So, a win at Oakland a given?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CactusCowboy, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. CactusCowboy

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    It seems most of you think so. Despite being 0-2 the Raiders have a potent offense and they can throw long as in Brunell -to-Moss long! Do I think we can win- yes, but no sure thing expecially in Oakland.
  2. jem88

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    At this point, we should be considered underdogs.
  3. Cowboy Junkie

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    Oakland has no defense.
    Redskins have a very good defense and I do not think many would have argued that even before last nights game.
    When you got a good Defense as Washington dose it lets them stay in the game and a big play here and there can win it.
    Oakland will be a win for the Boys and that you can bank on.
  4. Champsheart

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    There are no givens. None!

    People should have learned that last night.

    You have to earn each and every win.
  5. jem88

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    It's almost as if you're begging for us to lose! I'm a Santana Moss fan, but he's no Randy Moss, and I'd take Collins over Brunell. So until I actually see the Cowboys rise to the occasion and convincingly win several games in a row, I'm not going to bank on anything.
  6. trickblue

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    There are no givens for any team in the NFL in this age a parity... it's a game at a time...

    That being said, I never like our chances when facing Randy Moss...
  7. jlust22

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    I think a team that throws as many deep balls as the Raiders do is a tremendous concern for the Cowboys. I think we are very succeptible to giving up the deep ball especially when its being thrown to Randy Moss. I don't have any faith in Davis or Roy being much safety help. Henry has been great this year, but I do think WR's can get behind him and we know Glenn can be beat deep especially when Moss or Porter tower over him. That will be a tough game, but with the way the schedule sets up, starting out 3-1 might be essential for making the playoffs.
  8. Cowboy Junkie

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    As trickblue stated below" There are no give me's"
    And I agree with that statement.
    But I had enuff negative thoughts all night long now its time to get out of the negative and into a positive state.
    3-1 GO COWBOYS
  9. scottsp

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    No such thing as a given. And we are not good enough to look past anyone. Not even the Niners.
  10. stiletto

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    wow...ultimate homerism. You'd think after last night people wouldn't be saying crap like this. Wake up dude. :banghead:
  11. Cowboy Junkie

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    Who says the Raiser will have the time to throw deep????
  12. miamicowboy21

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    Have we ever beaten randy moss?. The guy eats us alive every time he plays us.

    Oakland is very explosive, hopefully we can keep moss from running a muck on us and win the damn game.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Well, I kind of agree with you. I mean, if Santana Moss can go deep on us in two succesive drives for TDs, what can the real Moss do to us and what will Porter get? Oakland is scary good offensively. You won't stop there offense IMO. You will have to outscore them. What is our RedZone efficency right this minute? I shudder to guess.
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    No, I never thought a win at Oakland was ever a given. And really, I'm very happy how the team played last night. But, here's my reasons:

    - Playing two games in a row on the road in California.

    - Say what you will about Norv Turner, but he is good at scheming against Parcells and Belichick defenses.

    - We always struggle against tall, fast wide receivers. Especially Randy Moss.

    I think we could very well go 3-1 and it's important that we do as we have a tough Giants and Eagles team ahead.

    If we can somehow manage to start of 4-2, we are in excellent shape. And really, I believe if we played like we did last night, I believe we could go 5-1.

  15. Cowboy Junkie

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    Yeah I am a homer and if the Cowboys were 0-16 last year then this year I would still hope for the Superbowl thats what a fan is suppose to do. If your not going to be a homer you might as well jump from team to team.
  16. Portland Fanatic

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    LOL...I give him an A for effort! I'm optimistic too, but neither team is a cakewalk, especially Oak.
  17. stiletto

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    LOL - keep waving those pom-pom's my friend. We always need cheerleaders too around message boards.

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