Slow night. What about the 2005 Cowboys excites you!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dmq, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. dmq

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    Man is it dead around here. I never start threads unless I am posting an article. So I thought I would post reasons I am excited about this year. Join in please.

    1. The 3-4. What took Parcells so long.
    2. Crayton. Man sign this guy up long term. He is a gem and a #3 on the depth chart. :eek:
    3. A Julius Jones at 100%. Even Julius said he wasn't 100% last year. After watching the Seattle game, thats plain scary!
    4. The 2005 draft class. Is it me or is this maybe the greatest draft class ever?
    5. Parcells. This guy may have had a few bumbs along the way, but would anyone argue this roster puts the roster he was given a few years ago to shame? Troy Hambrick......... :laugh2:
    6. One of our 1st - 4th toughest games we have already won.
    7. Did I mention our 2005 draft class!!!!!
    8. Did I mention our 2005 FA class. Henry, Ferguson, Rivera.....
    9. Even our Free agent pick-ups Thompson and Pepper.....
    10. We get to expose Dan Snyder and Joe Gibbs on national TV as we kick their a** all over the place!!!!!!!
    Funny thing is, I could go on and on!
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    All of the above.....
  3. dragon_mikal

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    We have a quarterback.

    We have a coach that knows how to draft so our rookies may very well still be on this team come 2008 or 2009.

    Most of all this team proved last week that it has something it didn't the last few years.


    They played their guts out last week winning that game.
  4. Nors

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    Cowboys' defensive controversy appears over
    By Clarence E. Hill Jr. / Knight Ridder Newspapers (KRT)
    September 15, 2005

    IRVING, Texas — Defensive end Greg Ellis admits that he inadvertently caused a controversy during the off-season by openly questioning coach Bill Parcells' plans for him in the new 3-4 defense.

    Although it was understandable why Ellis wondered aloud if he was too small for the new alignment and expressed concern about getting less playing time in the rotation, things still got twisted.

    Add in five-time Pro Bowl tackle La' Roi Glover's displeasure with not only getting less playing time but also being named a backup at nose tackle without getting a chance to compete, and there appeared to be a looming chemistry problem on the Cowboys.

    That never came to fruition, however, because Parcells asked every player to sacrifice his own personal interests for the team when training camp began. Besides, Glover and Ellis had always been the epitome of unselfish team players.

    But if there were any lingering doubts about the effectiveness of Parcells' plan of reduced playing time for Ellis and Glover, they were removed in Sunday's 28-24 come-from-behind victory against the San Diego Chargers because both players played key roles in helping stave off a lateral.

    For Parcells, it was never about reducing the importance of Glover and Ellis, but rather using all of the players at his disposal in an effort to get maximum performances.

    "As a competitor you want to play as much as you can, " said Ellis, who was elected as one of the team captains this season. "But the reality of it is, if you play a little less, you might be more productive and help the team out even more. You are not beat down in the fourth quarter. "

    Ellis and Glover said the plan played out perfectly against the Chargers. Ellis, Glover and defensive end Kenyon Coleman started the game before being replaced by rookie Chris Canty, Jason Ferguson and rookie Marcus Spears on the next possession. The units rotated throughout the game on running downs with Ellis, Glover and Canty getting extra time in the nickel defense.

    Parcells said he instructed defensive line coach Kacy Rogers to get the rotation going early and to "keep them rolling.''

    "I think it's a healthy thing to do that, " Parcells said. "I do think these young linemen do have some ability. They are going to improve as we go. We will continue to do what we are doing with them. It helped the vets too. "

    Glover agreed, saying, "I wasn't winded at all in the fourth quarter. Usually I am gassed at that part of the game. But I wasn't winded or tired. "

    He proved it with a fourth-quarter sack.

    Ellis, who led the team in sacks the past four years, had a one-half and a team-high four quarterback pressures. The experience has fostered a renewed respect for Parcells' understanding of the big picture.

    "I like what he is doing, " Ellis said. "You don't just rely on one person to make all the plays. You see why he has the respect he has around the league. Players get tunnel vision and don't see the big picture. He knows what he is doing. He is putting us in positions to do the best we can to help the football team

    Just my 2 cents but all this posts getting canned and shifted is hurting this board. I know what the intent was, but its making it tough to follow articles, opinions, and the Zone is obviusly down in activity as well.
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    I can sum it up in two words: 1) Offense 2) Defense!

    So many improvements on both sides of the ball with the new additions and players returning from injuries.

    BTW, I agree that this rivals the 1975 draft as the best ever. Arguments could be made for both, but seeing that this one is only 7 rounds as compared to 12 (IIRC) rounds, this one is darn impressive. A hit on every selection. Of course we won't know for sure for several years, but right now, it's looking mighty fine.
  6. Nors

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    We need these rookies in there...
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    I agree nurs,i dont like the new format
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    I'm now getting articles like this on other boards first now, I don't have time to browse 4 topics. Its too much, news is now getting put on back seat. I get that the "opinion" forum was created to back burner "hot threads". But at the end of the day its all dispersed and not easily accesed.

    JMO -
  9. dmq

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    Forgot to mention Fujita. Will be a bigger signing than most think. Do we realize that now our second team defensive line (ferguson, canty, spears) is probably better than 3/4 teams first string and might be better than our first string.
  10. Nors

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    depth in the line - don't be suprised if we don't draft there again.....
  11. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I think we should try and extend Roy, Witten, Crayton (before he blows up and holds out or something like that), JJ, Newman, and Laroi.

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