Small school Starr ready to shine at NFL scouting combine

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Feb 14, 2014.

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    "I like him a lot," said one NFL scout. "He's tall, long and extremely athletic and plays with a high motor. I'd heard some chatter about him this fall and went to see him, and he's way more athletic than I thought he'd be. You still wonder if he has enough power and strength at the point of attack right now to be an every-down guy, but he really has a knack for rushing the passer and he has some real third-down value."

    Word is, Starr should turn heads at the combine, not just for the long blonde hair that he hasn't cut since his freshman year at USD. Starr says he hass clocked a three-cone drill time of 6.29 in his training sessions in Tennessee. For comparison's sake, the fastest time in Indy last year was 6.52 by cornerback Will Davis from Utah. Oregon WR Jeff Maehl clocked a 6.42 in 2011, which the NFL considers its recent best. The fastest time by a linebacker last year was 6.71 by Mizzou's Zavier Gooden.
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    Interesting kid. I see him more as a 3-4 OLB but maybe he can add some weight to his frame and be a 4-3 DE. I'll be looking for him in the combine.
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    I think a 6.29 3-cone would be a record. I can't remember ever seeing one that fast.
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    He believes he can play tight end?

    We'll draft him in the 2nd round.
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