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  1. BHendri5

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    What if Barron has been a smokescreen, all along?
    I do not believe they want to take a safety that high.
  2. SDogo

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    He's not, if you want to use players as a smoke screen or at least the most likely options I would say Poe or Brockers to try and get the Eagles to jump.
  3. Wulfman

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    They took Roy Williams a lot higher. And before all of the Roy-haters start jawin', remember that his first few years were very good, and the only reason I bring it up is because the Cowboys have demonstrated that they WILL take a safety that high, if they like him.

    Whether folks like it or not, they like Barron.
  4. Vanilla2

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    Barron or Decastro.

    Eat makes no deeference to me.
  5. jswalker1981

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    Pretty elaborate smokescreen. Garrett only goes to Alabama's pro day, they only sign Poole to a one year deal, invite Barron to Dallas, actually have a need at safety. I'm not sure that all adds up to smokescreen. That adds up to obvious option.

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