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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Well I wanted to make one Pre-Free Agency and alot of these picks are pending on what they do with Ellis, Henry and Roy. Iwanted to get my feet wet for my first version. This could all easily change after the combine..

    2nd-Robert Ayers, DE,Tennessee- 6-3. Weight: 273
    Had a monstrous senior campaign and was named to the All-SEc First Team. He collected just three sacks, but had 15.5 TFL. His size is perfect for this defense and has a high motor. He gets a great push against the run and allows the edge rushers to attack. Canty will most likely be gone and this gives more depth in case Spears goes next year.

    3rd-Rashad Johnson,S-Alabama-5-11. Weight: 195
    Voted to the AP All-America Second Team, He was called "one of the smartest players I've ever coached" by Nick Saban. Also an All-SEC first-teamer, he totaled 82 tackles, five TFL, 11 passes broken up and five picks, two of which were returned for touchdowns. He actually runs a surprising 4.4 so he's got the speed. I think his "smarts" will bring him to the next level and be a starter right away. He's a great tackler and ball hawk. I cross my fingers that he's there.

    4a-Eric Wood.C/OG-Louisville-6-4. Weight: 304
    Made 49 consecutive starts. Crazy. He was voted to the All-Big East First Team. He brings that toughness and versitlity to the Oline and can play C or OG. His duribility is something that caught my eye. With Proctor and Berger gone we are going to need some depth. He brings it and is an absolute steal

    4b-Scott Mckillop.MLB-Pittsburgh-6-1. Weight: 243
    An AP All-America Second Team member. He registered 137 total tackles, 17.5 TFL, four sacks and four passes broken up. He's just a tackling machine and absolute beast! He could start right away. With losing Zach and possibly Burnett we are going to need all the depth we can get.

    5a-Cody Brown.OLB-Uconn-6-2. Weight: 242.
    12.5 TFL, nine sacks and eight passes broken up last year. Could be a huge sleeper in this years draft and I love his pass rushing abilities. He could spell Spencer/Ware when needed and can get to the QB in a hurry. With 4.6 speed, he is fast for a guy his size. Losing Ellis could mean drafting this guy

    5b-Sammy Lee Hill-DT-Stillman-6-4. Weight: 330
    He seems to be a hot topic recently with some people and I can understand why. He's pretty athletic with a guy his size and with Tank gone we are going to need some depth at NT and help plug up some holes. Would be a great grab.

    6th-Ellis Lankster-CB-West Virginia-5-9. Weight: 191
    Debated on either him or Joe Burnett. Either one would provide depth to our secondary. I like Ellis because he reminds me of a Ellis Hobbs or another Scandrick with his size. Tallied 63 tackles, seven passes broken up and three picks. He's extremely fast and can return some punts as well. Makes a good jump on the ball.

    7a-Quan Cosby-WR-Texas-5-8. Weight: 191.
    Well folks, here's my reach of the day. He's 27 and that can really turn off some teams and prevent them for spending an early pick. With the first pick in this round it is more like a late 6th rounder. Could step in and contribute right away in the slot. Runs great routes and very polished

    7b-George Bussy-OG/OT-Louisville-6-2. Weight: 304.
    Hewas named as an All-Big East first-teamer. Could fall this low because of his size, but still a very talented player. With losing Proctor and Berger his added depth will be appreciated.

    Have at it...
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    What about Shipley instead of Cosby? Or is he even coming out?
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    Solid Mock no Sean Smith?
  4. Biggems

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    Shipley is staying at Texas and Quan probably wont make it past the 5th.

    Look for Wood to go no later than the top of the 3rd. He can play all 3 interior positions, plays with a chip on his shoulder, displays very good technique, and is a student of the game.
  5. SLATEmosphere

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    Ha, no I'm convinced he'll be out of our reach
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    Love it love it love it. I really like the Ayers pick. The guy showed his potential at the Senior Bowl against a good olinemen in Loadholt.

    I don't think Rashard Johnson wioll last until the 3rd I think teams will fall in love with him at the combine. Could be a Ed Reed clone.
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    he abused an even better lineman in Michael Oher
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    Ya I think he's a beast and a perfect fit for a 3-4 DE. That's why I made one before the combine, but I pray that Rashad falls out of the second..hopefully there isnt a premium on safetys. He has a chance to be a dominant Safety for the Cowboys for the next 10 years. I love his work ethic and abilities.
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    Did that happen in practice? Because I don't remember hearing about that when I read the game reviews.
  10. SLATEmosphere

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    Ya he did. No O-lineman could really slow him down, he just outmuscled everyone.
  11. Bob Sacamano

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    that was in practice

    but that safety in the endzone during the game was largely Ayers
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    I like Rashad Johnson. Getting him in the third is possible. There isn't a consensus on him. Can he play SS and hold up in the NFL? He did rack up 93 tackles and 6 picks last season. He can ball hawk. He seems like a pure FS. I love his coverage skills. Hamlin at SS is asking for more runs like the Ravens game, imo. Watch him on the first one. The Cowboys need a SS. There is a big, fat hole at SS.

    McKillop has nice credentials. I wonder if he plays Bradie James' spot, though.

    I like Cody Brown. I've seen him listed as a third rounder.

    You address the backup center. That needs to be done. Wood looks like a good prospect, but I would still go for the blue-chip linemen and look to plug him in as fast as I could. If you draft a player like Duke Robinson or Herman Johnson, you don't have to worry about them being able to anchor against the Osi Umenyoiras, Trent Coles, or Justin Tucks of the world. Remember, those guys are strong, too. The two Giants are big and stong and fast. Can Wood take them on stunts and twists and hold up. NFL linebackers are going to be in his grill and bringing heat. Bigger DTs are going to challenge him at 304.

    Wood has versatility, but LG will soon be open. Kozier walks after this year like I stated in the other thread. Plus, he played in 2+ games. You can't depend on Holland being the answer. Is Wood as good at LG as he is at center? With Proctor and Berger being lighter and unable to anchor, I wouldn't take the chance, because I've seen the results. Wood is going to have to get stonger and bigger, in my opinion, if he wants to play guard. I don't see him unseating Andre Gurode or Big Davis. Gurode is the Cowboys best offensive linemen. He is going to his third straight Pro Bowl.

    I think Ayers is too small for a 3-4 DE. I know all the words to Rock Top. I like Ayers play against the run, but I still think he's overrated in this draft season. I think he's a third rounder. He's not Leonard Little, not even close, but you would think he was by reading about him.

    Good job. Nobody thinks just alike. If we all agreed, it would be boring. You have some good players listed.
  13. Manwiththeplan

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    Couple of thoughts
    - Ayers isn't the perfect size for a 3-4 DE. Most 3-4 ends are around 300 LBs, the lightest in the league are Justin Smith, Shaun Ellis, Vonnie Holliday and Brett Keisel, all listed at 285. IMO, he'd be a bad fit here. Personally I'm intrigued by Mitch King, who is 275, but would only consider him with our 4th or later and because he played inside in college.
    - Adding Rashad Johnson kills our run D. If we draft him, I'd honestly rather start keith davis and use Johnson situationally cause we'd have the worst tackling safties if johnson and hamlin started.
    - I love the McKillop pick. IMO neither of pittsburgh's ILB are much more than run stuffers with some pass rush abilities, so we can roll with two similar guys.
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    Ayers got the best of Oher early in the week; Oher adjusted, and it was the other way around later in the week.

    I like Ayers, and think he could be a good NFL player. But I view him as more of a 4/3 DE. Got doubts as to whether he could beef up to 295 and be the same player at 3/4 DE, or how he would do covering backs out of the backfield at 3/4 OLB. If he had to cover Westbrook out of the backfield, I'm thinking it wouldn't be pretty.
  15. bpfred

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    I think Mitch King can be a good player, but only as a 4/3 DT, or a pass rushing DT. At the senior bowl practices he beat OL with quickness and speed, but I never saw him beat anyone with bull rushes (and he tried). IMO, he possibly could be a 3 down player in the 4/3, but more of a 1 down pass rusher in the 3/4. My guess is he'll get drafted by a 4/3 team--he would have more value to them.

    He's both short and light for a DT. His physical size and abilities remind me of LaRoi Glover. IMO, if things work out for him he could have that type career. And who was the first player the Cowboys dumped when they went to the 3/4???
  16. Macnalty

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    We are picking at 51 and beyond we are not going to find a perfect specimen, we have to hope we get a hidden jewel like Scandrick last year. Rashad Johnson is the real deal, smart and with a great attitude. We could certainly do worse. I am coming to the opinion we just need to wait and see who drops on draft day and take the best player available rather than focus in on one player or position. Last year was so much fun with the low picks, this year is the real work. If we do half as well as we did last year we will be significantly better as a team. I am in agreement that DL/S/LB is the broad focus. Go Cowboys
  17. SLATEmosphere

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    What DE or OLB can cover Westbrook out of the backfield?
  18. Bob Sacamano

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    that was because they were switching to Parcells' 2-gap, where big, space-eating linemen are requisite

    it's true that we sacrifice girth for speed with Ayers or King, but King is so relentless and quick, that's it could be a good trade-off

    but if we do go that route, I suggest we get that 290/300lb. guy later in the draft, kind of like how we protected Felix (the skinny speedster) by drafting Choice (the chiseled pounder) last year

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