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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SLATEmosphere, Apr 15, 2009.

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    After reading about some more prospects and watching some tape on them, I wanted to make a new Mock. I wanted to make it semi-realistic with what i think Jerry will do AKA trade up or down. This is my final one and I feel confident! Here goes nothing..

    2nd (Pick 55)- Brian Robiskie WR Ohio St.
    I think Delmas gets nabbed in the late first or at the top of the 2nd. It will take too much ammo to move up to get him so I think they wait for their next guy in Brian Robiskie. We move back 4 spots and pick up a late 4th. He'll still be there with Nicks,Britt and Hayward-Bey all off the board. I've heard that they absolutly love this guy and have met with him several times. He's going to be an above average pro with solid character. I know we have RW,Austin,Crayton and Hurd but you don't pass up on a guy like this..he'll contribute to this team for 10+ years at WR.

    2nd (Pick 61)-Rashad Johnson FS Alabama
    Trading up to the bottom of the 2nd to grab him before Detroit and KC do. Probably the smartest player in the draft but pegged down because of his size and physical skills. That doesn't bother me, the guy is just a football player and a ball hawk. Ed Reed runs a 4.6 40 but the best FS in the game because he studies and uses his "smarts" to make plays. Good value because he doesn't even have to start but still contribute in certain packages.

    4th (Pick 101)-Lawrence Sidbury-OLB Richmond
    I'll probably get some flack on this pick but with the first pick in the 2nd day I think he's still there. It's basically a late 3rd and most 3-4 teams have already gotten their Sintims,English's,Jason William's,Browns,Maybins ect..I like him because he doesn't have to "start" for us right away. Spencer will have that role with Sidbury coming in on certain downs and rushing the passer. Can never have too many pass-rushers and I believe Ellis is sent packing. His spin move reminds me of Dwight Freeney and he seems to be doing pretty well. Ware,Spencer and Sidbury would be a very nice young group of OLB for years to come.

    4th (Pick 124)- Jason Phillips-ILB TCU
    We move down 7 spots and pick up a late 5th. I think his injury cost him to slip this far and still be had in the middle-to late 4th. The ILB position is rail thin and Bobby just isn't much. Churning out 34 year old MLB's is not my idea for the future. We need to get younger and have someone to take over and groom behind Brooking. I've seen pretty much all his games and he's a very solid player that doesn't shy from contact. High character and a natural leader. A local product and Cowboys are very interested.

    4th (Pick 132)-AQ.Shipley-C Penn St.
    Using that late 4th rounder that was picked up from the Robiskie trade. Could be great value here in backing up Gurode and possibly groomed into a starter in a few years. I don't buy Corey Proctor still on the team in 09..he's just a peice of ****. Solid O-line depth here and future starter in the making.

    5th (Pick 156)-Matt Shaughnessy-DE Wisconsin
    Bowen and Spears are FA next year and you got to cover all your bases. Matt is a huge dude at 6 "7 275 pounds. He will fit perfect in a 3-4 scheme with his height and run stopping ability. Not the greating at rushing the passer but will hold his block and play the run extremely well. He adds some depth just in case we lose Spears or Bowen next year.

    (Pick 166)
    Traded for a future 4th next year

    5th (Pick 170)-Chris Baker-DT-Hampton
    Using the late 5th we got for traded down for Phillips. I don't buy neither Tim Anderson or Junior Saiivi backing up Rat this year. Baker at 300+ pounds could fill that backup void for Rat by spelling him and not allowing him to wear down. Plays some 1st and 2nd down to help stop the run.

    (5th round Comp)-Stephen Mcgee QB-Texas A&M
    We've shown really high interest on him and you know Jerry loves local products. Very raw at QB but can develop in 2-3 years into a very solid QB. We need to start becoming a QB factory and not the AARP for backup QB's. Can run the Wildcat which Jerry has mention and incredibly mobile with a strong arm. His awareness is shaky but that can be worked on. Would love to get this guy.

    6th (Pick 197)
    Trading for a future 5th

    6th(Pick 208)-Antonio Appleby-ILB-Virginia
    Comes from a college that uses a 3-4 scheme. Extremely fast for his size and can cover well against TE's. Bobby is gone and cut from the roster with applyby and Phillips both backing up Bradie and Brooking. Added for depth and special teams.

    (6th Comp pick)-Brice McCain-CB/PR-Utah
    Played opposite Sean Smith in college and held his own. He's very small (5"9") but his speed makes up for it(4.33). Can add to the CB depth and become a "Scandrick". His main job is to return punts since he's got the speed and experience.

    7th(Pick 210)-Bruce Johnson-CB The U!
    First pick in the 7th round..more like a late 6th rounder I beleive he'll still be there. Back to back CB's you ask? Well we are extremely thin and McCain and Johnson could add depth and be contributors on ST and insurance CB's. Bruce isn't the fastest guy but he's got great ball skill and awareness. I think he'll be a solid pro in this league for many years.

    7th(Pick 227)-Dallas Reynolds-C/OG-BYU
    Can play all 3 inside line positions and add instant depth. Doesn't his name just fit? Never hurts to have OL help just in case. Holland is a very solid backup but youth is required along that OL now.

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    uh slate, dont know where you got your info on ed reed, but he is way faster than that, in fact coming out of college ed reed was faster than safety roy williams ex cowboys player

    20 REED Edward 5-11.2 198 4.48 923.01
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    sidbury and mcgee will be gone, probably at least a round above in the draft

    its a decent halfway draft though;

    sidbury, mcgee, shaughennesy, baker, mcbain i like, but others dont care for too much, i think we can do better than that

    i still think we are going to trade either greg ellis or bobby carpenter
    and pat mcquistan too, if we go after a wr in top rounds of our picks, crayton might be traded too
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    I like Shipley a lot, but might not be big enough for Houck's scheme, love his fight and smarts though.

    Shaunessy is 6'5 not 6'7 and is closer to 265 than 275. He is barely strong enough to play 4-3 strongside DE (needs more lower body strength), he would have to get much stronger and bigger (another 25 lbs) to play 3-4 DE. But I like the projection, if he can get bigger he would be good, he's a throw back player IMO.

    Appleby is a Parcells type ILB, not a Wade Phillips type.
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    I must have missed it: what did we give up to move up to #61 in the late 2nd round?
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    I stopped reading after I saw Sidbury in the 4th.
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    You guys are right. This Mock is awful. lol. I don't know what I was thinking..I'm making a new one since I know what I did will be MUCH better.
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    While your at it work on that trade in the second, we need to go up, not down if we want Brian.
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    SLATE, I think Robiskie could go as high as the top 40-45 picks this draft.

    Also, I think Sidbury could go in the 2nd round.
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    3 of my pet cats...Robiske, Phillips & Shaughnessy so I like it but I think you have a couple a guys going to low like sidbury
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    I like Mcgee being drafted by us no matter which round, I think you are way off on some of the talent level that will fall to us with the picks. Robiske to me is not enough of a game changer to use our first pick, Mcgee will go much earlier and will probably be the fourth QB taken, do we value him that much? I do, but it will really say something about what the team thinks of Tony if Mcgee is picked. We could do well with Dillard/Knox at WR later in the rounds and move Sidbury up near the top. I would be very happy with this result but it does not seem possible with the latest media on these guys. It looks like more and more that Johnson will be our guy, not a sexy pick like a WR but a good role player from a very average talent pool of safties(according to the hype).

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    I have read that you are in the know Cowboyjoe... are any of these assumptions coming from a little bird chirping in your ear??? I would be shocked with our current state of wrs to see Crayton traded though unless someone like Boldin was taking his spot. And I would be more than happy to hear Ellis, Carpenter, and McQuistan leaving for some drafts picks or other players.
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    Love the Robiske and Rashard Johnson picks but like someone mentioned earlier we would need to trade up not down to land our future #1 receiver. There no way Sidbury lasts until the 4th rd, I doubt he makes it to the 3rd.

    Love the explanation on why you took Rashard Johnson. Saban said he is the smartest player he has ever coached, that says alot in my book.
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    Haha, I'm starting to feel less crazy for wanting Robiskie. I hope he's there at 51 and I hope we pull the trigger.

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