So what's the word on Torrin Tucker..?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Oct 31, 2005.

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    I missed the game yesterday and couldn't get any comments in reading the stories about how Tucker faired in his second game starting at LT..?

    My feeling was he played well last week vs. the Seahawks against a good defense that obviously tried to scheme to put pressure on him.

    I'm assuming the CARDS tried the same thing..whether running or pass protecting.

    So how did he do yesterday..?

    By the looks of things, it seemed they helped Pettiti more and left Tucker out there to play. Is this what happened..?

    If this is true, this could be the most unsung improvement in the offense we have seen.

    If Barber running for 90+ last week and then 120+ this week, that seems to speak well for Tucker. I didn't hear how often Bledsoe got pressured/sacked. I heard about his fumbles, though.

    One on an exchange, but what was the source on the other..?

    Any comments by those that watched the game would be welcome on Tucker.

    Personally, I've had a feeling that Tucker wasn't given a fair shake last year considering it was his first year and all through TC, he was not given a chance to win his job back with the Rogers experiment and the Pettiti emergency promotion.

    I think his play, if it holds up over the season, will make the Cowboys strongly consider starting him over Flo next year, too. I'm not the only fan here that feels Flo has been overrated the last couple of years and is being overpaid for the production he has.

    The only good year he really had was 2003 and that was really it. Other than that, despite his going to another Pro Bowl last year, I just thought he was the best of a poor OL and wasn't close to being dominating.

    If Pettiti and Tucker can come thru this year and remain quality starters, this would be huge to get 2 starting OL players in place that were 6th and 7th rd. draft picks.

    Somebody needs to give some love to the OL coach and Sean Payton also, to be able to make this overhauled line work and to design game plans that protect their weaknesses and keep Bledsoe upright so far.

    This is no small feat.

  2. Doomsday101

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    Tucker and Petitti both had a pretty good day for the most part. Both went up aginst some pretty good DE and held their own.
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    That's a pretty good matchup of DEs against our questionable tackles. If that's how Petitti and Tucker can play the rest of the year, I think we'll be okay with a few growing pains here and there. Did anyone record who Barber was running behind? How many runs to left? right?
  4. Doomsday101

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    I know Barber had a couple of big runs behind Petitti and Rivera
  5. Canadian BoyzFan

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    They both got some help from time to time. Both were solid to good.
  6. D41lasCowboys31

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    Tucker did a good job considernig he was going up against Bertrand Berry, who is one of the best ends in football. Barber did a great job with helping on Berry but I do remember this one time where Bledsoe rolled to his right and Berry was cut loose and Barber stepped up to hit him and Berry just shoved him back like he was nothing, I thought that was pretty funny.
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    they were ok....not great in pass protection, better in run blocking.....I havent rewatched the game yet (I was at this one live) but it seemed Bledsoe got hit alot...Berry had a couple of sacks...

    its definitely something to be concerned with because if we lose Bledsoe the season is essentially over...but the run blocking is definitely improved the past couple of games, and with Julius Jones coming back teams will have to be alot more concerned with him breaking off big runs...

  8. Yakuza Rich

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    Tucker has played pretty well so far. He does require a little bit of help from time to time, but nothing too much. He has given up 2 sacks. The Seattle sack was caused because the freakin refs picked up the flag on the defensive holding and Arizona sack was due to Bledsoe holding onto the ball too long.

  9. TheHustler

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    Yep. The 2nd TD he cut back to the gigantic hole on the right side.
  10. Ken

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    I thought the Tackles played well yesterday.

    Bert Berry had two sacks, but one was on the fumbled exchange.

    If Tucker continues to play like this, we are fine.

    Petitti played very well and had limited help against Chiki. Big improvement from the first time he played him in the preseason.
  11. Portland Fanatic

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    I think Pettiti played pretty well...he blew a few holes open in the run game and was solid in pass rush...

    Tucker...was ok...gave up two sacks and a few pressures. Berry was in Bledsoe's face a few times because he bull rushed Tucker to the inside. Berry is tough to defend, so I'll cut Tucker some slack, but by no means was it a good game...i'd say ok considering Berry.

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