Cowboys Game SNF: Cowboys vs Giants Game Thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 8, 2013.

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    I'm talking about this season. Rome wasn't built in one day. We can draft a new guard later, so I'm not too worried about that at the moment. You can't build an O-Line of young studs in one year. We add new layers every year and overall this is a pretty young team.
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    Candace had those binoculars glued to Tony when he got laid out. Gov Christie looked like he just lost an election by one vote then too.

    Props to Tony. He's one tough dude.
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    Last year we couldn't buy a turnover. Tonight we got 6!

    Why fans are moaning I do not understand!

    And Tony played with a rib injury.

    I see an improved team definitely.
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    drives stalling in the redzone, check

    drive killing penalties, check

    horrible D down the middle (safety play) in the 2nd half almost letting them come back, check

    young raw WRs running option routes they don't seem to understand leading to turnovers, check

    tell me if any of this looks familiar from the last decade or so, i can go on

    There where obvious bright spots pass blocking was for the most part exelent and the one weakness on that line will probably be replaced if not this week then next.

    Forcing turnovers, the D aggressively going for strips.

    These 2 things are huge but it's hard to ignore the mistakes specially when it's basically a repeat of mistakes from last year and the year before

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