So now what for Philly?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Skeptic, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Skeptic

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    What vet help is available, and who should we be concerned about?

    I pretty much assume that if Miami can't find anybody better than Minor then Philly is Phucked.
  2. Eagles-UK

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    It seems everone in Texas is asleep at the moment so i'll give you my opinion from 6 time zones east.

    There certainly is nobody to Fear as such left on the RB market. James Stewart is the best back still out there but he doesn't fit the requiremnet of short yardage back.

    I should imagine Dorsey Levens will be back but there is a good chance Stacey Mack could be brought in
  3. Skeptic

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    No offense, but those runners scare me about as much as Troy Hambrick does.

    You guys have some interesting gameplanning ahead of you. That's what happens when you deplete depth with no backup plan beyond your starter.
  4. kmd24

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    Aveion Cason should be available in about a week.

    Looks like Reno Mahe might be too sore to work his restaurant job this season.
  5. Eagles-UK

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    I know that's what i mean,

    there is no way around it , the running game will be worse off than it was last year.

    What do you mean by no backup plan behind the starter? Buck was the backup plan behind westbrook who was going to start. In the modern day NFL it seems anyone can be plugged in and run well to a certain Degree (Lee Suggs, Dominack Davis, Kevin Faulk)

    The Way i see it panning out is this

    McCoo/Mahe ( Mahe has the edge for a roster spot because of special teams but is very slow)
    Levens/Mack (Goal Line)
  6. Sarge

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    You just need to pray that Westbrook stays healthy or quite honestly, it'll be lights out.

    Injuries suck.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    And Westbrook has not yet proven that he's capable of 20 carries a game every game.
  8. Cbz40

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    Good morning Michael

    I don't think Westbrook will handle 20 carries per game. ;)
  9. Eagles-UK

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    Yeah I know,

    Alot of teams have the same situation however and Reid is a pass first coach. My point is, say a team like the skins would be in worse shape if they lost portis than we would be if we lost westbrook
  10. jterrell

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    Of course but Skins arent expecting to compete for a title unless they have been hanging with Qcar and Ricky Williams backstage. They need an offensive line.

    I suspect the Eags can find a serviceable RB for goal line situations and wouldnt at all be shocked if it fact IS THam who is apparently losing the Raiders battle.

    Personally were I the Eags GM I'd toss a 5th rounder at the Vikes for Onterrio Smith. Sure he's a puff, puff, passer but he would only miss 4 games and would offer more talent than any Eagle back.
  11. MichaelWinicki

    MichaelWinicki "You want some?" Staff Member

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    He's not, maybe 15 tops and even then he might break down. He's not that big, listed at 5'10", 205, but I think those numbers are generous.

    It will be an interesting situation for the birds.
  12. Chuck 54

    Chuck 54 Well-Known Member

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    did i misread the sports yesterday? I thought westbrook was the guy who was lost for the season due to petella tendon.

    at any rate, they didn't have a rb to fear to begin with...on that offense, fear begins and ends with mcNabb and Owens, and that includes McNabb possibly being their leading rusher too.
  13. mwmilsted

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    Don't be surprized if the Eagles try a high pick + players for McGahee or another
    starting RB.
  14. Eagles-UK

    Eagles-UK New Member

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    No it was Buck who went down, on a non contact play too :(

    Believe me the last thing i want to happen is for this to turn into a smack thread, but what do you mean by not having an RB to fear?

    In the last Eagles game against the cowboys, Westbrook and Buckhalter put up 138 yards and 1 TD on 19 Attempts and put up another 77 yards and 1 TD off 6 catches against the Number 1 defense.

    Admittedley they benefitted from each others sucess but they were two thirds on a rushing offense tied for 3rd with rushing average, and that was with thrash and pinkston as the deep threats :eek:

    As i said earlier, there's no hiding it the ruhing offense will probably be nowhere near as good as last year but westbrook is a hell of a player and if he can put up 5.2 yards a carry again and stay healthy it should still be very dangerous
  15. keds

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    Your RB that really gave us fits was Duce with his yards after the catch... I'm glad he's gone. I really liked him as a player and I wished we had picked him up.
  16. Nors

    Nors Benched

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    Browns have an extra back

    William Green for a 2. White wants out too. McGahee for a 1 and a 3?
    I'm waiting for Watters name to surface actually.
  17. Eagles-UK

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    It would obviously be a massive help to get someone like green or mcgahee but they just don't seem like reid type guys. And it's not as if we have lost our true starter like Miami have.

    People make the point of westbrook not being able to carry 20 times but then again he has never had the chance in the NFL because of duce and laterly Buck.

    Westbrook holds the all time all purpose yards records in 1-AA and carried villanova and would've taken plenty of big hits with all those touches.

    If no one comes in soon i should imagine thomas tapeh the 5th round rookie FB out of minnesota could take the 3rd RB role. He was the 1st FB taken and is very gifted in the open field as well as short yardage. It is just a question of if the Fo want to leave it in the hands of a rookie
  18. Hollywood Henderson

    Hollywood Henderson Benched

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    Filthy will be fine...

    No not Super Bowl fine, but they will be tough as long as they have Jim Johnson, the best DC in the game...

    That guy could create pressure using a group of high school all stars vs a NFL team...
  19. Bizwah

    Bizwah Well-Known Member

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    The eagles' running game will be fine.....they still have their number one running back taking snaps behind center.

    No, I'm not being sardonic.....I'm serious. McNabb is the most dangerous running threat philly has. He'll give the eagles the running game they need.
  20. Skeptic

    Skeptic New Member

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    If Philly gives up a first-round pick for a RB, I will be dancing in the streets.

    No cap, no 1st next year....what's not to like?

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