So, what is you favorite game time ?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jarv, Jul 29, 2005.

  1. Cbz40

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    That's true but I wasn't going to admit it. :D
  2. da_boyz_mk

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    i prefer the noon game. i like to wake up and 10 and then watch the espn pre-game show and then watch the fox pre-game at 11 until kickoff.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Like many have said being a football fan, a fan of the Boys and an NFL fan any time for me is special. I've always lived on EST and every time is special in it's own right.

    Ahhh.. The 1:00 game. watching the pregame show live "look in's" around the league and getting the afternoon started off right. If the Boys win, I can just relax and cheer against the deadskins and the rest of the East (if they play later).

    The 4:00 game has more of a feature feel to it. Growing up there was nothing ... I mean nothing better than Madden & Summeral @ Texas Stadium, Giants Stadium, The Vet or RFK @ 4pm.

    Sunday and Monday nighters will always be special but I think MNF is tops. The Cowboys moreso than any other team IMO have the best MN special moments.
  4. Bobo

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    Sunday night is 2nd for me.
  5. 1fisher

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    I hear you sucks when they run over by 15 minutes.. :bang2:
  6. Dat mans bro

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    I prefer the one o clock games. No waiting and nothing like kicking back to watch some football right after lunch. :)

    Can't stand Monday night games simply b/c they start so late. the pregame is too long and all the commercials drags it out. Great matchups...lousy gametime.
  7. jcblanco22

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    Ahhhh Hereafter, you beat me to it! I was searching all the posts in this thread to see if anyone was going to mention the 4pm games specifically in conjunction with Madden and Summerall!!!

    I agree wholeheartedly, there was absolutely nothing like Summerall's voice in the late afternoon, the 'Boys playing a division rival, especially, especially late in the season, after Daylight Savings Time ended. Not only because of football reasons, but because of all the surrounding elements.

    You have the dusk coming in at around halftime, you look outside and you see the X-Mas trees starting to light up in people's windows around the 3rd quarter, LOL. Then of course you have that homework you were supposed to finish by Saturday afternoon so it wouldn't get in the way, but the baseball Game of the Week on NBC was too good to pass up, then Championship Wrestling from Georgia w/ Gordon Solie started on TBS and there were too many good matches, and then of course Love Boat and Fantasy Island were on as well, and they were first-run episodes so homework took a back seat on Saturday!!

    I've got to go now, the guys in the white suits and the padded wagon are here to pick me up.
  8. Jarv

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    Well since we always play the late game on Thanksgiving, I'll add that to the 4 pm
  9. Bobo

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    Nothing like gaining 5 lbs at grandma's on Thanksgiving while watching the Boys on the boob tube :wink2:
  10. Seven

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    Monday night. I love the MNF music intro..... NOTHING like it. Also gives me hope while at work first friggin' thing Monday morning!! Something to look forward to other than thinking it's only Monday all day. Then there's Sunday of course...Starts at 9:00am and doesn't finish until 10:00 pm. Yah Baby!
  11. windward

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    here in Hawaii the games start at 7am, so the days the Boys are not on local tv I drag myself up at 5:30 or so in order to go to the sportsbar (even if dallas doesn't play until the afternoon. I can't miss any of the games, after all.) Of course if the Boys lose and it's the first game, then I am usualyy pissed off enough to leave then and there.
  12. dougonthebench

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    any time the Boys are on is my favorite game time.
  13. DefendeR

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    Damn right...
  14. Skeptic

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    The custom is to get up at about 10:30, get the grill started.

    Drink as much as possible until 11:30, when I'm starting in on the hot wings and pork chops.

    12 Noon. Jaeger shots...typically at least 2-3.

    Halftime. Jaeger shots.

    4th Quarter. Jaeger shots.

    4:30. Pass out watching whatever crappy AFC game CBS is showing.

    Repeat every Sunday.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Live football is not meant to be watched that early! I feel for ya!
  16. JBell523

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    I like the 10 AM games here on the west coast...

    I love just waking up and BAM the Cowboys are on tv...
  17. StevenOtero

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    I like the 11am Moutain Time. We always eat our dinner in the living room on TV trays anyway. So if it is late it doesn't bother me.
  18. Waffle

    Waffle Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

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    This is me!

    But if I had my choice, I like the 3:15 Kickoff because it allows me to watch most of the other NFL games at noon. If the Cowboys play at noon, I don't pay the attention to the other games as much as I would like.

    3:15 Kickoffs also means the Cowboys are good! Gotta like that!
  19. Hostile

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    Now that is dedication.

  20. Howboutdemcowboys31

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    i like the Sunday night ones the best

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