So which TD catch was better?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Manster68, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Which do you think was the most spectacular TD catch so far this season?

    1. Dwayne Harris TD catch vs. Rams. The ball zinged by the helmet of the defender on the other side of his head and Harris reached across for the grab with two feet in bounds.

    2. The first Dez Bryant TD catch from the opening drive vs. Denver. He reached up for the grab, and made sure both feet stayed in bounds for the score.

    3. The Terrance Williams TD catch vs. the Redskins in the corner of the end zone that we are most familiar with now?

    Boy, this one is pretty tough. I can make an argument for all three. I think I will go with Williams.
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    Seems like all of Dez TDs are spectacular plays. Sheesh hard to choose. Can I just take the 5th? Lol
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    Dez's first for me
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    The Williams catch was the more spectacular play, since Romo had to work magic on his end in order to even make the throw.

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