Nors

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    Want to talk football or toss insults? Its on you.
  4. Smith22

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    My biggest concern is Tiki and Shockey. I think we can handle Plex just fine, but Tiki can cause problems if you don't focus on containing him. Our passing game should match up well versus their secondary.
  5. Nors

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    Tiki could be an issue - Coughlin will be more disciplined than Reid in establishing run ange getting him the ball in short passing game.

    I'd like to attack that secondary all day every day. Petitti needs to snuff Strahan and should with some help.
  6. Smith22

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    Yeah, the Gmen will be much more dedicated to the running game than the Iggles were. That is the one of the next steps we need to take on defense, shutting down the run like we did in our 1st 2 games or so. We allowed San Fran and the Raiders way too much running room.
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    If we beat the Giants by more than 40 points I will officially dub you Norstradamus.
  8. Nors

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    We win by 40 I will be banned! King Kong like testosterone laced bravado and Dallas Cowboy agenda's will kick in and all as we know it could get altered in a catalytic outburst that inclues 3-4 elements, Bledsoe HOF rants topped with Shanle for Governer elements and a pot shot at Key!!!!!

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    We contained Tiki pretty well in Parcells' first season here (15 carries for 41 yards, 2 catches for 7 yards in game 1; 13 carries for 47 yds, 5 catches for 55 yards in game 2) not so well last year (23 carries for 122 yards, 5 catches for 76 yards in game 1; 24 carries for 95 yards, 3 catches for 21 yards in game 2).

    If we consider which RBs we've shut down (LT, Portis, Westbrook) and which ones have had success (Barlow and Lamont Jordan), Tiki's game is much more like the guys we've shut down.

    My other 2 cents...
    * Their OL is not anything near what the Eagles, Skins, Chargers, or Raiders have, while Spears, Ware, and Canty seem to be growing up fast. Ware vs Petitgout -- I like Ware.

    * Getting to Eli and confusing him is key, but he's looked very sharp with his reads. Only 2 INTs.

    * Drew should have a lot of time to toss the ball around. The Giants are not much of a pass rush threat. Of course, I said the same about the Raiders.

    * Texas Stadium, please bring the noise again!

    * They have a really well rounded offense. They're the top scoring offense in the league, although they've done it vs Arizona, New Orleans, St. Louis. Unless the weather is a factor, I think this is going to be another shoot out and an exciting game.

    * Their D is suspect, especially the back 7, and their best CB may be out.

    * I feel like Petitti can handle Strahan with only a little help. Strahan's a power guy and Rob seems to be able to handle that. It's the small, speedy guys like Burgess that have been an issue.

    * Their return game is not good either, and our coverage seems to have improved greatly.

    * We might be favored by less than 2. Pretty evenly matched teams.
  10. Nors

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    good take - big game
  11. DBoys

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    Very good take
  12. silverbear

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    A really versatile poster can do both...
  13. TheHustler

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    Should be a good game, if we can get to Eli early, that will go a long ways towards shutting him down. He hasn't been "hit in the mouth" yet, we need to come out and do that! Our offense can definitely score points on this defense, it's up to our defense to shut down the Giants! Come on Zimmer, come out firing!
  14. Dale

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    I hope we go out and attack the Giants' weakness, which is their secondary. Second-worst defense (yards per game) in the league, and second worst pass defense in the league.
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    i think were all forgetting that our defense has pretty much contained the run with the exception of the Raid n maybr The Whiners, in the other three were: Tomlinson, Portis, Westbrook. pretty goodbacks if u ask me n well the Giants have played a pretty weak schedule as of yet, so i think if we come to play theres no chance these guys can touch us. There No Seagles ill tell u that.
  16. Bob Sacamano

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    * Their return game is not good either, and our coverage seems to have improved greatly.

    their return game is pretty good, Willie Ponder has been catching fire on kickoff returns
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    i don't like to get involved in these personality issues, but it seems to me that if someone criticizes you, you respond with "are you going to talk football or not" but if someone says something flattering, suddenly its ok to post something not directly football related. this just struck me as being hypercritical, if there is such a word...
  18. Aikmaniac

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    Who will cover Shockey? (Singleton, James, Ware, Burnett, Shanle?)

    I think Henry can shut down Burress and Newman has had success vs. Toomer (who won't go over the middle anymore vs Dallas, for obvious reasons)

    I think we'll win the TOP big-time in this one. BP will probably try to keep that high-scoring offense on the sidelines by trying to establish a running game with JJ, TT, and MBIII.

    I like our chances...if the "attack" play-calling is still intact.
  19. Nors

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    Shockey causes matchup problems in red zone.
  20. Hiero

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    keys to the game:
    sack eli and keep the pressure on.
    aggressive passing game against their weak secondary.

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