Slim pickings @ #14

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by TheSport78, Jan 19, 2012.

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    But what if Free can't play guard? Or Martin can't play guard? Then you just drafted a guy to play a position that you already have a guy at.

    I agree DeCastro is a beast, but offense was not our problem last year. Nagy and Arkin will get better, as will Smith. If DeCastro is rated #10 and say Ingram is rated 18. To me that's not a huge gap and you go with your biggest need.
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  3. BrAinPaiNt

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    15,477 Likes Received is not like we are talking about a punter or kicker (wink wink raiders).

    I think decastro is much better than most of the players that will be available at our position.

    It fits the BPA AND the need mantra to a T.

    It just makes sense.

    With that said, I would not be shocked if we reached for a lesser player at another position like Barron at safety.:mad:
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    got news for ya buddy

    the pickins are never slim at pick #14 of a 7 round draft

    just have to know who to pick

    trade down

    and i am sure many others
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    I agree. In my earlier post I agreed that Martin was not a reach. I am on board with taking DeCastro if he's available. At 14, he would be the BPA, provided he's still there.

    I believe that we would do better if we could keep our offense on the field longer and sustain drives. Our D played too many downs in critical games, particularly late in the game. The best favour we could do for our defense is to keep them off the field as much as possible.

    That being said, i'd like to see some new blood at DB. Round 2 could yield some real talent.
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    Coach Houck addressed this on Norm yesterday. His objective was to start the five best offensive line players, regardless of position, and he believes that Free would have the capability of playing guard, he's a big man.

    You are comparing apples and oranges between DeCastro and Ingram. You should be asking yourself if Ingram is better than Anthony Spencer.
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    I agree. While I'm not going to call anyone stupid I will say in many reports I have seen DeCastro is looked at as one of the 3 top players in this draft. If he is at 14 I take him and would not blink an eye. I don't think it is over valuing the position of Guard especially when teams are getting a big push up our middle and here is a guy that can put an end to that. Keeping Romo up and healthy is a pretty critical job.

    My rule of thumb avg players are a dime a dozen, great players you grab them when you get the chance regardless of the position they play
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    Of your three...

    1. Ingram - projected pass rusher fills a real need.
    2. DeCastro - projected anti-pass rusher, fills a need.
    3. Kirkpatrick - projected idiot, creates problems we don't need. (Dez, x 1000)
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    Ingram reminds me too much of Spencer. Both are 6'2-6'3 and weigh(ed) 260-270 prior to the draft (although combine numbers aren't availabe for Ingram).

    Here's what they said about Spencer:

    "Spencer is a big time threat off the edge. He constantly applies pressure from the outside and is always battling to make the play. He is a solid athlete, with good quickness. He gets a great burst off the line and used it to gain an initial step, but also has the strength to create space with his hands. He shows good pop at the point of attack and the quickness to break down and move towards the quarterback.

    Even though he plays with enough power to play end in the NFL, he may lack the pure bulk to be an every down end. He also will need work playing off the line and in space.
    Anthony Spencer is a very good pass rusher who can provide consistent pressure off the edge. He gets good leverage and can hold his own in run blocking. If he can add some weight to sustain more of a pounding in the NFL, he may develop into a starting caliber DE. His best fit may be as a 3-4 OLB with his pass rushing ability. Spencer has really risen on many boards, and could land in the first round on draft day."

    Here's what people are saying about Ingram:

    "Began career at LB and has been in a rotation at DE the last two seasons (2009-'10). Will be a fulltime starter at DE in 2011. Has the potential to play DE in a four-man front, as well as OLB in some 3-4 schemes (Ravens, Steelers, etc.). Has some experience rushing the QB from inside, as well. "

    "Has more game experience on passing downs but flashes upside in this area. Uses his leverage effectively and is a bit stronger at the point of attack than expected. Flashes the ability to anchor versus the double team. Also does a nice job of keeping his feet moving versus the zone run. Shows above average discipline and works hard to maintain outside contain. Has very good range versus the run. Can really turn on the jets when pursuing from the backside. He can improve his tackling skills. Awareness is adequate but can still improve. Flashes some power at the point of attack but leaves his feet and will fall off too many attempted tackles."

    I haven't found anything that says that he would be adequate in coverage and the comparisons between him and Spencer are eerie, with the slight edge given to Ingram for playing against tougher competition in the SEC.
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    the problem with this is are you willing to pay spencer over 7mil a season (the contract calvin pace got from the jets last year?) IDK if spencer is going to give us a discount or not but spencer might be looking for that type of deal if so would you pony up the 7mil or pass. I would pass. Sometimes you have to draft a guy to replace a guy that bolted in FA to save money on upgrading another position. If we draft someone like ingram or upshaw....(i want nic perry right now) that doesn't mean he has to be better than spencer. He might not be better in coverage off the bat but he might be better at getting to the qb. Spencer problem is his motor and maybe work ethic. Most of the time it looks like he is just going through the motions. You have a hall of famer playing across from you. You should be practicing and following ware steps and picking his brain to get better at passrushing but no spencer is content with never having more than 6 sacks in a season. Heck hatcher had 4.5 sacks in 13 games this year as a rotation player.

    Put it this way spencer has to step up. I rather throw victor butler out there than overpay for spencer like we did marion barber and even t-new.
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    That is the issue I have with Spencer as well. To me it will come down to the money he is looking for. I would rather go with a rookie like an Ingram before I would over pay for Spencer.
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    when you are the one that makes the final decision as he keeps saying he is, you have to take the heat. But it is true that there will be some that whine and complain no matter what
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    I would rather draft V. CURRY IN THE SECOND to rotate with Butler and let Spencer go .
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    Make it a situation like the one with Spears where you let him try to find a deal, and if he can't, then sign him for cheaper. Odds are he will find a deal though and that's when Butler can step in as well as a guy we pick up in the 3-5th rounds.
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    I agree. I think Dallas will likely let Spencer test the market. As for keeping him at the right price I don't mind but we still need to find someone along the font D line to get pressure on the QB. Spencer is not doing it.
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    We quickly forget that Dallas was tied for 7th in the league in sacks, and isn't it Ware's sole job to get to the quarterback? I'm not saying that Spencer doesn't need to get better, but it's not like Rob Ryan is moving him around in schemes to try and get to the quarterback. He often plays second fiddle to Ware and is asked to do more in coverage if I'm not mistaken. It would be interesting to see the % of blitz plays for Spencer over the season.

    While our problems do include Spencer, there are other ones as well and I don't think drafting someone to play opposite our primary pass rusher and ask him to get 10 sacks a season is realistic.
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    1. Nick Perry
    2. Whitney Mercilus
    3. Melvin Ingram
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    Who is slim? Is he someone assisting Jerry in the draft process? This is the first I've heard of this fellow.
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    Slim Shady. Duh.

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