Smith-Kapernick: Did Harbaugh just kill the 49ers?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by KB1122, Nov 22, 2012.

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    Bench your very popular starting quarterback with a 105 qb rating because the backup had a nice game? Not only do you bench him, you Pipp him while he's injured?

    Kapernick might be talented. but he is awfully young to win a Super Bowl, not to mention inexperienced. He'd better be the next Joe Montana, b/c I assume Smith will ask for a trade.
  2. BAZ

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    He seems to believe Smith will not win him a SB, I agree.
  3. Ren

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    They have a good system, i wouldn't trust Smith to win anything outside of it, maybe Kapernick is better either way i don't think it makes to much of a difference in that system
  4. BraveHeartFan

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    I guess they'll see how it shakes out for them.

    I don't know if it will backfire or what, you have to wait to find out of course, but I would find it hilarious if it backfired and this team just plunged backwards. I'd find that funny for a couple reasons.

    #1) I hate the 49ers so any misery for them is hilarious for me.

    #2) I would love to see the spin control that would go on for this guy who has had his koolaid drank so hardcore you'd think he was the second coming of the guy the Superbowl Trophy is named after.

    On #2 don't get me wrong I think Jim is a pretty good, solid, NFL coach thus far. I don't hate him particularly but it's hilarious how much people just love this guy already.
  5. burmafrd

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    Could be that Harbaugh has made the cold pragmatic decision that Kap is got a lot more potential then Smith has. He might figure that what he has seen of Smith is as good as he can get and that is probably true. Kap might have a lot more potential and he is figuring that is the way to go.
  6. arglebargle

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    This! Smith seems to be a medium quality QB, playing at his peak now. If the switch goes on this year, I would expect them to try and trade Smith at the end of the year.
  7. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Someone will probably find the quote, but Landry once said he gave a player three years to develop, then moved on to other players. A lot of coaches also operate that way, so you could say Smith has had plenty of time.
  8. Joshmil53

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    Smith's been a mediocre QB since he's been drafted. He has been playing VERY well lately, but he choked big time against the Giants this year and Kaep lit up a very good Bears D.

    Only time will tell.
  9. CopenhagenCowboy

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    I believe Kaepernick actually made a difference. But then again, it was one game. We'll see.
  10. windward

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    But on the other hand, this is the first year he's had the same OC for 2 years.
  11. rbr651

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    Harbaugh is potentially setting himself up for a QB controversy to the likes of what Denver had. He can not turn around and put Smith back in next week without losing the respect of his team. After 9 games Smith is the ninth rated QB in the NFL this year which is more than enough to make a run at the SB. Unless he thinks Smith is still not capable to playing because of the concussion he has painted himself into a corner that he might not be able to get out of in the probable case that Kap doesn't continue to play at the same level he did against the Bears.
  12. Idgit

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    Kaepernick looked like an MVP-quality passer against the Bears. He was unbelievable. I'd give him a shot, too.

    And, yes, I know it's one game. And, yes, I know he's not necessarily MVP caliber, but he was dropping balls deep and outside into tight coverage and making them look like rainbows. And he's built like a TE and can run to buy time in the passing game, or to pick up yards when he has to. He was very impressive.
  13. Blackspider214

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    It's hard to win in the NFL, especially now, without a QB who can make a play for you. Just look at the past Super Bowl winners. It's very difficult for Smith to make a play. He is sheltered by the system they run for him. I don't believe the organization as a whole has any real confidence in him to be their long term guy. Seems they were waiting for any excuse to move on and now they have their chance. Smith was injured and Kapernick came in and lit up a very good Bears defense. If Peyton would have been interested in SF, they would kicked Smith to the curb quick as hell.
  14. bklyn1028

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    You don't replace a starter because of injury. Harbaugh is dead-wrong ( I can't stand him anyway) he's a sore loser and I hope to God this blows up in his face. Smith is a middle of the field qb, but the starter nontheless. Kapernick is a rookie, and as good as RG3 is etc, the playoffs are a completely different animal then the regular season.

    Harbaugh is embarrassing the organization and pretty much the NFL for doing what he is doing. One game doesn't make a Staubach etc.
  15. Doomsday

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    I think it is a good decision, one I doubt JG would have the stones to make. He is going with the guy he thinks gives his team the best chance to win a title.
  16. Hoofbite

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    Is Smith "very popular"?

    The thing about Harbaugh is, I don't think he'll hesitate to go right back to Smith if Kaepernick plays like crap.

    I don't think he's so arrogant to constantly pound his head against the wall trying to force something that doesn't work. I think he's gonna play the guy that gives him the best chance to win, no matter who it is. I think all coaches should do that. They owe it to their teams to do that.
  17. bklyn1028

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    But the problem is it isn't fair to Smith. The guy got injured it happens. How would you feel if Sean Lee was ready for the next game and Garrett said (what's his name Connor?) is staying because he's playing well?

    The issue is...........Kapernick played ONE game. He played it well, but it's still one game. This isn't a situation where Smith was out for 6/7 games and Kapernick during his tenure went 5-1 or's one game. I don't think it's the right thing to do for the team....he has on track record, just one game. And i'm not fan of Smith...i think he's a mediocre QB at best but he did take them to the Championship game last year, and almost won. He had a good record what 7 -2?.....Harbaugh is wrong.

    Which lets me believe he wanted Kapernick all along and Smith's injury opened the door.
  18. Hoofbite

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    Why don't you?

    If someone behind you plays outstandingly while you are hurt, why should they not get a chance to keep playing?

    The idea that he's doing something wrong is completely irrational. He's doing what he, and everyone else on the planet, thinks gives his team the best chance to win.

    Alex Smith is not someone who has earned any sort of leeway by being so spectacular.

    Kaepernick looked great, far better than anyone would have ever expected Smith to look. Kaepernick is a 2nd year player, BTW.

    The idea that a guy shouldn't lose his job while hurt is so ridiculous. You earn your job while healthy. If what you have done while healthy has not been enough to keep you your job when you get hurt, look in the mirror. The Pats wouldn't bench Brady no matter how good his backup looked, he's Tom friggin Brady.

    In the case of Smith, Harbaugh knows he has a bus driver. Bus drivers aren't winning championships that often. He needs something more than someone who's primary focus is to not lose the game for his team. He has everything else he would ever need. Defense is outstanding and they can run all over anyone.

    They need a legit QB. He owes his team the chance to win by letting the best many play.
  19. Nirvana

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    It is such an easy thing to ponder when one is asked if the 49ers are making progress under Harbaugh, unlike the Cowboys with Garrett. I agree with the move at QB. I always thought that was a liability with Smith.
  20. BringBackThatOleTimeBoys

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    Remember how Captain Comeback II became a starter? When Bledsoe was injured. Great QB - he has a lot in common with the original Captain Comeback, down to his jersey number.

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