Skins make a game of it but come up short

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    Quick personal thoughts~

    thank God I didn't use my B&G glasses during this weeks picks ( gals win , skins cover ) I was right

    T.O. was put on lock and pinkston had a chance to score on a long pass but right before the pass got there he curled up like a sissy and turned away for the hit he DIDN'T even get.......LMAO...

    One ramsey's last deperation pass he really showed spurrieritis

    Springs was called for P.I. setting up a T.D. Which was obviously Offesive P.I. The announcer mentioned that the ref. had no business making that call because he couldn't see where T.O.'s hand was.
    Springs suffered a concussion and T.O. was standing next to him for a good 5 minutes.....( classy )

    Mike sellers is a good blocker and special teamer but he cost the team 30 yards in penalties. ( stupid )

    Dropping 1 or 2 passes at the NFL level is acceptable if you have a QB who throws rockets every time ( like favre ) Unfortunately dropping 2 passes ( 1 for a TD and the other for an INT is not acceptable.......

    Sean Taylor laid the wood to T.O. but probably not bad enough to get on jacked up...maybe we'll see.....

    The skins scored 14 points and their points scored avg WENT UP...( sad )

    John hall missed a makeable field goal.....I think it was lower 40's.....

    Betts is the best return man on the team......

    The only reason westbrook averages 5 yards a carry is because he never gets the seemed like he only got the ball on 3 and long.......of course he's gonna get 10+ yards on those.....


    Eagles hold off Redskins 17-14 wire reports

    LANDOVER, Md. (Dec. 12, 2004) -- Andy Reid moved ahead of Joe Gibbs. Just barely.

    In a game much tighter than form would have predicted, the Philadelphia Eagles held off the Washington Redskins 17-14, winning their fifth straight and propelling Reid past Gibbs into first place in winning percentage among active coaches.

    A 10-point third quarter, capped by Dorsey Levens' 1-yard touchdown run, gave the Eagles a 17-7 lead and just enough cushion to withstand a fourth-quarter Redskins comeback.

    Washington converted an interception from Donovan McNabb into a 2-yard TD run from Clinton Portis with 12:04 remaining, and the Redskins drove to the Eagles 27 in the final two minutes. But Brian Dawkins intercepted Patrick Ramsey's pass in the back corner of the end zone with 1:46 to play, just getting his knee down as he bobbled the ball -- a decision upheld by video review.

    The Eagles (12-1), who clinched the NFC East two weeks ago, secured a first-round bye earlier when Atlanta beat Oakland. Reid's career record improved to 68-34 (.667), ahead of Hall of Fame coach Gibbs' 144-74 (.661).

    Reid also won't have to break out his black spandex tights this week because Terrell Owens didn't catch a touchdown pass. Owens has 14 TDs on the season, and the coach has promised to wear tights if Owens gets 15.

    The Redskins fell to 4-9, assuring Gibbs of his second losing season in his 13 years. Philadelphia is 10-0 against the NFC this year, but Washington is the first team to lose to the Eagles by fewer than 10 points.

    The Redskins fell to 4-9, assuring Gibbs of his second losing season in his 13 years.

    Owens was held to six catches for 46 yards and lost a fumble at the Redskins 8-yard line in the first half. McNabb followed his five-TD performance last week against Green Bay by completing 21 of 38 passes for 260 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

    Ramsey went 29-for-42 for 251 yards for the Redskins, and Laveranues Coles caught 12 passes for 100 yards despite a chronic toe injury that kept him out of practice for most of the week. Washington was hurt by 12 penalties for 137 yards. Mike Sellers was whistled for three personals, all on special teams.

    The game was marred by several injuries. Eagles linebacker Jason Short was carted off the field with a broken leg, and Redskins cornerback Shawn Springs was taken off on a backboard with a concussion, the result of a clean blindside block by fullback Josh Parry.

    The Eagles, already without defensive linemen Derrick Burgess and Jerome McDougle, had three more injured in the first half. Jevon Kearse hurt his neck and limped off twice with an ankle injury, but at least he kept coming back. Hollis Thomas dislocated his left elbow and could be done for the season. Corey Simon hurt his back and didn't return.

    Even a Redskins cheerleader was hurt, knocked to the ground when Owens was shoved into her by Redskins safety Sean Taylor. She walked off under her own power.

    Ladell Betts returned the opening kickoff 70 yards for the Redskins, setting up Portis' 5-yard TD run.

    Philadelphia tied the game with the help of a 47-yard pass interference on Springs, who drew the call in a game of mutual grabbing and clutching with Owens on a fly pattern. With a first-and-goal at the 2, McNabb hit L.J. Smith for the touchdown to tie the game.
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    Didn't get to see the whole game but it seems like it was a good one. I still think Taylor has been a disappointment so far. He's done ok, but hasn't played like a #5 pick, yet.

    I was hoping someone would knock TOs head off. I don't care who. Hell, I'd be happy if Joe Theisman did it. Oh well, hopefully he'll actually run a route over the middle next week and Roy will actually be in position to nail him.

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    T.O. got hit 3 big hits on him last night.......although he caught 6 catches only 1 was of any quality....the rest were quick outs and slants.....

    S.T. clotheslined him on one play but it didn't look like it hurt him too much.....
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    I was actually hoping the skins would beat the eagles.

    Looks like your team made a good push to make it happen but just fell short.
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    With all due respect. No smack at all. If you believe that you really should watch him now. Coaches and players are all talking highly about his performances lately, not his potential. The so called experts are also praising him, and there has been almost nothing positive said or written about the Skins this year. Paul McGuire when lauding the Skins D last night said that Sean Taylor is the "face" of the defense. Greg Williams said that he is the most talented player that he has ever coached. Shawn Springs has said that he is the most talented player that he has ever played with. Try to set your hatred for anything burgundy and gold aside and watch the kid play. As much as I dislike RW I am able to say that he played one of his better games yesterday.
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    There are two hits in last nights games that should be on jacked up. Lewis' hit on Coles...and then...if he is okay...the hit on Springs.

    Springs PI was interference. Just because Theisman said it (who was obviously bias) doesn't mean it is true. He had his hand around Owens' waste.

    There also should have been a PI called later on Harris. He obviously had his arm in front of Pinkston holding him back, even if he did trip him (which is legal).

    Go back and watch both of them if you don't believe me.

    Akers also missed a makable field goal, 48 yards is nothing for him.
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    Harris was playing the ball. It's called incidental contact, and it's perfectly legal. Refs usually throw a flag on it anyway, so I was suprised and impressed that they didn't on that one.

    Personally, I'm not going to complain about the refs. I didn't like the Owens call, but Just like the Jerry Rice flag against the Cowboys last week, star WRs are going to get those calls. That's the way it goes.
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    I hate this "updated" illegal contact rule...but under their definition and what the refs would call, the Harris play looked like interference.

    If they don't want to call any penalties that's fine, just be consistant.

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    Take off the eagles green glasses at lok at the harris play again.....both guys played the ball AND their feet got tangled...... pinkston is faster than harris and thats why they collided......if you don't believe it watch zebs film when they release it.....

    As for the P.I. on springs......It goes both ways.....springs had a hand on T.O.s waste ( but it couldn't have interfered because he didn't pull ) As for T.O. there is a picture on extremeskins showing T.O. with his hand either UNDER springs' face mask or pushing on the collar of his pads.....I couldn't tell because it was a webcam shot.......Either way it was started by Owens...but like monte said it is credited to the big play WR because they NEVER mess up.......for the record theisman is more bias than any extremeskiner
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    I think they both were and you think they both wern't and we're both wrong.

    The Harris penalty wasn't PI because the refs didn't call it and the Springs penalty was PI because the refs called it.

    It really doesn't matter...should they have been called? They wern't and it's not like the refs didn't see it.

    But as I long as they're consistant.
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    :D LOL.....AGREED!!..........I don't know if I could do a better job than nfl refs but I would like to try someday.......I bet it's harder than it looks......I ref'd a flag football game once but there was only a couple things I had to look for..... :)

    too bad they get paid so little or I'd try it......

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