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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Silverstar, Jan 9, 2005.

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    All the players listed are taken from Scott Wright's site. I really like his site when looking at prospects. Mostly because it's free and really cuts to the chase, when it comes to pros and cons. However, his mock draft needs to be completely overhauled...terrible!

    Anyway, here are two gigantic tackles we could probably pick up in the 5th or 6th rounds. Both seniors with potential and they won't get pushed around either.

    Here's a player with all the intangibles you look for in a #2 receiver. Could probably still get him in the 6th or 7th. Can't be any worse than R. Williams, Copper and Crayton IMO.

    Here's an interesting prospect for a versatile FB in the Richie Anderson mold.

    I know I'm gonna get blasted for this one, but he's got the measurables and the experience and he can scramble and comes from a big school and blah, blah, blah. Hey, maybe he could beat out Romo and run the scout team. I mean, is Romo ANY better than Clint Stoerner was?

    On the defensive side, this guy sticks out and could go as high as the 4th round IMO. He's no Derrick Johnson, but is the kind of player we should definitely be looking at on day 2.

    Not sure if he qualifies as a sleeper, but is certainly big enough to clog the middle up. As good as any NT prospect in this draft IMO.

    Here are two very interesting safety prospects that nobody has mentioned so far. Replacing Dixon and Scott with these two rookies, wouldn't bother me one bit.

    Here's a good late round CB.

    That's it...what do you think?
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    A LB named Goo from Temple.

    3-4 NT Anthony Bryant 345 Pounder Day 2 prospect

    Charle Frye is a score at QB - not sure if he's a top 10 or dives day 1.
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    I wish I knew more about these players.

    Thanks for the info.
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    its going to be a pretty thin draft, especially after the 2nd round....guys that i thought were 2nd and 3rd round quality are jumping because so many are staying in school. Lot of inflated values.
    The deep positions are:
    DE, however none strike me as an 8-12 sack guy
    CB, there are at least 4-6 quality starting CBs...maybe more
    LB, if Brooks came out it would be a lot stronger
    OL, There are at least 3 probowlers and probably 8 quality starters in the first two rounds

    Moderate at:
    RB, there are a few and Benson is the obvious #1
    S, 4-7 quality starters in day one

    Thin at:
    QB, Alex Smith, Orton, and Rogers...I don't expect to see any of them in the probowl...ever although Smith is intriguing
    DT, even if Rod Wright declares, there isn't a DT worth a top 10 pick and Wright is the only one I'd take in the 1st.
    WR, Mike Williams and Braylon highlight the bunch, Clayton will be a good one also and maybe Murphy and Thorpe but that's about it...
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    I'm a huge Chris Rix fan, but this may be because I'm a Maryland Terps fan. :D

    If we drafted him I would feel physically ill. Parquet, Rhodes, and Pettway sound really interesting. Thanks.

    Some of my favorite lower round sleepers:

    Trent Cole, E/OLB, Cincinnati
    He will be a pro bowler at OLB in a 3-4. What's the it. :)

    Phillip Alexander, E/OLB, Duke
    Same deal. 6-4/245/4.65. Broke lower leg this year. Might be able to redshirt. Has the athletic ability to play in 4-3 at LOLB.

    Atiyyah Ellison, DT, Missouri
    Has the size and athleticism and gives the effort. I feel like if you have those three things, you can contribute in the NFL at DT.

    Boomer Grigsby, MLB, Illinois St
    Never seen him play. Just like the name. :) Best football name in years.

    Roger Cooper, LB, Montana St
    Just looks like a football player. Never seen him play.

    Leroy Hill, SS, Clemson
    Small, but man he's good. Guaranteed top special teamer and might beat the odds, make a good 3rd or 4th safety. Won't bet against him.

    Andre Maddox, SS, NC St
    Always around the ball. Great leadership skills. Plays a lot faster than he times.

    Chris Kelly, SS/FS, Maryland
    Best years are ahead of him. Has only started 1 year extensively on the defensive side of the ball. Very aggressive, hyper player who has the speed and hands to play the FS position, but not yet the understanding. Knee inuries early on.

    Domonique Foxworth, CB, Maryland
    Slight build, but has very good man cover skills, good hands, NFL quickness. Probably will measure 5-10/175. At worst he's a 3rd corner and has a chance to be a solid starter.

    Lamont Reid, CB/FS, No. Carolina
    Not much experience but great athlete. Looks a lot faster than the 4.5 time given on the draft countdown site.

    Jerome Collins, TE, Notre Dame
    Crazy athlete with size (6-4/260 and 4.55 speed), but not much of a player so far. Little experience at the tight end. Lack of a QB at Notre Dame further limited his learning of the position. The ultimate boom or bust player.

    Tom Manus, WR/TE, Morgan St
    I've seen him some as I live in Baltimore. Has the hands, but slow for WR. Runs smooth and has some quickness. Free agent TE type.

    Chauncy Stovall, WR, Fla St
    FSU receivers seem to translate very well to the NFL. Held back due to inability of Chris Rix to throw the ball with any accuracy.

    Josh Haldi, QB, No. Illinois
    Very impressed with him everytime I saw him. Plays smart, protects the ball, solid size, has an ok arm for a #2 QB. Mobility and a good leader. Makes terrific decisions with the ball. Killed Maryland last year. Can't find a scouting report, that's how much of a sleeper he is. Invited to combine.
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    I'm not a Rix fan at all. HE has great tools but makes more bonehead plays than any QB I've ever seen on any level. I like the guy down the road, Brock Berlin, as alate round QB.

    I do not like the WR from KSU either. He is an athlete but not sure he has WR skills. He can't seem to catch or run routes right now. Could be a steal or be totally out of the league. I'd avoid him tho as I'm sick of potential without production at wideout.

    I like Matt Jones at QB day 2. He's big and athletic with a lot of Ben R. in him, IMHO. Not the best arm in the world but a good bus driver type with potential to cause defenses headaches with his size/speed. Can break tackles on sack attempts and keep plays alive. A demon on short yardage sneaks.

    There's a safety out of North Texas names Jonas Buckles that I like alot. He plays both the pass and run. A late round pick at best but one I think can eventually start in the NFL. Since I hope we are tossing Scott and Dixon overboard he'd be a good 4th safety for now.

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