So much for tolerance

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by burmafrd, Aug 24, 2009.

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    ROFL, as if that will stop anyone from shopping there. The people that shop at whole foods are folks that have a lot of money and don't mind spending it on good stuff. Where are they going to go, Kroger?

    I also lol'd at the "anti-union, anti-health care reform, anti-worker" rhetoric. Whole Foods employees are paid more than any other grocery employees. A cashier there makes 11 bucks an hour, or close to it.

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    What's interesting to me is that the man who owns Whole Foods didn't even critasize President Obama's plan. To my knowledge, he simply said that these are the things that have worked for him. Basically, proposed alternatives.

    I mean, that's what the American people want. They are asking for ways in which we can help those how need the help, in such a way as to not break the bank or leaved with burdensome taxes.

    I don't know. It's really kind of depressing to me. I don't understand why our political leaders can't sit down and discuss options that work for the people and for the respective parties.

    It's asinine.
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    It's about control. Controlling people and the purse strings.
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    Haven't you ever heard that "the personal is political"? Some of these nuts really do put their money where their politics is.
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    Seriously? A Facebook petition is the basis of this story? Wow.
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    I met Mackey back when he had one grocery store. He actually pulled some pretty crummy shenanigans in the early days to take over/kill a local co-op to start Whole Floods. I have known a number of people who worked there from day one. Several have retired as millionaires (at the time anyway, not sure about now.), due to the Whole Foods stock options etc. Now, if one of my friends had kept the first employee handbook, they could probably make more by blackmailing Mackey to keep it out of the public eye. Pretty embarrasing stuff, even then.

    Mackey was always a 'let's get rich together' kind of guy. I had a friend who worked there who was (or at least sported the public appearance of) an ardent socialist, and would argue with Mackey at company parties and picnics. Mackey never used his power to do anything to him, and would just send him books on theory and practice of capitalism, and argue some more at the next party.

    And the early company organization was always very communal, with department staff having a strong say in who was hired into their department. The workers were always paid well. Still, people who bought into the Whole Foods lifestyle who are surprised by this never looked very deeply into the company. For all their organic gourmet pretensions, they still sold normal toilet paper for twice the regular price....
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    As opposed to recycled toilet paper? Hey, I'm all for being ecologically responsible - but I guess this is where I'd have to draw the line.
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    The Thatcher quote sealed the deal. Following it, they were seeing red and couldn't read thru the flames. So no matter what it said after that . . . .

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    He has his right to voice his opinion and private individuals have their right to boycott as a form of protest. It is interesting how conservatives always think it's anti-democratic for people to peacefully protest or boycott conservatives for exercising their own 1st amendment rights. Seems sort of hypocritical
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    We have a whole foods near my office, some go there for lunch. One women I work with calls it whole paycheck...She says its takes your whole paycheck to go there for a simple salad. :)
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    Hey, what're those brown spots??? :eek::
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    Bet they'd be moving a lot of matching white-with-brown-polka-dots bath mats and shower cutains at the Whole Foods. 'Also comes in green polka dots for those lovers of antioxidant containing grape juice'.

    I somehow doubt this post will be present tomorrow. And that's okay with me, too.

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