So jealous of Cleveland's offensive line

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 19, 2012.

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    i think the process is ongoing and believe we will get there so you are preaching to the choir with that.

    doug free is an 8m per player. he is supposed to be really good.
    tyron smith is a 9th overall pick. he is supposed to be really friggin good.
    costa graded great for the 5 minutes he actually played and may well be pretty good.
    nate livings has been pretty good when not asked to protect the clueless OT and OCs revolving in.

    bern has been a miss in the FA process. that happens but he was brought in as a stop gap for cheap.

    i neither believe we have ignored the ol, nor that the ol is any good. i think like 20 other nfl teams this team has issues it is dealing with from injuries.

    do the redskins suck at rushing the passer because they didn't use any resources there or because they lost a couple good players?

    mostly i think this hilarious ol uproar after a game where we see stop gaps and new boots across the line is both childish and little ignorant of reality. instead of being glad we found a way to win and score 20 second half points people are busy crying. we will never again see parnell take his first LT snaps. bern his first OC snaps. dockery take his first snaps of this season. all that happened sunday. and when we couldn't help out our worst ol, the rt, he was exposed as a scab.
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    I agree. Dallas is using a patch work OL right now and last week lineup ended up with 3 changes on it. It was a struggle and not pretty but they got things going on offense in the 2nd half and they got the job done.
  3. gimmesix

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    No. There's a few I wouldn't want. And if I'm going to be envious, I'd prefer to do it over a line that's a lot better than ours, not any that are just slightly better.
  4. fanfromvirginia

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    ...and fifteen years later, here we are with a mediocre line for the fifteenth year in a row, with one unquestionably good player who happens to have been a first round draft pick, arguing about whether or not it makes sense to use first round draft picks on OL ... and lots of fans who see nothing unusual in that...
  5. gimmesix

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    I don't think Dallas Cowboys fans want that at all. No one is holding Cleveland up as the perfect way to build a team.

    Some people here seem to have accepted Dallas' failures to build an offensive line by saying things such as either it can have a quality offensive line or quality skill players. That shouldn't be the case.

    Dallas' failure to have a quality offensive line this season is a result of the choices they have made in building the line. The team doesn't have to use first-round picks for five years to get the line it wants, but other teams' success in building an offensive line AND having quality skill players show that they do have to invest in the line more than picking up late-round picks and castoffs.

    Now, my original point had nothing to do with all that, as I was simply dreaming of what Romo would look like behind such a line, but I did feel compelled to point out that I don't think any fans are saying we prefer having a line over having players to excel with one.

    The funny thing on offense, at least, is that we'd still have the same skill players, except for Dez, if we'd used first- or second-round picks on linemen. Romo and Austin were UDFAs; Witten and Murray were third-round picks. Our defense, though, is loaded with players we used those picks on the last few years (Lee, Carter, Claiborne, Jenkins, Spencer, Ware, Spears).
  6. Deep_Freeze

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    Well this is what was in my head when I first read this thread. The need is there, but alot of fans on this board just go completely overboard with it and I had to vent earlier. If it was said incorrectly, I apologize, but being 'jealous' of the Cleveland Browns....I mean really?!?!

    Come on man.
  7. Alexander

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    Why would you not be jealous of an offensive line that is keeping their QB clean and doing their job every Sunday? I would kill for that. And that is where the Browns are right now. And they have their own injury issues they have had to struggle with and they are starting rookies. But they can gain a yard if they need it and their QB is not running for his life.

    This was not about being jealous of anything else with the Browns.
  8. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    In fact, I even like our owner better than theirs. :)
  9. Kangaroo

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    The Chiefs have a really good oline as well and a running game they just need a QB :eek:. Yet they are terrible it is amazing some of the teams with better lines suck.

    Pitts line has been terrible all year Ben covers up part of the issues like everyone says Romo covers up oline issues.

    The Eagles oline is in the toilet after all the injuries and makes Dallas line look good.
  10. JBond

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    The Chiefs? Really? No. Just stop.
  11. Kangaroo

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    Have you watched them this year the oline has been good their QB play has been terrible and they turn the ball over way to much
  12. TTexasTT

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    Yeah I watched them a little after Winston made the big issue about Cassell being cheered after being KOd. The protection isnt too bad and Charles is racking up some good games.
  13. jterrell

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    thats just patently false and complete BS.

    this OL was VERY GOOD for many of those 15 years.
    flozell, gurode and others were quite quality players.
    the OL was a team strength on some of those sad teams we during that period.

    we are on about year 3 of crap ol play. 1 year with declining, expensive vets who had previously been very good and 2 years of rebuilding it.

    nonsensical posts like this are why i hate this fan base. it is a complete lack of honesty or reference.
  14. jterrell

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    You are providing the right answers and still not making the obvious logical truths out of it.

    Dallas had a lot of holes. They were going to patch some positions. Last year CB simply kept them from winning games, period. They had zero chance with TNew, Jenkins and Scandrick.

    So we could have signed the top OG on the market for Brandon Carr money. But can you imagine this pass defense minus Carr??? Seriously. I don't even know what CB would have started alongside Scandrick while Jenkins is out.

    Dallas has rebuilt it's old, slow ILB corps by adding Lee and Carter? Were those bad draft picks? Did we not need to draft DeMarco Murray?

    Where are all these wasteful picks?
    People are just inherently dishonest in these evaluations. Dallas missed on a number of reasonably high draft picks along the OL. IT ISNT BECAUSE THEY IGNORED IT.

    2003: Al Johnson round 2
    2004: Jacob Rogers round 2, Steve Peterman round 3
    2005: Rob Pettiti round 6 (listed because he had a reasonable NFL career)
    2006: Pat McQuistan round 7 (but still in the NFL today)
    2007: James Marten round 3, Doug Free round 4
    2009: Robert Brewster round 3
    2010: Sam Young round 6 (((RW11 pillaged draft))))
    2011: Tyron Smith round 1, David Arkin round 4

    If we turn 2 of the 6 guys we drafted in the top 4 rounds I have highlighted into average NFL OL we are not even looking at OL as an area of weakness.
  15. IrishAnto

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    If you look at Deep_Freeze's posts you'll find that's his MO, although to be fair he's not the only one.
  16. IrishAnto

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    And if we had their OL, I sure we'd be more that three wins ahead.
  17. IrishAnto

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    This OL was never “Very Good” in any of the past 15 years.
    Sure we had some quality players but the unit as a hole was made to look soo much better by the elusiveness and ability of one Tony Romo.

    How good did Adams, Gurode, Davis etc. look with Bledsoe behind centre?
  18. CowboysFaninDC

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    they do. they really haven't been blown out of any games this year but 1. they are learning and they go into the 4th quarter in the game, each time. they haven't been an easy out at all for anyone
  19. fanfromvirginia

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    Slightly exaggerated, maybe. Patently false and BS, no and I think you know it, thus the defensive overreaction on your part. You named some good players but failed to name the year we weren't mediocre for more than a few games at a time. I will do your job for you -- 2007. Adams, Kosier, Gurode, Davis, Colombo. 2007 was the exception thst proved the rule and even those guys weren't consistently great that year. If memory serves they had already started breaking down by December.
  20. fanfromvirginia

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    One: they were going after those guys because their OLs sucked. Two: five is not that many picks in the first three rounds for an 8-year-period (03-10), especially considering none were first rounders.

    I do grant that BP tried and whiffed. After whiffing, I think the FO got gun shy on early round OL picks.

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