So now what for Philly?

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Skeptic, Aug 21, 2004.

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    Yeah, the RB depth for Philly is hurt, but many of you are underestimating Brian Westbrook. Sure, he split carries w/ Buck and Duce last year and didn't carry the ball 20+ very often if at all, but he had lots of touches on punt returns, etc. The guy is a pretty powerful runner and I just think he's a much better back than he gets credit for, especially in this thread.

    That being said, they do need to find out if McCoo or Mahe can back him up and be an effective relief runner. I wouldn't go out and spend lots of $ on a veteran RB. There will be someone available come cutdown time that will sign for the veteran minimum. T-Ham and Garrison Hearst come to mind.

    Don't get me wrong though...I don't feel sorry for the Iggles whatsoever!!
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    You mean Jamel White? Jamel White who is no longer with the Browns. The same Jamel White that is now with the Bucs?

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    My Kiper book has Westbrook's combine numbers at 5-8 1/4 202 4.53 26 reps 37" vj.

    Westbrook is an excellent change of pace back, but I am skeptical that he can be as effective, if he has to take on the full load. I expect his average per carry to drop just like THam's average per carry behind Emmitt dropped when he had to take on the full load.

    Probably not as drastic since he is no THam. If he gets starters carries I would also expect him to be taken off of return duties. If they overuse him he won't last too long.
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    I don't expect him to do aswell also because of rest and all that, but he is a different animal to Hambrick and i would be amazed if his numbers plummet that much.

    Kiper also said of westbrook

    "He lacks that burst that will electrify a crowd and make a defense stand up and take notice" :confused:
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    Wow some of you cowboys fans really dont see how explosive and how good Westbrook is. He can handl lets say 17 or 18 carries a game and a few screen passes fine. Hes now of of STs no that Reno and JR Reed have show they can not only handle the job but excell in it.

    The Eagles will pick up a RB to fill Bucks shoes. Sure they wont be as good as Buck but will be the golaine back teat Buck was. Reid will choose passing over rushing any day, so it not the HUGE of a lose as some of yous make it out to be.

    We still habe McNabb, Ownes, LJ, Westbrook, Freddie, and Ricthie so our Offense is in no shape or form weak as of now.

    If the Eagles suffer any more injuries at RB I will then be scared. s of now, im trying to keep calm.
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    They will have to replace a mediocre at best back with a mediocre at best back. This will give them the bodies they will need to spell Westbrook. He wont be able to last more than 4 games as an everydown back. His body has already been apt to breakdown with just minimal touches. Remember, they could have Jim Brown in his prime, and be garaunteed to choke in a big game.
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    Browns notebook

    Deal with Dolphins rumored

    Trade talks could involve Morgan or Andre Davis

    By Brian Windhorst

    Beacon Journal staff writer

    BEREA - Rumors have been circulating around the NFL this week that the Browns and Miami Dolphins are talking trade.

    ESPN reported the Browns might be offering receivers Andre Davis or Quincy Morgan for defensive end Adewale Ogunleye. Earlier in training camp, third-string running back James Jackson's name was tied to a Miami rumor.

    With the stunning retirement of Ricky Williams and potential season-ending injuries to receivers David Boston and Kendall Newsom, the Dolphins are looking for help at the skill positions. Ogunleye, who had 15 sacks to lead the AFC last season, is currently holding out of training camp looking for a new contract.
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    How quickly we forget.

    Remember back in 2000 when Darnell Autry was our feature back (who only played in the NFL a total of two seasons, 1997: 2000)? We still managed a team 4.74 yards per carry. Stanley Pritchett was our backup...

    We also had Charles Johnson, Na Brown and Torrance Small as our wide receivers.

    Also, back in 2002, Dorsey Levens had 5.5 yards per carry for us in wake of Buckhalter's first injury.

    I don't think that this injury is going to affect us too much, unless Westbrook gets hurt.

    I don't value the HB position, I think it is overrated. Also, it is almost certain now that we will resign Buckhalter for next season because no one will want to take a chance on a HB that missed two full seasons because of knee problems.

    The Kalu injury will be more devistating if Green/Johnson don't step up (Green had two sacks last night).
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    I think the loss of another Philly RB has just made Terrell Owens and TE LJ Smith's fantasy value jump a few notches. There isn't much they can do to improve the RB situation, so they may need to shift some of the offensive load to the short passing game...
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    dear eagles fan,
    the reason you opine that the HB position is over-rated is because - face it - outside of one year when herschel walker carried your team's offense, the only really good backs your team has had were: 1) rickey watters, 2) wilbert montgomery. unless you can remember steve van buren, LOL!
    take it from fans of a team that's had better luck with the position. HB is not only an IMPORTANT position - it can be MONUMENTAL!
    my condolences...
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    Touches in 2004:

    Westbrook: 10 carries per game (Had 13 tpg in 2003; 2.5 catches)
    Levens: 5 carries per game (Had 5 tpg for us in 2002)
    Mahe: 3 carries per game (He has shown something in preseason)
    Tapeh/Ritchie: 3 carries per game (Hopefully, Tapeh can be a short yardage back.
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    An offensive linemen are important positions, get an above average HB and a great offensive line, and you get a lot of yards, see Green Bay. Smith (a great back), would never have broken the record without that line, one of the best (if not the best) in NFL history.
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    You're such a pollyanna. The guy many thought would be the starting running back early on (including Pete Prisco, whose article you posted here yourself), but of course it won't hurt the team.

    I'll file this one away for your inevitable excuse making later this season.
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    good point about the o-line... by the way - how's philly's? not to pile on but you have to realize you're in some deep kimchee...
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    Pete Prisco is the biggest idiot in the world and knows absolutly nothing. Our HB position was never up for grabs, Westbrook is the starter and Buckhalter was the backup. I posted it, so what? Does that matter? I really don't like the guy or respect his opinion, I probably mentioned that at least twice in that thread.

    And no I don't value the HB position.

    Tra Thomas can't pass block, and Fraley can't pick up the blitz. Mayberry is one of the most underrated players in the league and Thomas is one of the most overrated. Andrews is going to be a great OG and Runyan is very solid, one of the best ROT in the league.


    Very good/great run blocking : Poor/unproven pass blocking
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    Wow, do you know how many times that one has been hashed over on this messageboard?

    A converted d-lineman(Tuinei) a USFL/Redskins castoff/pothead(Newton) a miniature center/also a pothead(Stepnoski) a journeyman(Gogan) followed by a future HOF'er(Allen) and a potential HOF'er until he blew his knee up in a car accident early in his career(Williams).

    Amazing all the yards Sherman Williams/Tommie Agee/Curvin Richards/Blair Thomas etc piled up behind this line.
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    Is he still around?
  18. big dog cowboy

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    I would put 8 guys in the box and make him pass to beat me.
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    He said he would like to go back to Philadelphia in a recent interview.
  20. AJM1613

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    Then you would see the first game of the Baltimore game over and over and over...

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