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    Hey, I'm here at SMU's Pro Day and am going to take note of anyone the Cowboys might be able to target in the mid to late rounds or even as UFAs. They ran a 3-4 Defense so at least they will have defenders semi familiar with the system and The Cowboys seem to like giving local guys a chance, especially when they have upside and there's no real cost for them.

    Just reserving this spot for now, I'll take notes and update this later.
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    Tell us how DE Taylor Thompson looks. Might be a good late-round pickup
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    Who are the best SMU players in the NFL right now?

    I can only think of of a few that have made it lately.
    Maybe E Sanders?
    or the kicker?
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    from another Country because of the havic he creates on opposing QB's plus his Special Teams blocks but I think hes only a Junior but watch out next years Draft for him. I love what he brings to the Game. I can't remember his name.
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    So apparently I don't know how to edit the first post, so anyway here are the answers to your questions!

    Taylor Thompson actually went the route of dropping weight, probably about 15-20 pounds, and changing positions to TE... Rather than gaining about 20 pounds to better fit the role of a 3-4 DE. And he looks real good, definitely passes the eyeball test. He's probably about 6'6" 265, and not much fat on him at all, he's shredded.

    Taylor ran routes out and caught balls fairly naturally. The experience on the line with that contact is good, coupled with his size, because it gives him some upside as being able to develop into a good blocker. The natural athleticism is a plus as well.

    He actually is one of the players I would like the Cowboys to see if they can pick up possibly later in the draft or possibly in UFA, since he is changing positions. He went to Prosper high school so going to SMU shows he probably likes being close to home, I don't see him saying no to an offer for trying to play in Dallas if he hits undrafted free agency.

    Sanders, Thomas Morstead, Bryan McCann, Chargers' Shawnbrey McNeal and the Patriots' Sterling Moore are all SMU guys who've come out of the draft in the last three years... Also, in the last three years, one of the teams in the Super Bowl had an SMU Rookie on the team and as at least a decent contributor.

    Margus Hunt the junior from Estonia, has a lot of potential for next year. He was actually at the Pro Day watching... He looked really thin, but he's also listed at 6'8" so if he's the 295 he's listed at, that's probably about 20 pounds too low.. To play a 3-4 end in the league he's going to have to put on about 15-20 pounds at that height.

    Here are a few other guys that caught my attention for the Boys...

    SS Chris Banjo - The guy looks like a BEAST. He looks like a 5 foot 11 inch ball of muscle, and, walking around with his shirt off, his stomach almost looked as defined as the under part of a turtle shell. He is an explosive athlete and from what I've seen from him in the games he can bring the wood. He's also very smart and a high character kid, he's an inspring story about him from about two years ago that's definitely worth the watch.,0,7249383.story

    WR Terrence Wilkerson - He is another great character kid with natural hands. I believe he made a pair of difficult catches where he had to reach for. He played QB at DeSoto (Yes, with Von Miller and Cyrus Gray and that whole entourage of DeSoto kids at TAMU) but, if I heard right, he got hurt his senior year and had to take the smaller offer from SMU. This guy could very well fill the slot position well, and realistically could be a Patrick Crayton type of player for a long time... Won't quite be a number 1 WR, but a very dependable slot player for years to come.

    WR Bradley Haynes - Haynes is bigger guy. 6'3", probably about 220-225. He is going to be more a developmental outside guy. He can go up and make the big catch and also has good body control and caught the exact same type of pass Wes Welker dropped in the super bowl this year during their drills. He also would line up at TE in the very few times SMU lined up with one which gives him good experience as a blocker, which is always a plus for your wideouts.

    WR Cole Beasley - He is a smaller white guy in the Wes Welker mold for sure. He doesn't have elite speed but he is cat quick and ran some great routes. Could be a candidate to fill our void in the slot. He has been productive for a few years here, but he tore his knee up mid season as is flying a little under the radar. I know the Cowboys don't seem to like the shorter guys, seeing as how our average height for receivers is probably about 6'2", but he's worth a look.

    And finally,

    OG Kelvin Beachum - Beachum is incredibly smart, a four year starter at LT at SMU and about to earn his Masters degree. The biggest knock on him is his height and strength. He's 6'2" so he's automatically getting bumped inside to play guard, and he only had 19 reps of 225 at the combine, something that he'll definitely have to work on throughout his first season/offseason afterwards. But when you watch this guy in drills you can see why he was so successful for so long. He has typewriter quick feet and great hips. He's a natural bender and has great technique. He'll be a backup with decent pass protection capability on the inside early in his career... But if you give him some time to just add the strength, he could develop into a very good interior lineman in this league. He'll probably be anywhere from a 5th round pick to an undrafted free agent.


    So yeah, those are some of the guys I think could provide help for the Cowboys at SMU's Pro Day!
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    Did Banjo declare for the draft? I thought he was a Junior this year...

    Agreed with other poster on Margus Hunt. I think he almost has the NCAA record for blocked kicks, and he has a year left to play. He was a shot/discus world champion, but never played prep football. He is still learning the game & growing into his huge frame. I like his potential.
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    Margus Hunt should be high on their board for next year. Beast.
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    No, he's a senior. He will be a great guy to develop, Like Church was coming out. By the way I think this year and by next year for sure, what we see from Church probably will be what he is. As of right now I think he's already done being considered a developmental player and a competetive starter... given the current safety situation.

    Yeah I think teams will be high on Margus as a late rounder for ST contribution alone... the ceiling he has at that frame will be incredibly enticing too, but he is raw. Hopefully he'll fit out a bit more by next year ad continues learning as much as he does each year
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    Surprised at how much they're saying Thompson improved... As good as a workout as he had, but going from UFA to 3rd rounder is a little high, especially if he's playing something he hadn't played since high school. But apparently he's on the Cowboys radar, because the TE coach was there. I saw one guy in Cowboys gear but didn't know who he was... Interesting.
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    Hmm, something else to add... My comparison of Terrence Wilkerson to Patrick Crayton is ironic, because apparently Crayton is from DeSoto as well

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