Video: Skip Bayless and SAS discuss Dez vs Irvin

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Zordon, Jun 4, 2014.

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    How has Dez proven to be a "Me Guy". I would venture to say that Irvin has done more to prove himself a Me guy than Dez. Once again I love Mike. He was the Heart and Soul of the 90s team, and a top 3 favorite cowboy of mine. So this is not a knock on Mike more so of I dont see the evidence against Dez.
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    SAS is kind of right by saying it isn't a "fair" comparison. But he just uses that as a springboard to bash other Cowboys players.

    The most obvious answer is that it isn't "fair" because you're comparing Dez Bryant after 4 years to a Hall of Famer.

    Compare Irvin after 4 years to Dez now, and then you're a little closer.

    But the dumbest thing about this is Skip/SAS failing to understand that Jason Garrett had front row tickets to both guys and could compare and contrast both guys almost infinitely better than anyone.
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    It's baffling. I don't know how anyone rationalizes that Dez is a "me" guy.

    It's not like he left the field early against GB because he was ignored all game-- he had a phenomenal game highlighted by possibly the best catch of the season.

    He left because he was upset about the loss.
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    Its good that Dez has a lot of fans, however you "fans" who say that he shouldn't have caught the touchdown throw from Romo are backing a losing atmosphjere. Get real and support a winning attitude. Any other #1 WR would have made dam sure to fall on his *** and not use his hand to break a hard landing. You have "got to MAKE SURE TO WIN THE GAME when you have a chance to WIN THE GAME.

    I agreed with the entire Skip Bayless conversation
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    Any other receiver not named Calvin Johnson or Julio Jones would have never gotten their hands on the ball. It was unfortunate that his hand hit the ground, but we have all seen this guy do amazing things getting both feet down.
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    To follow up on what the show said. Its not like I agree with him leaving the field, but it wasnt about him, it was about the team losing 4 games that they shouldnt have. It reached a boiling point.
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    I ask this question every time a SAS/Skip thread comes up. Why do you care and why do you give these two bozos any attention? That's all they want and you keep giving it to them.
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    Yep, and we seem to get a weekly thread about them.

    IMO, a forum rule should exist that forbids any threads devoted to these 2 morons. Anybody breaking the rule should get a lifetime ban.
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    I'd rather watch two rabid cats fight in a pillowcase than these blowholes.
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    Post of the day.
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    I'm not even listening to that. It's completely pointless and unfair to Dez to even try to make that comparison. Irvin was probably the best WR in the NFL from 1991 - 1995. Dez is a physical beast, but he's not near that level.
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    I get it. They are scraping the bottom of the pan, so-to-speak, to talk about the most popular sport in America. Having said that, this is such an unfair comparison for 1 simple reason: different QB and different coach. Aikman and Irvin grew together on that team, much like Romo and Witten did. So if they want to make it at least worthy of listening to/watching, compare Witten and Irvin.
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    All great players want the ball at crunch time. So, by that definition, I guess they would be selfish. But you always want a player who is selfish in that respect than a player who doesn't want the ball in crunch time.
    Some players thrive in those circumstances; some players wilt.
    If that's being a "Me" player than give me 11 guys on offense who are "Me" players.

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