Slingbox. Anyone use it? Need to watch the game.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Martice, Oct 14, 2007.

  1. Martice

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    Hi my projector just blew a bulb. I am considering purchasing a slingbox to watch the game on my PC. Anyone use it and how do you like it?

  2. actual29

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    i havent used it myself but i sell them
    and i havent heard any complaints

    give it a shot.
  3. Cochese

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    I would recommend giving sopcast a go before you go and spend money.
  4. kmp77

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    I have one. It's pretty awesome. I watch/listen to tv while at work. You can watch it over your local network but it's not as good as watching your tv but still pretty good.
  5. Martice

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    The way it is described, it sounds like a fix that I can use for now. Have you never seen the picture?

    I have a old projector and my replacement bulbs go for almost $500 bucks!!!

    I think I will reinvest in a big LCD but until then, I am hoping that I can use this box thing as my TV.

    Wish me luck and if not, I will have to look at SopCast as a immediate alternative.
  6. Martice

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    Out the door!!!!!!!!!
  7. poke

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    i will be interested in how slingbox works out......please post your results !
  8. Draegerman

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    Hey actual29,

    My question is would a slingbox work in my cottage up in the mountains? I tried to install DirecTv up there a few years ago but couldn't find a clear line of sight because of all the trees surrounding my place. Would the slingbox be a more sensible option?


  9. TheSkaven

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    You should buy a Slingbox if you travel often. Last season, I was traveling extensively, including to Europe and China. Worked like a charm, was watching the Cowboys' opening day game last year while in a little hotel in Guangzhou, China. But if your bulb went out (I have a projector too).. why not just buy a new bulb?
  10. FCBarca

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    From some of these posts, I question whether some people understand how Slingbox works...It doesn't create TV on a PC, it simply allows you to transplant your existing TV/Cable/Satellite to any PC or Notebook that has both a Slingbox unit and an internet connection (Broadband).

    And, I agree, Sopcast is a pretty cheap alternative for watching live broadcasts...For DVR and local programming, Slingbox is worth it.
  11. Martice

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    OK. I bought and installed SLingbox. I now have a neat setup that should hold me until I research which tv I want to purchase.

    My findings regarding the Slingbox is it does what it says it does. The picture is quite sharp as long as you dont go full screen. However, I dont think I will really miss that feature as I currently have TV and CBZ sharing one monitor and I am working on some documents on the other monitor all at the same time. Not a bad setup. Most of all I can watch the game tonight. Whew!

    My projector is old and not worth it anymore. I am not totally against purchasing a new PJ mind you. However, its not worth it to buy another bulb for for my current one. Wanna get a native Widescreen projector this time.
  12. devman90

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    I have a Slingbox and love it. I can watch TV on my motorola Q and laptop just like i would at home.
  13. Wezsh0T

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    If you get internet and can host your direcTV elsewhere, it would be a decent option. My direcTV dish sits at my friend's house and he allows me to use his internet to transfer the image over.
  14. FCBarca

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    Mu buddy lives in Switzerland and watches his familiy's dish network through slingbox from California...Nice :cool:

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